1998 WWF Pay-Per-View Results

January Royal Rumble
-tag title match- Legion of Doom defeated Road Dog & Billy Gunn(tag champs)by DQ
-IC Title match-Rocky Maivia(IC Champ) defeated Ken Shamrock by reverse decision
Vader defeated Goldust by pinfall
-Triple tag match-Max Mini,Nova,Mosaic defeated Baguilla,El Torito,Tyrantula by pinfall
Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble.Runner-Up was Rocky Maivia who was in there for 53 minutes.Austin eliminated 7 competitors
-Casket world Title Match-Shawn Michaels(World Chmap)defeated Undertaker by putting him in a casket.

February In your House:No Way Out
Headbangers defeated Mero/Goldust by pinfall
-Light HW Title Match-Taka Michinoku(Light HW ChAmp) defeated Pantera by pinfall
The Godwinns defeated Quebecers pinfall
-NWA NA Title Match-Justin Bradshaw defeated Jeff Jarrett(NWA NA Champ) by DQ. Chainz/Skull/8-Ball/Shamrock/Ahmed defeated Rocky/Farooq/D-Lo/Henry/Kama by submission(Shamrocks gave submission to Maivia)
Kane defeated Vader by pinfall
Austin/Funk/Cactus/Owen defeated Billy Gunn/Road Dog/HHH/Savio Vega by pinfall(Austin pinned Helmsley)

March Wrestlemania 14
-Light heavyweight title match-Taka Michanoku(Light HW Champ) defeated Aguila by pinfall
Sable & Marc Mero defeated Goldust & Luna Vachon by pinfall(Sable pinned Luna after a TKO)
-Tag Title Dumpster Match- Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie won tag belts when they put Road Dog and Billy Gunn in Dumpster .
-15 team battle royal- The New Legion of Doom(with Sunny) won a battle royal with them and The NOD,Los Boriquas,Truth Commision,Quebecers,Skull & 8-Ball, New Midnight Express,Rock 'n' Roll Express,and Headbangers.
Undertaker defeated Kane by pinfall
-Intercontinental Title Match-Ken Shamrock won the IC belt by defeating Rocky Maivia by submission
-European Title Match-Hunter Hearst Helmsley(European Champ)defeated Owen Hart by pinfall(after Chyna punched Owen in the nads)
-World Title Match-Steve Austin won World Title by deffeating Shawn Michaels by pinfall(later Tyson turned on DX and joined austin.
Comments: I wanted Shawn to win.Sources says hes suppose to take 6 to 8 months off possibly return match at Survivor Series.

April In Your House: Unforgiven
Farooq,Steve Blackman, & Ken Shamrock defeated NOD's Rocky Maivia,D-Lo Brown, & Kama by pinfall(Farooq pinned Rocky)
-European Title Match- DX's Hunter Hearst Helmsley(euro champ)defeated Owen Hart by pinfall(with some help from X-Pac)
-NWA Tag Title Match- New Midnight Express(champs) defeated Rock 'n' Roll Express by pinfall(Bart Gunn pinned Morton)
-Gown Mtch- Luna Vachon defeated Sable by stripping her
-Tag Title Mtch- Road Dog & Billy Gunn(champs) defeated LOD 2000 by pinfall(Road Dog pinned Hawk)
-Inferno Match- Undertaker defeated Kane when Kane caught on fire.(Taker also beat up Paul Bearer and he busted up bleeding)
-World Title Match-Steve Austin(champ)defeated Dude Love by pinfall, Frisco made announcer revese the decision because Austin nailed McMhan with a chair.
-special performance- Jeff Jarrett sang a performance Sayer Brown after the performance Steve Blackman attacked Jarrett got his submission on him then Tennessee Lee nailed him with a guitar and Jarrett put him in the Figure 4 Leglock-

May 1998 In Your House: Over the Edge
Legion of Doom 2000 defeated DOA's Skull & 8-Ball by pinfall via Animal pinned 8-Ball via powerslam(Puke also gave a clothesline to 8-ball)
Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve Blackman by pinfall via Tennessee Lee hitting Blackman with his knunchucks
-Special Stipulation- Marc Mero defeated Sable by pinfall via a rollup after Mero said he didn't want Sable to leave and he layed down for her but rolled her up for the 3 count and Mero said "get the hell out of the WWF now" and started singing the goodbye song(this happened to Dibiase exactly 2 years ago at May 96 IYH)
(after match Cole interviewed Sable and she said thanks for her fans support and goodbye and walked off)
-2 on 3 handicap match- Kaeintai's Togo,Teoh, & Funaki defeated Taka & Bradshaw by pinfall via Teoh giving chokeslam to Taka then Togo does his sentan drop off turnbuckle to Taka
-Intercontanental Title Match- NOD's Rocky Maivia(champ) defeated Farooq by pinfall via rollup(after match Farooq gave two piledrivers to Maivia then the nation came and beat him up then DX cme and a brawl started.
-loser looses mask-Kane defeated Vader by pinfall after Vader missed a moonsault and Kane gave a Tombstone piledriver
(after match Cole interviewed Vader and he said maybe Vader time is over,I'm just a fat piece of trash and walks off)
NOD's Owen Hart,Kama & D-Lo Brown defeated DX's Hunter Hearst Helmsley,Billy Gunn & Road Dog after Owen pinned Helmsley via a Pedigree on the European Belt.
-World Title, No Holds Barred Match- Steve Austin(champ) defeated Dude Love by pinfall via Stone Cold Stunner and using McMhan's hand(McMhan was unconsious) to count to 3

June King of the Ring 1998
Headbangers & Taka Michanoku defeated Kaeintai by pinfall when Tak pinned ??? via Michanoku driver
Semi-Finals Match:Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett by submisssion via ankle lock
Semi-Finals Match:Rocky Maivia defeated Dan Severn by pinfall via The Nation beating up Severn.
Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor defeated Al Snow & Head when Christopher pinned Head(it is a plastic head),according to stipulations Snow has to leave WWF if he loses,Lawler was the ref
X-Pac defeated Owen Hart by pinfall via Chyna giving a DDT to Owen
-Tag Title Match- DX's New Age Outlaws(champs)defeated New Midnight Express by pinfall
-Finals Trnmnt Match- Ken Shamrock defeated Rocky Maivia by submission via anklelock
-Hell in a Cell Match- Undertaker defeated Mankind by pinfall via a Tomstone on thumbtacks
-World Title First Blood Match- Kane won the world belt from Steve Austin via making him bleed(actually the undertake did)

July 1998 In Your House "Fully Loaded"
Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett by pinfall
-European Title Match- NOD's D-Lo Brown(champ) defeated DX's X-Pac by pinfall after Kama helped
Scorpio & Farooq defeated Bradshaw & Terry Funk when Scorpio nailed a splash on Terry Funk(note: Funk said it'll be his last match for 6 months)
NOD's Marc Henry defeated Vader by pinfall via a splash
DOA's Skull & 8-Ball defeated Legion of Doom 2000 when Skull pinned Animal via a DDT.
-Submission match in Harts dungeon with Severn as ref-Owen Hart defeated Jen Shamrock by submission via Sharpshooter after he nailed Shamrok with dumbbells.
-2 out of 3 falls IC Match- A Draw with 1 fall apiece with maivia and Helmsley when the time ran out.
-bikini contest- Sable defeated Jaquelyn via Louder crowds response(next day on RAW McMhan DQ'd Sable saying face paint does not count as a bikini.
-tag titles match-Steve Austin & Undertaker won belts by defeating Kane & Mankind(former champs) when Taker pinned Kane via tombstone.

-Triple Tag Match-Oddities' Kuurgan,Golga, & Selba defeated Kaeinta's Teioh,Togo, & Funaki by pinfall
X-Pac defeated Jeff Jarrett
Sable & Edge defeated Jacquelyn & Marc Mero
-European Title Match-D-Lo Brown(champ)defeated Val Venis by DQ after Val slapped ref
-Lion's Den Match- Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Har
-Tag Titles Match- New Age Outlaws won tag titles from Kane & Mankind by pinfall
-IC Ladder Match- DX's Hunter Hearst Helmsley won the title from NOD's Rocky Maivia by grabbing the belt off the ladder
-World Title Match- Steve Austin(champ)defeated Undertaker by pinfall via SC Stunner

NOD's Owen Hart defeated Edge
Al Snow & Scorpio defeated "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher & "Too Hot" Scott Taylor when Snow pinned Taylor via Snowplow
"Marvelous" Marc Mero defeated "Puke" Darren Drozdov by pinfall via Marvelocity
Bradshaw defeated Vader
NOD's D-Lo Brown defeated Gangrel
-Triple Threat Cage Match- "The Rock" Rocky Maivia defeated Ken Shamrock and Mankind when Rocky pinned Shamrock via a chair shot from Mankind
Val Venis defeated Dustin Rennels by pinfall via Money Shot
-Triple Tag team Match-DX's X-Pac,and New Age Outlaws defeated Jeff Jarrett, and Southern Justice
-Triple Threat World Title Match- Undertaker & Kane both pinned Austin at the same time via Double Chokeslam (I Don't know who the new champ is)

Al Snow defeated "Marvelous" Marc Mero by pinall via Snowplow
Legion of Doom & "Puke" Darren Drozdov defeated DOA's Paul Ellering,Skull, & 8-Ball by pinfall when Puke pinned Skull via Doomsday Device from Hawk
-Light HW Title Match-Christian Cage won belt from Kaeintai's Taka Michanoku by pinfall via a Michanoku Driver Counter(9:18)
Goldust defeated Val Venis by pinfall via Shattered Dreams(12:05)
-European Title Match-DX's X-Pac won belt from NOD's D-Lo Brown by pinall via Facebuster(13:50)
-Tag Titles Match-Headbangers defeated DX's New Age Outlaws by DQ via a boombox hit from Road Dog(14:05,Outlaws keep belts)
-IC Title Match- Ken Shamrock retained belt by defeating Mankind by submission via Mankind giving himself the Mandible Claw while he was in the Ankle Lock(14:22)
NOD's Marc Henry deefated "The Rock" Rocky Maivia by pinfall via Belly Splash while D-Lo held Rockys feet down(5:05)
-World Title Match for Vacant Belt- A Draw: Kane got KO'd from a chair shot from Bearer then Austin gave the Undertaker the Stunner then covered both of them(Austin was the special ref)and counted himself as the winner, after that Vince McMhan came out and fired him.
COMMENTS: Taka finally lost the belt after holding onto it for 10 months now the Light HW competition might heat up a little even though I Taka lost the belt to a guy in his first match in the WWF.

(Note: Their was a one night tournament for the Vacant World Title))
-Round 1 trnmnt- Mankind pinned Dwayne Gill via DDT(0:32)
-Round 1 trnmnt- Al Snow pinned Jeff Jarrett via nailing Jarret with Head(3:49)
-Round 1 trnmnt- Steve Austin defeated Big Boss Man by DQ via Boss Man attacking Austin with nightstick(3:42)
-Round 1 trnmnt- A double Countout occured between DX's X-Pac an Steven Regal(7:58)
-Round 1 trnmnt- Ken Shamrock made Goldust submit via AnkleLock(5:51)
-Round 1 trnmnt- Rocky Maivia pinned The Big Boss Man(subbing for an injured Helmsley) via Rollup(0:04)
-Round 1 trnmnt- Undertaker got a bye
-Round 1 trnmnt- Kane got a by
-Round 2 trnmnt- Rocky Maivia pinned Ken Shamrock via Nightstick Shot
-Round 2 trnmnt- Undertaker defeated Kane by pinfall via Tombstone Piledriver(7:14)
-Round 2 trnmnt- Mankind made Al Snow submit via Mandible CLaw(3:57)
-Round 2 trnmnt- Steve Austin got a bye
-Womens Title Match- Sable won the Womens title by defeating former champ, Jacquelyn by pinfall via Powerbomb(3:15)
-Semi Finals trnmnt- Mankind pinned Steve Austin via chairshot from Slaughter and Shane McMhan not making a 3 count or him after he nailed the Stunner on Mankind(10:28)
-Semi Finals trnmnt- Rocky Maivia defeated Undetaker by DQ via Kane giving Rocky a chokeslam(8:23)
-Tag Titles Triple Threat Match- DX's New Age Outlaws retained the tag belts by defeating NOD's Marc Henry & D-Lo Brown, & The Headbangers when Billy Gunn pinned Headbanger Mosh via piledriver(10:10)
-Finals trnmnt- Rocky Maivia didn't make Mankind submit via sharpshooter, but Vince McMhan ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell and gave Rocky the belt anyways(16:57)

Marc Henry & D-Lo Brwon defeated Val Venis & "The Godfather" Kama Mustafa when Marc Henry pinned Val Venis via a Running splash and groin smash from Jacquelyn(5:49)
Headbangers defeated Oddities' Kuurgan & Golga when Mosh pinned Golga via Stagedive off Top TB(6:03)
"Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman defeated Owen Hart via Countou(10:29)
Brood's Gangrel, Christian, & Edge defeated Job squad's Al Snow, Scorpio, & Bob Holly when Christian pinned Scorpio via Flatliner(9:01)
-Striptease Match- Jeff Jarrett defeated Goldust by pinfall via Front Flatliner(7:44)
-Tag Titles Mach- New Age Outlaws kept their tag titles by defeateing Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock via rollup(16:18)
-World title Match- Mankind defeated WWF World Champion "The Rock" Rocky Maivia via Mandible Claw, Mankind won the belt, but Vince Mcmhan ordered that Mankind return the belt to Rocky(13:33)
-Buried Alive Match- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin deeated Undertaker via Burying Him Alive(21:02)