1997 WWF Pay Per View Results

July In Your House: Canadian Stampede
The Great Sauske defeated Taka Machinoku by pinfall... A double count-out between Mankind and Hunter Hearst Helmsley... Undertaker kept World belt by defeating Vader... Bret Hart, Owen Hart,Bulldog,Anvil,Brian Pillman defeated Austin, K. Shamrock, Goldust, and LOD by pinfall(Owen pinned Austin)

August 1997 Summerslam
Goldust defeated Brian Pillman by pinfall... -Cage Match-..Mankind defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by getting out of cage first... Bret Hart defeated Undertaker for World Title by pinfall... British Bulldog defeated Ken Shamrock by disqualification... Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart for Intercontinental Title by Pinfall... -4 vs. 4 tag match-..Los Boricuas defeated Discples of Apocalypse by pinfall... Legion of Doom Defeated Godwinns by pinfall

WWF September In Your House: Ground Zero
Bret Hart kept world Title by defeating The Patriot by Submission...-Triple Threat Match-(Savio Vega, Crush, Farooq)Savio Vega pinned Crush...Brian Christopher defeated Scott Putski by injury...-indecent proposal match-Brian Pillman defeated Goldust by pinfall...-4-way tag team title match-(Godwinns, Headbangers, Owen Hart & British Bulldog, and Legion of Doom)Headbangers were the last team left and won tag titles...Max Mini defeated El Tortito by pinfall... Shawn Michaels defeated Undertaker by DQ

September One Night Only(UK PPV)
-European Title match-Shawn Michaels won Europe title by defeating British Bulldog by knockout...Legion of Doom defeated Godwinns by pinfall... Vader defeated Owen Hart by DQ

October In Your House:Badd Blood
Rocky Maivia,D-Lo Brown,Kama(of NOD) defeated Legion of Doom by pinfall (Rocky pinned Hawk)...Max Mini & Nova defeated Tarantula & Mosaic by pinfall(Max Mmini pinned Tyrantula)...-Tag Title Match-Godwinns won tag titles by defeating Headbangers by pinfall...-IC Trnmnt finals-Owen Hart won IC title by defeating Faroq by pinfall...Disciples of Apocalypse defeated Los Boricuas(Crush pinned Miguel)....-Flag Match-Bret Hart(world champ) & British Bulldog defeated Patriot & Vader by pinfall(Bret pinned Patriot)... -Hell in a Cell Match-Shawn Michaels defeated Undertaker by pinfall

November Survivor Series
-world title match-Shawn Michaels won world belt by defeating Bret Hart by submission
-IC title match-Steve Austin won IC title by defeating Owen Hart by pinfall
Kane defeated Mankind by pinfall
Tag Team elim. matches results
Order of elimination for Truth Commision vs. Disciples of Apocalypse
Chainz - pinned by the Interrogator.
The Jackal - pinned by Eight Ball.
Recon - pinned by Skull.
Skull - pinned by Sniper.
Eight Ball - pinned by the Interrogator.
Sniper - pinned by Crush.
Crush - pinned by the Interrogator.
Interrogater was the sole survivor for his team
Order of elimination for Road Dog,Billy Gunn,Godwinns vs. New Blackjacks,Headbangers
Henry Godwinn - pinned by Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw.
Barry Windham - pinned by Phineas Godwinn.
Mosh - pinned by Billy Gunn.
Phineas Godwinn - pinned by Thrasher.
Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw - pinned by Road Dog.
Thrasher - pinned by Billy Gunn.
road Dog and Billy Gunn were the Survivors fo their team.
Order of elimination for Team USA(Blackman,Mero,Vader,Goldust)vs. Team Canada(Bulldog,Neidhart,Furnas,Lafon)
Steve Blackman - by countout.
Jim "anvil" Neidhart - pinned by Vader.
Phil LaFon - pinned by Vader.
Marc Mero - pinned by Doug Furnas
Goldust - by countout when he abandoned Vader. Goldust refused through the whole match to tag in. Vader slapped him and threw him in the ring. Goldust then walked out.
Doug Furnas - pinned by Vader.
Vader - pinned by the British Bulldog. (The Bulldog knocked him out with the ring bell behind the referee's back).
British Bulldog was Sole Survivor for his team.

Order of elimination for LOD,Ahmed,and Shamrock vs. Nation of Domination:
Hawk - pinned by Rocky Maivia.
Faarooq - pinned by Ahmed Johnson.
Ahmed Johnson - pinned by Rocky Maivia (with help from Faarooq, who was still at ringside. The two then brawled to the back).
Kama - pinned by Animal.
Animal - by countout when Road Dog and Billy Gunn came to the ring. Gunn had on Legion of Doom facepaint, while Road Dog was wearing one of the LOD's shoulerpads. Animal got a face full of powder and was counted out.
D-Lo Brown - submitted to Ken Shamrock.
Rocky Maivia - submitted to Ken Shamrock.
Shamrock was the Sole Survivor for his team.

December In Your House: Degeneration X
-Light HW title trnmnt final match-Taka Michanoku won LH title by defeating Brian Christopher by pinfall.
-Boot Camp Match(no-holds barred,pin anywhere)-Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Sgt. Slaughter by pinfall.
Los Boriquas defeated Disciples of Apocalypse by pinfall(JOse pinned Chainz)
Jeff Jarrett defeated Undertaker by DQ.
-IC title match-Steve Austin kept world title by defeating Rocky Maivia by pinfall.
-Tag Title Match-Road Dog and Billy Gunn kept Tag Titles by defeating Legion of Doom by pinfall.
-4 round tough man boxing match-Butterbean defeated Marc Mero by KO.
-World Title Match-Ken Shamrock defeated Shawn Michaels(also European Champ) by DQ(shawn keeps title).