2001 WCW PPV Results




March Greed
Jason Jett defeated Kwee-Wee by pinfall via Crash Landing
-Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Trnmnt. Final- Kid Romeo & "Prime Time" Elix Skipper became the first CW Tag Champs by defeating Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman when Kid Romeo pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. via piledriver slam
"Perfectshawn" Shawn Stasiak defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via Hangman's Neckbreaker
Team Canada's Lance Storm & "Career Killer" Mike Awesome defeated Hugh Morrus & Filthy Animals' Konnan when Mike Awesome pinned Hugh Morrus via Powerbomb
-Cruiserweight Title Match- Shane Helms won the Cruiserweight Title from Chavo Gurrerro Jr. by pinfall via Vertebreaker
-Tag Titles Match- Champs, "The Event" Chuck Palumbo & Sean 'O Haire defeated Totally Buff(Lex Luger & "Buff" Bagwell) when Palumbo & 'O Haire pinned Luger & Bagwell simultaneously
"The Cat" Ernest Miller defeated Kanyon by pinfall via Miss Jones whacking him
-US Title Match- Booker T won the US Title from "The Dogface Gremlin" Rick Steiner by pinfall via Bookend
Dusty & Dustin Rhodes defeated "Nature Boy" Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett when Dusty Rhodes pinned Ric Flair via Rollup
-World Title, Falls Anywhere Match- Champ, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page by KO via Steiner Recliner

February Superbrawl 11: Revenge
-6 Way Match- Between Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Kaz Huyashi, Yung Yang, Evan Karagious, & Jamie Knoble where Shane Helms won via pinfall
Hugh Morrus pinned The Wall via pinfall
-Tag Titles Match- Champs, NBT's "The Event" Chuck Palumbo & Sean 'O Haire defeated NBT's "Perfectshawn" Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak by pinfall
-Cruiserweight Title Match- Champ, Chavo Gurrerro Jr. defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. by pinfall via chairshot and brainbuster
-US Title Match- Champ, "Dogface Gremlin" Rick Steiner defeated Dustin Rhodes by pinfall
"Total Package" Lex Luger & Marcus "Buff" Bagwell(Totally Buff) defeated Brian Adams by pinfall
-Commissionership of WCW- "The Cat" Ernest Miller won Commissionership from Team Canada's Lance Storm by pinfall
Kanyon defeated Diamond Dallas Page by pinfall
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Jeff Jarrett
-World Title, Falls Anywhere, 2 falls outta 3, loser leaves WCW Match- Champ, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeated "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash via getting 2 falls first

January Sin
-Cruiserweight Title Match- Champ, Chavo Gurrerro Jr. defeated 3 Count's Shane Helms by pinfall via Brainbuster
NBT's Reno defeated Big Vito by pinfall via Roll the Dice
Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagious defeated Jung Dragons' Yung Yang & Kaz Huyashi when Knoble pinned Yang via Rollup after he missed a moonsault
-Commissionership of WCW- "The Cat" Ernest Miller won Commissionership from NBT's "Above Average" Mike Sanders by defeating him by pinfall via Spin Kick
-Penalty Box Match w/"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan as referee- Team Canada's Lance Storm, "Prime Time" Elix Skipper, "Career Killer" Mike Awesome, & Major Gunns defeated Filthy Animals' Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Billy Kidman, and Tygress by submission when Lance Storm made Billy Kidman submit to Canadian Maple Leaf
-Triple Threat, Hardcore Title Match- Between Champ, Terry Funk, Meng, and Crowbar where Meng pinned Terry Funk via Togan Death Grip to become the new Hardcore Champ
-Tag Titles Match- NBT's Sean 'O Haire & "The Event" Chuck Palumbo won the Tag Titles from Diamond Dallas Page & "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash(The Insiders) by pinfall when 'O Haire pinned Page via Shawn-ton Bomb off Top TB
-US Title, First Blood Match- "The Franchise" Shane Douglas won the US Title from Hugh Morrus via Morrus drawing blood first
Lex Luger & Marcus "Buff" Bagwell defeated Bill Goldberg & Sarge Dwayne Bruce when Luger pinned Goldberg via Super Buff Blockbuster
-World Title Match- Between Sid Vicious, Jeff Jarrett, Road Warrior Animal, and Champ, Scott Steiner where Steiner pins Sid via Animal nailing him over the head with a lead pipe.
As I predicted in my Starrcade Results WCW was bought out/merged with Fusion Media Ventures, a company headed by Eric Bishoff, looks like hes back in charge. But looks like they'll be doing all the WCW PPV's for the rest of the year, that is if they don't go bankrupt by then.---another, update 3 and a half years later in July 2004: whoops, forgot to update this, the Fusient deal fell thru and WWF (now WWE) bought out WCW the following week, and buried WCW within a year in one of the shittiest invasion angles of all time, RIP WCW, we'll all miss ya

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