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"Road Dog" Jesse James(4) & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn(7), The New Age Outlaws The Rock 'n' Sock Connection 09/21/1999 Smackdown  
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia(3) & Mankind(7), The Rock 'n' Sock Connection The New Age Outlaws 10/14/1999 Smackdown  
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(2) & Crash Holly The Rock 'n' Sock Connection 10/18/1999 RAW  
Mankind(8) & Al Snow Bob Holly & Crash Holly 11/02/1999 Smackdown  
"Road Dog" Jesse James(5) & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn(8), The New Age Outlaws Mankind & Al Snow 11/08/1999 RAW  
Bub-Buh Ray Dudley & Devon Dudley, The Dudley Boyz The New Age Outlaws 02/27/2000 No Way Out  
Edge & Christian The Dudley Boyz 04/02/2000 Wreslemania 16  
Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay, Too Cool Edge & Christian 05/29/2000 RAW
Edge(2) & Christian(2) Too Cool 06/25/2000 King of the Ring
Matt Hardy(2) & Jeff Hardy(2), The Hardy Boyz Edge & Christian 09/24/2000 Unforgiven  
Edge(3) & Christian(3) The Hardy Boyz 10/22/2000 No Mercy Won as the masked tag team, "Los Conquistadors"
Matt Hardy(3) & Jeff Hardy(3), The Hardy Boyz Edge & Christian 10/23/2000 RAW Supposedly Edge was taking on one conquistador for the tag title, due to Christian being injured, and the Con. pinned Edge, which turned out to be Matt Hardy, and Commish, Foley came out and said that E&C were the masked ones who won the titles and since Hardy pinned Edge, The Hardy'z were the new tag champs
The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan The Hardy Boyz 11/06/2000 RAW  
Edge(4) & Christian(4) The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan 12/10/2000 Armageddon  
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia(4) & The Undertaker(4) Edge & Christian 12/18/2000 RAW  
Edge(5) & Christian(5) The Rock & The Undertaker 12/19/2000 Smackdown  
Bub-Buh Ray Dudley(2) & D-Von Dudley(2), The Dudley Boyz Edge & Christian 01/21/2001 Royal Rumble  
Matt Hardy(4) & Jeff Hardy(4), The Hardy Boyz The Dudley Boyz 03/05/2001 RAW  
Edge(6) & Christian(6) The Hardy Boyz 03/19/2001 RAW  
Bub-Buh Ray Dudley(3) & D-Von Dudley(3), The Dudley Boyz Edge & Christian 03/19/2001 RAW  
Edge(7) & Christian(7) The Dudley Boyz 04/01/2001 Wrestlemania 17  
Kane(5) & Undertaker(5) Edge & Christian 04/17/2001 Smackdown  
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin(3) Kane & Undertaker 04/29/2001 Backlash  
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Steve Austin 05/21/2001 RAW  
Bub-Buh Ray Dudley(4) & D-Von Dudley(4), The Dudley Boyz Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho 06/19/2001 Smackdown  
Bradshaw(3) & Faarooq(3), The Acolytes The Dudley Boyz 07/09/2001 RAW  
Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon The Acolytes 08/07/2001 Smackdown  
Undertaker(6) & Kane(6) Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon 08/19/2001 Summerslam  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(5) & D-Von Dudley(5), The Dudley Boyz Undertaker & Kane 09/17/2001 RAW  
Chris Jericho(2) & "The Rock" Rocky Maivia(5) The Dudley Boyz 10/22/2001 RAW  
Test & Booker T Chris Jericho & The Rock 10/30/2001 Smackdown  
Matt Hardy(5) & Jeff Hardy(5), The Hardy Boyz Test & Booker T 11/12/2001 RAW  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(6) & D-Von Dudley(6), The Dudley Boyz The Hardy Boyz 11/18/2001 Survivor Series Unified with WCW Tag Team Titles on date won
Tazz & Spike Dudley The Dudley Boyz 01/07/2002 RAW  
Billy Gunn(9) & Chuck Palumbo Tazz & Spike Dudley 02/19/2002 Smackdown In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE World Tag Team Title"
Rikishi Phatu & Rico Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo 05/19/2002 Judgment Day  
Billy Gunn(10) & Chuck Palumbo(2) Rikishi & Rico 06/04/2002 Smackdown  
Edge(8) & Hulk Hogan Billly Gunn & Chuck Palumbo 07/02/2002 Smackdown  
Christian(8) & Lance Storm Edge & Hulk Hogan 07/21/2002 Vengeance  
Kane(7) & Hurricane Helms Christian & Lance Storm 09/23/2002 RAW  
Christian(9) & Chris Jericho(3) Kane & Hurricne 10/14/2002 RAW  
Booker T(2) & Goldust Christian & Chris Jericho 12/16/2002 Armageddon Won in a 4-Team Elimination Match between Christian & Chris Jericho, Dudley Boyz, and William Regal & Lance Storm
Steven William Regal & Lance Storm(2) Booker T & Goldust 01/06/2003 RAW  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(7) & D-Von Dudley(7), The Dudley Boyz William Regal & Lance Storm 01/19/2003 Royal Rumble  
Steven William Regal(2) & Lance Storm(3) The Dudley Boyz 01/20/2003 RAW Stripped of titles on 03/24/2003 by "Chief of Staff" Sean Morley due to Steven Regal being too ill to wrestle
"Chief" Sean Morley & Lance Storm(4) See Notes 03/24/2003 RAW Immediately after he strips Storm & Regal as tag champs, he announces that him and Storm are the new tag team champs
Rob Van Dam & Kane(8) Sean Morley & Lance Storm 03/31/2003 RAW Won in a triple threat match against Storm & Morley and The Dudley Boyz
Rene Dupree & Sylvian Grenier, La Resistance Rob Van Dam & Kane 06/15/2003 Bad Blood  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(8) & D-Von Dudley(8), The Dudley Boyz La Resistance 09/21/2003 Unforgiven Won in a handicap 2-on-3 table match against La Resistance & Rob Conway
Dave Batista & "Nature Boy" Ric Flair The Dudley Boyz 12/14/2003 Armageddon  
Rob Van Dam(2) & Booker T(3) Ric Flair & Batista 02/16/2004 RAW  
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(2) & Dave Batista(2) Rob Van Dam & Booker T 03/22/2004 RAW  
"Crippler" Chris Benoit & Edge(9) Ric Flair & Batista 04/19/2004 RAW  
Sylvian Grenier(2) & Rob Conway, La Resistance Chris Benoit & Edge 05/31/2004 RAW Eugene & Steven William Regal beat La Resistance for tag titles on 10/11/2004 but Bishoff strips the win away from the record immediately and issues a rematch right after the win due to Regal using brass knuckles, and La Reistance wins the rematch
"Crippler" Chris Benoit(2) & Edge(10) La Resistance 10/19/2004 Taboo Tuesday  
Sylvian Grenier(3) & Rob Conway(2), La Resistance Chris Benoit & Edge 11/01/2004 RAW  
Steven William Regal (3) & Eugene La Resistance 11/15/2004 RAW  
Sylvian Grenier(4) & Rob Conway(3), La Resistance Steven Regal & The Coach 01/16/2005   Steven Regal defends the tag belts with Jonathon Coachman in an un-televised house show after Eugene is injured the previous week
Steven William Regal(4) & Tajiri La Resistance 02/04/2005 RAW  
Hurricane(2) & Rosey See notes 05/01/2005 Backlash Won in a tag team turmoil match between The Hearthrobs, Simon Dean & Maven, La Resistance, and Regal & Tajiri
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Hurricane & Rosey 09/18/2005 Unforgiven  
"Big Show" Paul Wight(3) & Kane(9) Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch 11/01/2005 Taboo Tuesday  
Kenny & Mikey, The Spirit Squad Big Show & Kane 04/03/2006 RAW  
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(3) & Rowdy Roddy Piper Spirit Squad 11/05/2006 Cyber Sunday  
Randy Orton & Edge(11), Rated RKO Ric Flair & Roddy Piper 11/13/2006 RAW  
Shawn Michaels(3) & John Cena Rated RKO 01/29/2007 RAW  
Matt Hardy(4) & Jeff Hardy(4), The Hardy Boyz See notes 04/02/2007 RAW Won in a 10 team battle royal match.
Lance Cade(2) & Trevor Murdoch(2) Hardy Boyz 06/04/2007 RAW  
Paul London & Brian Kendrick Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch 09/05/2007    
Lance Cade(3) & Trevor Murdoch(3) Paul London & Brian Kendrick 09/08/2007    
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(3) & Cody Rhodes Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch 12/10/2007 RAW  
Cody Rhodes(2) & Ted Dibiase Jr. Bob Holly & Cody Rhodes 06/29/2008 Night of Champions  
Dave Batista(3) & John Cena(2) Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase 08/04/2008 RAW  
Cody Rhodes(3) & Ted Dibiase Jr.(2) John Cena & Dave Batista 08/11/2008 RAW  
CM Punk & Kofi Kingston Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr. 10/27/2008 RAW  
John Morrison & "The Miz" Mike Mizzanin CM Punk & Kofi Kingston 12/13/2008    
Carlito & Primo Colon John Morrison & Mike Mizzanin 04/05/2009 Wrestlemania 25 Carlito & Primo are also the WWE Tag Team champs and unify the World Tag Team Belts with their WWE Tag Belts upon winning them at Wrestlemania 25
Chris Jericho(4) & Edge(12)/"Big Show" Paul Wight(4), JeriShow Carlito & Primo Colon 06/28/2009 The Bash Won in a triple threat match against the Colons and Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes. A few weeks into their title reign, Edge got injured and Big Show replaced Edge as Jericho's partner.
Shawn Michaels(4) & "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(2), D-Generation X Big Show & Chris Jericho 12/13/2009 TLC  
"The Miz" Mike Mizzanin(2) & "Big Show" Paul Wight(5), ShowMiz D-Generation X 02/09/2010 RAW Won in a triple threat match against DX and CM Punk & Luke Gallows
Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith, The Hart Dynasty ShowMiz 04/26/2010 RAW  
Cody Rhodes(4) & Drew McIntyre Hart Dynasty 09/19/2010 RAW  
John Cena(3) & David Otunga Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre 10/24/2010 Bragging Rights  
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel John Cena & David Otunga 10/25/2010 RAW  
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 12/06/2010 RAW  
Heath Slater(2) & Justin Gabriel(2) Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov 02/20/2011 Elimination Chamber  
John Cena(4) & "The Miz" Mike Mizannin(3) Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 02/21/2011 RAW  
Heath Slater(3) & Justin Gabriel(3) John Cena & The Miz 02/21/2011 RAW  
"Big Show" Paul Wight(6) & Kane(10) Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 04/19/2011 Smackdown  
David Otunga(2) & Michael McGillicutty Big Show & Kane 05/23/2011 RAW  
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