Mankind   11/02/1998 RAW Awarded
Big Boss Man Mankind 11/30/1998 RAW  
"Road Dog" Jesse James Big Boss Man 12/15/1998 RAW Vacated the Title on 02/14/1999 due to injuring his neck
Bob Holly Al Snow 02/14/1999 In Your House: St. Valentine's Day Massacre Al Snow and Bob Holly are top 2 contenders for Title and wrestle for it
"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn Bob Holly 03/15/1999 RAW  
Bob Holly(2) Billy Gunn 03/28/1999 Wrestlemania 15  
Al Snow Bob Holly 04/25/1999 In Your House: Backlash  
Big Boss Man(2) Al Snow 07/25/1999 Fully Loaded  
Al Snow(2) Big Boss Man 08/22/1999 Summerslam  
Big Boss Man(3) Al Snow 08/24/1999 Smackdown  
British Bulldog Big Boss Man 09/07/1999 Smackdown  
Al Snow(3)   09/07/1999 Smackdown British Bulldog gave Al Snow the belt after he won it.
Big Boss Man(4) Al Snow 10/12/1999 Smackdown Won in a triple threat match between Boss Man, Snow, and & "The Big Show" Paul Wight
Test Big Boss Man 01/17/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly Test 02/22/2000 Smackdown  
Pete Gas Crash Holly 03/13/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly(2) Pete Gas 03/13/2000 RAW  
Tazz Crash Holly 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Viscera Tazz 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Sho Funkaki Viscera 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Rodney Sho Funaki 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Joey Abs Rodney 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Thrasher Joey Abs 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Pete Gas(2) Thrasher 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Tazz(2) Pete Gas 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Crash Holly(3) Tazz 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(3) Crash Holly 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Crash Holly(4) Bob Holly 04/03/2000 RAW  
Perry Saturn Crash Holly 04/11/2000 Smackdown  
Tazz(3) Perry Saturn 04/11/2000 Smackdown  
Crash Holly(5) Tazz 04/11/2000 Smackdown  
Matt Hardy Crash Holly 04/24/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly(6) Matt Hardy 04/25/2000 Smackdown  
British Bulldog(2) Crash Holly 05/06/2000 Insurrexion  
Crash Holly(7) British Bulldog 05/09/2000 Smackdown  
Anonymous Woman Crash Holly 05/15/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly(8) Anonymous Woman 05/15/2000 RAW  
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly 05/16/2000 Smackdown  
Crash Holly(9) Gerald Brisco 06/12/2000 RAW  
Gerald Brisco(2) Crash Holly 06/19/2000 RAW  
Pat Patterson Gerald Brisco 06/19/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly(10) Pat Patterson 06/25/2000 King of the Ring  
"Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman Crash Holly 06/27/2000 Smackdown  
Crash Holly(11) Steve Blackman 07/02/2000  
"Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman(2) Crash Holly 07/02/2000  
Shane McMahon Steve Blackman 08/21/2000 RAW  
'Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman(3) Shane McMahon 08/27/2000 Summerslam  
Crash Holly(12) Steve Blackman 09/24/2000 Unforgiven  
Perry Saturn(2) Crash Holly 09/24/2000 Unforgiven  
"Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman(4) Perry Saturn 09/24/2000 Unforgiven  
Raven Steve Blackman 12/21/2000 RAW  
Al Snow(4) Raven 01/22/2001 RAW  
Raven(2) Al Snow 01/22/2001 RAW  
K-Kwik Raven 02/03/2001    
Crash Holly(13) K-Kwik 02/03/2001    
Raven(3) Crash Holly 02/03/2001    
K-Kwik(2) Raven 02/04/2001    
Crash Holly(14) K-Kwik 02/04/2001    
Raven(4) Crash Holly 02/04/2001    
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(4) Raven 02/06/2001 Smackdown  
Raven(5) Bob Holly 02/06/2001 Smackdown  
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(5) Raven 02/10/2001    
Raven(6) Bob Holly 02/10/2001    
"Hardcore" Bob Holly(6) Raven 02/11/2001    
Al Snow(5) Bob Holly 02/11/2001    
Raven(7) Bob Holly 02/11/2001    
"Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman(5) Raven 02/17/2001    
Raven(8) Steve Blackman 02/17/2001    
"Leathal Weapon" Steve Blackman(6) Raven 02/18/2001    
Raven(9) Steve Blackman 02/18/2001    
"The One" Billy Gunn(2) Raven 02/25/2001 No Way Out  
Raven(10) Billy Gunn 02/25/2001 No Way Out  
"The Big Show" Paul Wight Raven 02/25/2001 No Way Out  
Raven(11) The Big Show 03/19/2001 RAW  
Kane Raven 04/01/2001 Wrestlemania 17 Won in a triple threat match between Raven and Big Show
Rhyno Kane 04/17/2001 Smackdown  
"The Big Show" Paul Wight(2) Rhyno 05/21/2001 RAW  
Chris Jericho The Big Show 05/28/2001 RAW  
Rhyno(2) Chris Jericho 05/28/2001 RAW  
Test(2) Rhyno 06/12/2001 Smackdown  
Rhyno(3) Test 06/25/2001 RAW  
Mike Awesome Rhyno 06/25/2001 RAW  
Jeff Hardy Mike Awesome 07/10/2001 Smackdown  
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy 07/22/2001 Invasion  
Jeff Hardy(2) Rob Van Dam 08/13/2001 RAW  
Rob Van Dam(2) Jeff Hardy 08/19/2001 Summerslam  
Kurt Angle Rob Van Dam 09/10/2001 RAW  
Rob Van Dam(3) Kurt Angle 09/10/2001 RAW  
The Undertaker Rob Van Dam 12/09/2001 Vengeance  
Maven The Undertaker 02/05/2002 Smackdown  
Goldust Maven 02/26/2002 Smackdown  
Al Snow(6) Goldust 03/11/2002 RAW  
Maven(2) Al Snow 03/12/2002 Smackdown  
Spike Dudley Maven 03/17/2002 Wrestlemania 18  
Hurricane Helms Spike Dudley 03/17/2002 Wrestlemania 18  
Molly Holly Hurricane Helms 03/17/2002 Wrestlemania 18  
Christian Molly Holly 03/17/2002 Wrestlemania 18  
Maven(3) Christian 03/17/2002 Wrestlemania 18  
Raven(12) Maven 03/26/2002 Smackdown  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley Raven 04/01/2002 RAW  
William Steven Regal Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/06/2002    
Goldust(2) William Steven Regal 04/06/2002    
Raven(13) Goldust 04/06/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(2) Raven 04/06/2002    
William Steven Regal(2) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/07/2002    
Goldust(3) William Steven Regal 04/07/2002    
Raven(14) Goldust 04/07/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(3) Raven 04/07/2002    
William Steven Regal(3) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/12/2002    
Spike Dudley(2) William Steven Regal 04/12/2002    
Goldust(4) Spike Dudley 04/12/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(4) Goldust 04/12/2002    
William Steven Regal(4) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/13/2002    
Spike Dudley(3) William Steven Regal 04/13/2002    
Goldust(5) Spike Dudley 04/13/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(5) Goldust 04/13/2002    
William Steven Regal(5) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/14/2002    
Spike Dudley(4) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/14/2002    
Goldust(6) Spike Dudley 04/14/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(6) Goldust 04/14/2002    
Raven(15) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/15/2002 RAW  
Tommy Dreamer Raven 04/15/2002 RAW  
Steven Richards Tommy Dreamer 04/15/2002 RAW  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(7) Steven Richards 04/15/2002 RAW  
Goldust(7) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/19/2002    
Raven(16) Goldust 04/19/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(8) Raven 04/19/2002    
Goldust(8) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/20/2002    
Raven(17) Goldust 04/20/2002    
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(9) Raven 04/20/2002    
Steven Richards(2) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 04/29/2002    
Tommy Dreamer(2) Steven Richards 05/01/2002    
Goldust(9) Tommy Dreamer 05/01/2002    
Steven Richards(3) Goldust 05/01/2002    
Shawn Stasiak Steven Richards 05/02/2002    
Justin Credible Shawn Stasiak 05/02/2002    
Crash Holly(15) Justin Credible 05/02/2002    
Steven Richards(4) Crash Holly 05/02/2002    
Shawn Stasiak(2) Steven Richards 05/02/2002    
Steven Richards(5) Shawn Stasiak 05/02/2002    
Crash Holly(16) Steven Richards 05/03/2002    
Steven Richards(6) Crash Holly 05/03/2002    
Booker T Steven Richards 05/04/2002 Insurrexion  
Crash Holly(17) Booker T 05/04/2002 Insurrexion  
Booker T(2) Crash Holly 05/04/2002 Insurrexion  
Steven Richards(7) Booker T 05/04/2002 Insurrexion  
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(10) Steven Richards 05/06/2002 RAW  
Raven(18) Buh-Buh Ray Dudley 05/06/2002 RAW  
Justin Credible(2) Raven 05/06/2002 RAW  
Crash Holly(18) Justin Credible 05/06/2002 RAW  
Trish Stratus Crash Holly 05/06/2002 RAW  
Steven Richards(8) Trish Stratus 05/06/2002 RAW In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE Hardcore Title"
Tommy Dreamer(3) Steven Richards 05/25/2002    
Raven(19) Tommy Dreamer 05/25/2002    
Steven Richards(9) Raven 05/25/2002    
Tommy Dreamer(4) Steven Richards 05/26/2002    
Raven(20) Tommy Dreamer 05/26/2002    
Steven Richards(10) Raven 05/26/2002    
Terri Runnels Steven Richards 05/27/2002 RAW  
Steven Richards(11) Terri Runnels 05/27/2002 RAW  
Tommy Dreamer(5) Steven Richards 06/02/2002    
Raven(21) Tommy Dreamer 06/02/2002    
Steven Richards(12) Raven 06/02/2002    
Bradshaw Steven Richards 06/03/2002 RAW  
Raven(22) Bradshaw 06/22/2002    
Spike Dudley(5) Raven 06/22/2002    
Shawn Stasiak(3) Spike Dudley 06/22/2002    
Bradshaw(2) Shawn Stasiak 06/22/2002    

Screw this! The WWE is doing goddam 24/7 title changes at house shows all the time now! It's getting unbearable, updating the Hardcore Title history is a major pain in the ass! But for the few of you who actually want to see how many more times Raven, Crash Holly, and K-Kwik will win the Hardcore title, check out this Hardcore history page at Puroresu Dojo! That's how I've been keeping up to date on this stupid fucking title! This guy does it way better than me. So just go there from now on. Thanks!
-Webmaster, "Gruel" Dale Kulas, July 23, 2002

Update: You know what happened a month after the last title change I listed? They unified the hardcore belt with the IC belt when Rob Van Dam defeated then Hardcore Champ, Tommy Dreamer. What was the kicker was a week before this happened, they outlawed the 24/7 rule for the hardcore belt. I was hoping for some new life for the belt again, but one week later I was just LMAO at what they did. Oh well. For the last two months of history, just go to the link above. Later.
-Webmaster, "Gruel" Dale Kulas, September 4, 2002

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