British Bulldog Owen Hart 02/26/1997 RAW Won a Tournament
Shawn Michaels British Bulldog 09/28/1997 One Night Only  
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Shawn Michaels 12/29/1997 RAW  
Owen Hart Goldust 01/26/1998 RAW Goldust subbed for an injured Helmsley, Owen won and got the title
Hunter Hearst Helmsley(2) Owen Hart 03/16/1998 RAW  
D-Lo Brown Hunter Hearst Helmsley 07/20/1998 RAW  
X-Pac D-Lo Brown 09/22/1998 RAW  
D-Lo Brown(2) X-Pac 10/06/1998 RAW  
X-Pac(2) D-Lo Brown 10/18/1998 In Your House: Judgement Day  
Shane McMhan X-Pac 02/15/1999 RAW  
Mideon Shane McMahon 06/21/1999 RAW Shane gives the belt to Midian(Dennis Knight)
D-Lo Brown(3) Mideon 07/25/1999 Fully Loaded  
Jeff Jarrett D-Lo Brown 08/22/1999 Summerslam  
Marc Henry   08/23/1999 RAW Jarrett gave the title to Henry
D-Lo Brown(4) Marc Henry 09/26/1999 Unforgiven  
British Bulldog(2) D-Lo Brown 10/26/1999 Smackdown  
Val Venis British Bulldog 12/12/1999 Armageddon Won in a triple threat match between Bulldog and D-Lo Brown
Kurt Angle Val Venis 02/08/2000 Smackdown  
Chris Jericho Kurt Angle 04/02/2000 Wrestlemania 16  
Eddy Gurerro Chris Jericho 04/03/2000 RAW  
Perry Saturn Eddy Gurrerro 07/23/2000 Fully Loaded  
Al Snow Perry Saturn 08/20/2000 Smackdown  
Steven Regal Al Snow 10/16/2000 RAW  
Crash Holly Steven Regal 12/02/2000 Rebellion  
Steven Regal(2) Crash Holly 12/04/2000 RAW  
Test Steven Regal 01/22/2001 RAW  
Eddy Gurrerro(2) Test 04/01/2001 Wrestlemania 17  
Matt Hardy Eddy Gurrerro 04/24/2001 Smackdown  
Hurricane Helms Matt Hardy 08/28/2001 RAW  
Bradshaw Hurricane Helms 10/22/2001 RAW  
Christian Bradshaw 10/30/2001 Smackdown Didn't air on television due to time constraints
Diamon Dallas Page Christian 01/29/2002 Smackdown  
Steven Regal(3) Diamond Dallas Page 03/20/2002 Smackdown  
Spike Dudley Steven Regal 04/08/2002 RAW  
Steven Regal(4) Spike Dudley 05/06/2002 RAW In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE European Title"
Jeff Hardy Steven Regal 07/08/2002 RAW  
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy 07/22/2002 RAW Belt is unified with Intercontinental Title on date won
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