Brian Pillman Ricky Morton 10/27/1991   Won a Tournament
Jushin Thunder Liger Brian Pillman 12/25/1991    
Brian Pillman(2) Jushin Thunder Liger 02/29/1992    
Scotty Flamingo Brian Pillman 06/20/1992    
Brad Armstrong Scotty Flamingo 07/05/1992   Title vacated on 09/02/1992 due to injury. The scheduled Tournament laster that month was postponed and never happened, title was inactive from 09/1992 to 03/1996
Shinjiro Ohtani Wild Pegasus 03/20/1996   Won a Tournament
Dean Malenko Shinjiro Ohtani 05/02/1996    
Rey Mysterio Jr. Dean Malenko 07/08/1996   Title vacant in 10/1997 due to injury
Dean Malenko(2)   10/27/1996 Halloween Havoc Won a Tournament
Ultimo Dragon Dean Malenko 12/29/1996 Starrcade  
Dean Malenko(3) Ultimo Dragon 01/21/1997 Clash of the Champions  
Syxx Dean Malenko 02/23/1997 Superbrawl 7  
Chris Jericho Syxx 06/28/1997    
Alex Wright Chris Jericho 07/28/1997    
Chris Jericho(2) Alex Wright 08/28/1997 Nitro  
Eddy Gurrerro Chris Jericho 09/14/1997    
Rey Mysterio Jr.(2) Eddy Gurrerro 10/26/1997 Halloween Havoc  
Eddy Gurrerro(2) Rey Mysterio Jr 11/10/1997 Nitro  
Ultimo Dragon(2) Eddy Gurrerro 12/29/1997 Nitro  
Juventud Gurrerra Ultimo Dragon 01/08/1998 Thunder  
Rey Mysterio Jr.(3) Juventud Gurrerra 01/15/1998 Thunder  
Chris Jericho(3) Rey Mysterio Jr 01/24/1998 Souled Out  
Dean Malenko(4) Chris Jericho 05/24/1998 Slamboree  
Chris Jericho(4)   06/14/1998 Nitro Awarded after Jericho pointed out Malenko wasn't suppose to be his opponent when he lost the belt
Juventud Gurrerra(2) Chris Jericho 08/08/1998 Road Wild  
Billy Kidman Juventud Gurrerra 09/14/1998 Nitro  
Juventud Gurrerra(3) Billy Kidman 11/16/1998 Nitro  
Billy Kidman(2) Juventud Gurrerra 11/22/1998 World War 3  
Rey Mysterio Jr.(4) Billy Kidman 03/15/1999 Nitro  
Phycosis See Notes 04/19/1999 Nitro Won title in a 4 man tornado match between Rey Mysterio Jr., Blitzkreig, and Juventud Gurrerra
Rey Mysterio Jr.(5) Phycosis 04/26/1999 Nitro  
Lenny Lane Rey Mysterio Jr. 08/19/1999 Thunder  
Phycosis(2)   10/09/1999 Nitro WCW banned Lenny Lane from WCW TV due to his controversial gimmick and awarded the Title to Phycosis
Disco Inferno Phycosis 10/11/1999 Nitro  
Evan Karagious Disco Inferno 11/21/1999 Mayhem  
Madusa Evan Karagious 12/19/1999 Starrcade  
Oklahoma(Ed Ferrerra) Madusa 01/16/2000 Souled Out Oklahoma forfeits the title on 1/18/2000 proclaiming himself the greatest Cruiserweight Champ Ever!
The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea Lash LeRoux 02/20/2000 SuperBrawl 10 Won a tournament.
Billy Kidman(3) Prince Iaukea 03/30/2000    
The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea(2) Billy Kidman 03/31/2000   Title declared vacant on 04/10/2000 by new WCW booking team.
Chris Candido See Notes 04/16/2000 Spring Stampede Won a 6 man suicide match between, Crowbar, Shannon More, The Artist, Las LeRoux, and Juventud Gurrerra
Daphne & Crowbar Chris Candido 05/15/2000 Nitro Won in a mixed tag team match between Daphne & Crowbar against Chris Candido & Tammy Lynn Sytch
Chavo Gurrerro Jr. Daphne 06/06/2000 Thunder Won under the persona of Lietanant Loco
Lance Storm Chavo Gurrerro Jr. 07/31/2000 Nitro  
"Prime Time" Elix Skipper Lance Storm 08/14/2000 Nitro Storm gives the title to Skipper
"Above Average" Mike Sanders Elix Skipper 10/02/2000 Nitro Won in a handicap match where it was Skipper against Snaders and Kevin Nash
Chavo Gurrerro Jr.(2) Mike Sanders 12/05/2000 Thunder  
Shane Helms Chavo Gurrerro Jr. 03/18/2001 Greed  
Billy Kidman(4) Shane Helms 07/03/2001 Smackdown  
X-Pac(2) Billy Kidman 07/30/2001 RAW X-Pac use to be Syxx, "unifies" the Cruiserweight and WWF Light HW Title by defeating Kidman
Billy Kidman(5) X-Pac 10/09/2001 Smackdown  
Yoshiri Tajiri Billy Kidman 10/22/2001 RAW Recognized as "WWF Cruiserweight Title" from 11/2001 on
Billy Kidman(6) Yoshiri Tajiri 04/02/2002 Smackdown  
Yoshiri Tajiri(2) Billy Kidman 04/21/2002 Backlash In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE Cruiserweight Title"
Hurricane Helms(2) Yoshiri Tajiri 05/14/2002 Smackdown Hurricane Helms use to be Shane Helms
Jamie Knoble Hurricane Helms 06/23/2002 King of the RIng  
Billy Kidman(7) Jamie Knoble 11/17/2002 Survivor Series  
Matt Hardy Billy Kidman 02/24/2003 No Way Out  
Rey Mysterio(6) Matt Hardy 06/03/2003 Smackdown  
Yoshiri Tajiri(3) Rey Mysterio 09/23/2003 Smackdown  
Rey Mysterio(7) Yoshiri Tajiri 12/30/2003 Smackdown  
Chavo Gurrero Jr.(3) Rey Mysterio 02/15/2004 No Way Out  
Jacquelyn Chavo Gurrero 05/04/2004 Smackdown  
Chavo Gurrero Jr.(4) Jacquelyn 05/16/2004 Judgement Day  
Chavo Gurrero Sr. Chavo Gurrero Jr. 05/18/2004 Smackdown  
Rey Mysterio(8) Chavo Gurrero Sr. 06/15/2004 Smackdown  
Spike Dudley Rey Mysterio 07/27/2004 Smackdown  
Sho Funaki Spike Dudley 12/12/2004 Armageddon  
Chavo Gurrero(5) Sho Funaki 02/20/2005 No Way Out Won in a 6-man elimination match between Funaki, Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore, Paul London and Akio
Paul London See Notes 03/29/2005 Smackdown Won in a battle royal against Chavo Guerrero, Sho Funaki, Akio, Spike Dudley, Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Billy Kidman
Nunzio Paul London 08/02/2005 Velocity  
Juventud Guerrera(4) Nunzio 10/09/2005 No Mercy  
Nunzio(2) Juventud Guerrera 11/15/2005   Won at a non-televised event in Italy
Juventud Guerrera(5) Nunzio 11/21/2005 Smackdown  
Kid Kash Juventud Guerrera 12/15/2005 Armageddon  
Gregory Helms(3) See Notes 01/29/2006 Royal Rumble Won in a 6-Man cruiserweight Texas Tornado invitational against Kid Kash, Sho Funaki, Nunzio, Paul London, and Jamie Knoble
Chavo Guerrero(6) See Notes 02/19/2007 No Way Out Won in a 7-Man cruiserweight open invitational against Sho Funaki, Shannon Moore, Daivari, Jimmie Wang Yang, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jamie Knoble, and Gregory Helms
Hornswoggle See Notes 07/22/2007 Great American Bash Won in a 6-Man cruiserweight open against Sho Funaki, Shannon Moore, Jimmie Wang Yang, Jamie Knoble, and Chavo Guerrero. Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero makes Hornswoggle "advacate" the belt for "his own safe being" on 9/28/2007

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