"Nature Boy" Ric Flair Sting 01/11/1991   WCW was a member of the NWA, but made their own World Belt and the two #1 contenders wrestled for it which were Flair and Sting. When Flair left WCW for the WWF he was stripped of the title.
Lex Luger Barry Windham 07/14/1991 Great American Bash Windham and Luger were the considered the #1 contenders and wrestled for the title
Sting Lex Luger 02/29/1992 Superbrawl 2  
Vader Sting 07/12/1992 Great American Bash  
Ron Simmons Vader 08/02/1992    
Vader(2) Ron Simmons 12/30/1992    
Sting(2) Vader 03/11/1993    
Vader(3) Sting 03/17/1993    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(2) Vader 12/27/1993 Starrcade  
Hulk Hogan Ric Flair 07/17/1994 Bash at the Beach Title went vacant in 1995
"Macho Man" Randy Savage   11/26/1995 World War 3 Savage won a 60-Man Battle Royal to determine the new champ
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(3) Randy Savage 12/27/1995 Starrcade  
"Macho Man" Randy Savage(2) Ric Flair 01/22/1996 Nitro  
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(4) Randy Savage 02/11/1996 Superbrawl 5  
The Giant Ric Flair 04/22/1996 Nitro  
Hulk Hogan(2) The Giant 08/10/1996 Hog Wild  
Lex Luger(2) Hulk Hogan 08/04/1997 Nitro  
Hulk Hogan(3) Lex Luger 08/09/1997 Road Wild  
Sting(3) Hulk Hogan 12/28/1997 Starrcade On 12/29/1998 Nitro Sting beat Hogan in a controversial match and a new champ would be decided at Superbrawl 8 in 02/1998 which Sting won.
"Macho Man" Randy Savage(3) Sting 04/19/1998 Spring Stampede  
Hulk Hogan(4) Randy Savage 04/20/1998 Nitro  
Bill Goldberg Hulk Hogan 07/06/1998 Nitro  
Kevin Nash Bill Goldberg 12/27/1998 Starrcade  
Hulk Hogan(5) Kevin Nash 01/04/1999 Nitro Nash puporsely layed down for Hogan so Hogan can win the title.
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(5) Hulk Hogan 03/14/1999 Uncensored  
Diamond Dallas Page Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting 04/11/1999 Spring Stampede Won in a 4-way Tornado Match
Sting(4) Diamond Dallas Page 04/26/1999 Nitro  
Diamond Dallas Page(2) Sting, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg 04/26/1999 Nitro Won in a 4-way Tornado Match
Kevin Nash(2) Diamond Dallas Page 05/09/1999 Slamboree  
"Macho Man" Randy Savage(4) Kevin Nash 07/11/1999 Bash at the Beach  
Hulk Hogan(6) Randy Savage 07/12/1999 Nitro  
Sting(5) Hulk Hogan 09/12/1999 Fall Brawl Bill Goldberg beats Sting in a nonsanctioned matched on 10/24/1999 and Sting gets stripped of belt the next day
Bret "Hitman" Hart Chris Benoit 11/21/1999 Mayhem Beats Benoit in a tournament final, Bret is stripped of the belt on 1/16/2000 due to injury
Chris Benoit Sid Vicious 01/16/2000 Souled Out Benoit & vicious were top 2 contenders for belt and wrestled for it. Next day Benoit quits WCW for the WWF, and is stripped of the title.
Sid Vicious Kevin Nash 01/17/2000 Nitro Nash & Sid wrestle where the winner gets the belt.
Kevin Nash(3) See Notes 01/18/2000 Thunder Nash was commissioner of WCW at at the time and strips Vicious of the belt and awards it to himself, later that night Nash puts the belt on the line in a triple threat cage match between himself, Sid, and Ron Harris which Sid wins
Sid Vicious(2) Kevin Nash 01/18/2000 Thunder  
Jeff Jarrett Diamond Dallas Page 04/16/2000 Spring Stampede Jarrett & DDP were top 2 contenders for the belt and wrestled for it.
Diamond Dallas Page(3) Jeff Jarrett 04/24/2000 Nitro
David Arquette See Notes 04/25/2000 Thunder DDP defends belt in a tag with Arquette as his parnter against Eric Bishoff and Jarrett where rule is whoever gets the pin is the champ, and Arquette pinned Bishoff
Jeff Jarrett(2) David Arquette 05/07/2000 Slamboree Defeats DDP and Arquette in a triple threat, triple stack cage match
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(6) Jeff Jarrett 05/15/2000 Nitro ">Is stripped of the title on 05/22/2000 due to an anxiety attack a few days earlier 
Jeff Jarrett(3) See Notes 05/22/2000 Nitro ">Awarded by WCW booker, Vince Russo
Kevin Nash(3) Jeff Jarrett 05/23/2000 Thunder
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(7) Kevin Nash 05/29/2000 Nitro Nash gives Flair the title 
Jeff Jarrett(4) Ric Flair 05/29/2000 Nitro On 07/09/2000 at Bash at the Beach Jarrett layed down for Hulk Hogan in a title match, later WCW head booker, Vince Russo said the belt Hogan won was revamped the 'Hogan Memorial Belt' and that Jarrett is still the WCW Champ.
Booker T Jeff Jarrett 07/09/2000 Bash at the Beach
Kevin Nash(4) Booker T 08/28/2000 Nitro  
Booker T(2) Kevin Nash 09/17/2000 Fall Brawl  
Vince Russo Booker T 09/25/2000 Nitro Russo vacates the belt on 10/02/2000
Booker T(3) Jeff Jarrett 10/02/2000 Nitro Jarrett and Booker were both #1 contenders and fought in a pole match to determine the new champ
"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner Booker T 11/26/2000 Mayhem  
Booker T(4) Scott Steiner 03/26/2001 Nitro  
Kurt Angle Booker T 07/24/2001 Smackdown  
Booker T(5) Kurt Angle 07/30/2001 RAW  
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia Booker T 08/19/2001 Summerslam  
Chris Jericho Rocky Maivia 10/21/2001 No Mercy  
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia(2) Chris Jericho 11/05/2001 RAW  
Chris Jericho(2) Rocky Maivia 12/09/2001 Vengeance Unifies with WWF Title after defeating WWWF Champ, Steve Austin on 12/09/2001
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley See Notes 09/02/2002 RAW Awarded the belt from Eric Bishoff as a separate "World Title"
Shawn Michaels Triple H 11/17/2002 Survivor Series Won in a 6 Man Elimination Chamber Match between Shawn Michaels, HHH, Booker T, Kane, Rob Van Dam, & Chris Jericho
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(2) Shawn Michaels 12/15/2002 Armageddon  
Bill Goldberg (2) Triple H 09/21/2003 Unforgiven  
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(3) Bill Goldberg 12/16/2003 Armageddon  
Chris Benoit(2) Triple H 03/14/2004 Wrestlemania 20  
Randy Orton Chris Benoit 08/15/2004 Summerslam  
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(4) Randy Orton 09/12/2004 Unforgiven A controversial finish in a HHH/Benoit/Edge triple threat match for the title on 11/29/2004 results in McMahon announcing the belt vacant on 12/6/2004
"Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(5) See Notes 01/09/2005 New Year's Revolution Wins in an Elimination Chamber match between HHH, Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Batista
Dave Batista Triple H 04/03/2005 Wrestlemania 21 Vacates belt on 1/10/2005 because of sustaining multiple injuries
Kurt Angle(2) See notes 01/10/2006 Smackdown Wins belt by winning a 20-man battle royal, last eliminating Marc Henry
Rey Mysterio Kurt Angle 04/02/2006 Wrestlemania 22 Won in a triple threat match against Angle and Randy Orton
Booker T(6) Rey Mysterio 07/23/2006 Great American Bash  
Dave Batista(2) Booker T 11/26/2006 Survivor Series  
The Undertaker Dave Batista 04/01/2007 Wrestlemania 23  
Edge Undertaker 05/08/2007 Smackdown Edge is forced to vacate the belt on 07/17/2007 due to injury
Great Khali See Notes 07/17/2007 Smackdown Khali wins a 20 man battle royal to determine new champ
Dave Batista(3) Great Khali 09/16/2007 Unforgiven  
Edge(2) Dave Batista 12/16/2007 Armageddon  
The Undertaker(2) Edge 03/30/2008 Wrestlemania 24 Undertaker is stripped of the belt on 4/30/2008 from GM, Vickie Guerrero for continued use of illegal choke hold
Edge(3) Undertaker 06/01/2008 One Night Stand Edge & Undertaker wrestle for the vacant belt in a TLC match
CM Punk Edge 06/30/2008 RAW  
Chris Jericho(3) See notes 09/07/2008 Unforgiven CM Punk was scheduled to defend the belt in a 6 man Scramble match, but after a pre-match beatdown, Punk was incapacitated and removed from the match, though his belt still went up for grabs in the main event and was won by Chris Jericho.
Dave Batista(4) Chris Jericho 10/26/2008 Cyber Sunday  
Chris Jericho(4) Dave Batista 11/03/2008 RAW  
John Cena Chris Jericho 11/23/2008 Survivor Series  
Edge(4) John Cena 02/15/2009 No Way Out Belt was defended in a 6 man elimination chamber match with Edge, Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Chris Jericho and Mike Knox
John Cena(2) Edge 04/05/2009 Wrestlemania 25 Won in a triple threat match against Big Show and Edge
Edge(5) John Cena 04/26/2009 Backlash  
Jeff Hardy Edge 06/07/2009 Extreme Rules  
CM Punk(2) Jeff Hardy 06/07/2009 Extreme Rules  
Jeff Hardy(2) CM Punk 07/26/2009 Night of Champions  
CM Punk(3) Jeff Hardy 08/23/2009 Summerslam  
Undertaker(3) CM Punk 10/04/2009 Hell in a Cell  
Undertaker(3) CM Punk 10/04/2009 Hell in a Cell  
Chris Jericho(4) Undertaker 02/21/2010 Elimination Chamber  
Jack Swagger Chris Jericho 03/30/2010 Smackdown  
Rey Mysterio(2) Jack Swagger 06/20/2010 Fatal 4 Way  
Kane Rey Mysterio 07/18/2010 Money in the Bank  
Edge(6) Kane 12/19/2010 TLC  
Dolph Ziggler See Notes 02/15/2011 Smackdown Smackdown GM awards Dolph the title after ruling Edge used an illegal move in their match the previous week
Edge(7) Dolph Ziggler 02/15/2011 Smackdown MRI results force Edge to retire and he vacates the title on the 4/12/2011 episode of Smackdown
Christian Alberto Del Rio 05/01/2011 Extreme Rules Del Rio and Christian are named top contenders and compete for the title in a ladder match
Randy Orton(2) Christian 05/03/2011 Smackdown  
Christian(2) Randy Orton 07/17/2011 Money in the Bank  
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