Norman Smiley Brian Knobbs 11/21/1999 Mayhem Knobbs & Smiley were top 2 contenders and wrestled for belt
Brian Knobbs Norman Smiley 01/11/2000 Thunder  
Bam Bam Bigelow Brian Knobbs 02/07/2000 Nitro  
Brian Knobbs(2) Bam Bam Bigelow 02/20/2000 Superbrawl 10  
Evan Kariagious, Shannon More, and Shane Helms(3-Count) Brian Knobbs 02/28/2000 Nitro 3-Count wrestled Knobbs for the belt in a 3-Man handicap match and won it.
Brian Knobbs(3) 3-Count 03/19/2000 Uncensored Title declared vacant on 04/10/2000 by new WCW booking team.
Terry Funk Norman Smiley 04/16/2000 Spring Stampede Smiley & Funk were top 2 contenders for the title and wrestled for it.
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas Terry Funk 05/22/2000 Nitro
Terry Funk(2) Shane Douglas 05/23/2000 Thunder
Eric Bishoff Terry Funk 06/05/2000 Nitro Vacates the belt the next day
Big Vito   06/06/2000 Thunder Wins in a 3-way match between Johnny the Bull and The Wall
Lance Storm Big Vito 07/24/2000 Nitro  
Carl "The Rave" Oulette Lance Storm 08/14/2000 Nitro Storm gives the title to Oulette
Norman Smiley(2) Carl Oulette 08/14/2000 Nitro Stripped of title on 09/26/2000 for no shows
Reno A-Wall 10/02/2000 Nitro Originally A-Wall beat Reno in trnmnt final, but Mike Sanders reversed decision
Crowbar Reno 11/06/2000 Thunder  
Terry Funk(3) Crowbar 12/17/2000 Starrcade  
Meng Terry Funk 01/14/2001 Sin Vacates title on 01/17/2001 when he jumps ship to the WWF