NWA/WWF/WWE Womens Title History


NEW Champ Won From Date Event Notes
Fabulous Moolah Judy Grable 09/18/1956   Won a Tournament
Betty Boucher Fabulous Moolah 09/17/1966    
Fabulous Moolah(2) Betty Boucher ??/??/1966    
Yukiko Tomoe Fabulous Moolah 03/10/1968   Won Title in Japan, unrecognized in US as Womens champ
Fabulous Moolah(3) Yukiko Tomoe 04/02/1968   Won Title back while still in tour in Japan, return to US and WWF doesn't recognize Tomoe's title reign
Sue Green Fabulous Moohlah ??/??/1976   Green's title reign isn't recognized by WWF
Fabulous Moohlah(4) Sue Green ??/??/1976   WWF redraws from NWA in 1983 and buys the Women's World title from NWA, Moolah's now recognized as WWF Women's Champ
Wendi Richter Fabulous Moolah 07/23/1984    
Leilani Kai Wendi Richter 02/18/1985    
Wendi Richter(2) Leilani Kai 03/31/1985 Wrestlemania  
Fabulous Moolah(5) Wendi Richter 11/25/1985   Wins title as masked Spider Lady, unmasks after match
Velvet McIntyre Fabulous Moolah 07/03/1986    
Fabulous Moolah(6) Velvet McIntyre 07/09/1986    
Sherri Martel Fabulous Moolah 07/24/1987    
Rockin' Robin Sherri Martel 10/07/1988   Title Vacant in 1990 and becomes Inactive
Alundra Blaze Heidi Lee Morgan 12/13/1993   Won a tournament
Bull Nakano Alundra Blaze 11/20/1994    
Alundra Blaze(2) Bull Nakano 04/03/1995 RAW  
Bertha Faye Alundra Blaze 08/27/1995 Summerslam  
Alundra Blaze(3) Bertha Faye 10/23/1995 RAW Alundra is fired from WWF in 12/1995 after she trashes Womens Title on a live WCW telecast. Title becomes inactive in 01/1996
Jacquelyn Sable 09/15/1998 RAW Sable & Jacquelyn were considered top 2 contenders for Women Title and wrestled for it
Sable Jacquelyn 11/15/1998 Survivor Series  
Debra McMichaels Sable 05/10/1999 RAW Sable initially won the match, but WWF comissioner, Shawn Michaels reversed the decision
Ivory Debra McMichaels 06/08/1999 RAW  
Fabulous Moolah(7) Ivory 10/17/1999 No Mercy  
Ivory(2) Fabulous Moolah 10/25/1999 RAW  
Miss Kitty/The Cat Ivory 12/12/1999 Armageddon Won in a 4 women tornado elimination swimming pool evening gown match between Ivory, Jacquelyn, and B.B. Later changes her name to the Kat.
Harvey Wippleman The Kat 01/31/2000 RAW Won disguised as a lady under the alias of "Harvena."
Jacquelyn(2) Harvey Wippleman 02/01/2000 Smackdown  
Stephanie McMahon Jacquelyn 03/28/2000 Smackdown  
Lita Stephanie McMahon 08/21/2000 RAW  
Ivory(3) Lita 10/31/2000 Smackdown  
Chyna Ivory 04/01/2001 Wrestlemania 17 Vacates Title in 11/2001
Trish Stratus See Notes 11/18/2001 Survivor Series Won in a Six Pack Challenge Match between Ivory, Molly Holly, Jazz, Lita, and Jacquelyn
Jazz Trish Stratus 02/04/2002 RAW In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE Women's World Title"
Trish Stratus(2) Jazz 05/13/2002 RAW  
Molly Holly Trish Stratus 06/23/2002 King of the Ring  
Trish Stratus(3) Molly Holly 09/22/2002 Unforgiven  
Victoria Trish Stratus 11/17/2002 Survivor Series  
Trish Stratus(4) Victoria 03/30/2003 Wrestlemania 19  
Jazz(2) Trish Stratus 04/27/2003 Backlash  
Gail Kim Jazz 06/30/2003 RAW  
Molly Holly(2) Gail Kim 07/28/2003 RAW  
Victoria(2) Molly Holly 02/22/2004 RAW  
Trish Stratus(5) Victoria 06/13/2004 Badd Blood  
Lita(2) Trish Stratus 12/06/2004 RAW  
Trish Stratus(6) Lita 01/09/2005 New Year's Revolution  
Mickey James Trish Stratus 04/02/2006 Wrestlemania 22  
Lita(3) Mickie James 08/14/2006 RAW  
Trish Stratus(7) Lita 09/17/2006 Unforgiven Belt is immediately vacated due to Trish retiring after winning the belt
Lita(4) Mickie James 11/05/2006 Cyber Sunday Won the finals of an 8-woman tournament
Mickie James(2) Lita 11/26/2006 Survivor Series  
Melina Mickie James 02/19/2007 RAW  
Mickie James(3) Melina 04/24/2007    
Melina(2) Mickie James 04/24/2007    
Candice Michelle Melina 06/24/2007 Vengeance  
Beth Phoenix Candice Michelle 10/07/2007 No Mercy  
Mickie James(4) Beth Phoenix 04/14/2008 RAW  
Beth Phoenix(2) Mickie James 08/17/2008 Summerslam  
Melina(3) Beth Phoenix 01/25/2009 Royal Rumble  
Michelle McCool Melina 06/28/2009 The Bash  
Mickie James(5) Michelle McCool 01/31/2010 Royal Rumble  
Michelle McCool(2) Mickie James 02/26/2010 Smackdown  
Beth Phoenix(3) Michelle McCool 04/25/2010 Extreme Rules  
Layla & Michelle McCool(3) Beth Phoenix 05/11/2010 Smackdown Layla won in a triple threat match with Beth and McCool, but days later her partner, Michelle McCool claims to be co-holder of the championship with Layla. McCool goes on to unify the Women's belt with the Diva's belt on 09/19/2010 after defeating Melina
Natalya Neidhart Layla & Michelle McCool 11/21/2010 Survivor Series Won in a handicap match against Layla & McCool
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