WWE Tag Team Title History HISTORY


Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Edge & Rey Mysterio 10/20/2002 Vengeance Won the finals of an 8 team tournament
Edge & Rey Mysterio Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit 11/05/2002 Smackdown  
Eddie & Chavo, Los Guerroros Edge & Rey Mysterio 11/17/2002 Survivor Series  
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, Team Angle Los Guerroros 02/06/2003 Smackdown  
Eddie Guerrero(2) & Tajiri Team Angle 05/18/2003 Judgment Day  
Shelton Benjamin(2) & Charlie Haas(2), The Word's Greatest Tag Team Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri 07/03/2003 Smackdown  
Eddie(3) & Chavo(2), Los Guerroros The World's Greatest Tag Team 09/18/2003 Smackdown  
Danny & Doug, The Basham Brothers Los Guerroros 10/23/2003 Smackdown  
Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty The Basham Brothers 02/05/2004 Smackdown  
Rico & Charlie Haas(3) Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty 04/22/2004 Smackdown  
Bubba Ray & D-Von, The Dudley Boyz Rico & Charlie Haas 06/17/2004 Smackdown  
Billy Kidman & Paul London The Dudley Boyz 07/08/2004 Smackdown  
Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki Billy Kidman & Paul London 09/07/2004 Smackdown  
Rey Mysterio(2) & Rob Van Dam Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki 12/07/2004 Smackdown  
Danny(2) & Doug(2), The Basham Brothers Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam 01/11/2005 Smackdown  
Eddie Guerrero (4) & Rey Mysterio (3) The Basham Brothers 02/20/2005 No Way Out  
Mercury & Nitro, MnM Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio 04/18/2005 Smackdown  
Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich MnM 07/24/2005 Great American Bash  
Joey Mercury(2) & Johnny Nitro(2), MnM Animal & Heidenreich 10/25/2005 Smackdown  
Dave Batista & Rey Mysterio (4) MnM 12/13/2005 Smackdown  
Joey Mercury(3) & Johnny Nitro(3), MnM Dave Batista & Rey Mysterio 12/27/2005 Smackdown  
Paul London(2) & Brian Kendrick MnM 05/21/2006 Judgment Day  
Deuce & Domino Paul London & Brian Kendrick 04/17/2007 Smackdown  
"MVP" Montel Vontavious Porter & Matt Hardy Deuce & Domino 08/28/2007 Smackdown  
"The Miz" Mike Mizzanin & John Morrison(4) MVP & Matt Hardy 11/13/2007 Smackdown John Morrison use to be Johnny Nitro, thus why he is on his 4th title reign
Curt Hawkins & Zac Ryder Miz & Morrison 07/20/2008 Great American Bash Won in a 4 Way match against Miz & Morrison, Finlay & Hornswoggle, and Jesse & Festus
Carlito & Primo Colon Curt Hawkins & Zac Ryder 09/21/2008 Smackdown WWE Tag Team Belts are unified with World Tag Team Belts at Wrestlemania 25 after Carlito and Primo defeat The Miz and John Morrison for their World Tag Belts
Chris Jericho & Edge(2)/"Big Show" Paul Wight, JeriShow Carlito & Primo Colon 06/28/2009 The Bash Won in a triple threat match against the Colons and Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes. A few weeks into their title reign, Edge got injured and Big Show replaced Edge as Jericho's partner.
Shawn Michaels & "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley, D-Generation X Chris Jericho & Big Show 12/13/2009 TLC  
"The Miz" Mike Mizzanin(2) & "Big Show" Paul Wight(2), ShowMiz D-Generation X 02/09/2010 RAW Won in a triple threat match against DX and CM Punk & Luke Gallows
Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith, The Hart Dynasty ShowMiz 04/26/2010 RAW  
Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre Hart Dynasty 09/19/2010 RAW  
John Cena & David Otunga Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre 10/24/2010 Bragging Rights  
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel John Cena & David Otunga 10/25/2010 RAW  
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 12/06/2010 RAW  
Heath Slater(2) & Justin Gabriel(2) Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov 02/20/2011 Elimination Chamber  
John Cena(4) & "The Miz" Mike Mizannin(3) Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 02/21/2011 RAW  
Heath Slater(3) & Justin Gabriel(3) John Cena & The Miz 02/21/2011 RAW  
"Big Show" Paul Wight(3) & Kane Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel 04/19/2011 Smackdown  
David Otunga(2) & Michael McGillicutty Big Show & Kane 05/23/2011 RAW  

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