Harley Race   1975    
Johnny Valentine Harley Race 07/03/1975   Belt is Vacant after Valentine died in a plane crash on 10/04/1975
Terry Funk Paul Jones 11/09/1975   Won a 16-man Tournament
Paul Jones Terry Funk 11/1975    
Blackjack Mulligan Paul Jones 03/1976    
Paul Jones(2) Blackjack Mulligan 11/1976    
Blackjack Mulligan(2) Paul Jones 01/1977    
Bobo Brazil Blackjack Mulligan 1977    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair Bobo Brazil 07/29/1977    
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat Ric Flair 11/11/1977    
Blackjack Mulligan(3) Ricky Steamboat 02/1978    
"Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods Blackjack Mulligan 03/1978    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(2) Tim Woods 04/09/1978    
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat(2) Ric Flair 12/18/1978    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(3) Ricky Steamboat 04/01/1979   Vacates title after winning NWA Tag Titles on 08/12/1979
"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka Ricky Steamboat 09/01/1979   Won a Tournament
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(4) Jimmy Snuka 04/19/1980    
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine Ric Flair 07/26/1980    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(5) Greg Valentine 11/24/1980    
Rowdy Roddy Piper Ric Flair 01/27/1981    
Wahoo McDaniel Rowdy Roddy Piper 08/08/1981   Vactes the title in 09/1981 due to injury
Sgt. Slaughter Ricky Steamboat 10/04/1981   Won a Tournament
Wahoo McDaniel(2) Sgt Slaughter 05/21/1982    
Sgt. Slaughter(2) Wahoo McDaniel 06/07/1982    
Wahoo McDaniel(3) Sgt Slaughter 08/22/1982    
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine(2) Wahoo McDaniel 11/04/1982    
Rowdy Roddy Piper(2) Greg Valentine 04/16/1983    
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine(3) Rowdy Roddy Piper 05/01/1983    
Dick Slater Greg Valentine 12/14/1983    
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat(3) Dick Slater 04/21/1984    
Wahoo McDaniel(4) Ricky Steamboat 07/24/1984   Vacanted in 07/1984 because of Tully Blanchard's interference in the title change
Wahoo McDaniel(5) Manny Fernandez 10/07/1984   Won a Tournament
Magnum T.A. Wahoo McDaniel 03/23/1985    
Tully Blanchard Magnum T.A. 07/21/1985    
Magnum T.A.(2) Tully Blanchard 11/26/1987   Stripped on 05/29/1986 for attacking NWA President, Bob Geigel
Nikita Koloff Magnum T.A. 08/17/1986   Defeats Magnum T.A. in a best-of-7 Tournament; also defeats Wahoo McDaniel on 09/28/1986 to unify NWA National Heavyweight Title
Lex Luger Nikita Koloff 07/11/1987    
Dusty Rhodes Lex Luger 11/26/1987   Vacant on 04/15/1988 for attacking promoter, Jim Crockett
Barry Windham Nikita Koloff 05/13/1988   Won a Tournament
Lex Luger(2) Barry Windham 02/20/1989    
Michael P.S. Hayes Lex Luger 05/07/1989    
Lex Luger(3) Michael P.S.Hayes 05/22/1989    
Stan Hansen Lex Luger 10/27/1990    
Lex Luger(4) Stan Hansen 12/16/1990   Since NWA is no longer working as an organization title is referred to as US Title from 01/1991; also Lex Luger Vacates the World Title on 07/14/1991 after winning the WCW World Title
Sting Steve Austin 08/25/1991   Won a tournament
"Ravishing" Rick Rude Sting 11/19/1991   Vacates the title in 12/1992 because of injury
Dustin Rhodes Ricky Steamboat 01/11/1993   Won a tournament; also the title is vacant after fighting Rick Rude in 05/1993
Dustin Rhodes(2) Rick Rude 08/30/1993   Won in a rematch against Ruck Rude
"Stunning" Steve Austin Dustin Rhodes 12/27/1993 Starrcade  
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat Steve Austin 08/24/1994    
"Stunning" Steve Austin(2)   09/18/1994   Awarded when Steamboat was unable to defend
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Steve Austin 09/18/1994    
Vader Jim Duggan 12/27/1994   Stipped of title on 04/23/1995 by WCW Commisioner, Nick Bockwinkel
Sting(2) Meng 06/18/1995   Won a Tournament
Kensuke Sasaki Sting 11/13/1995    
One Man Gang   12/27/1995   Sasaki vacates the Title to one Man Gang after fighting him
Konnan One Man Gang 01/29/1996    
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(6) Konnan 07/07/1996 Bash at the Beach Vacant in 11/1996 due to injury
Eddie Gurrerro Diamond Dallas Page 12/29/1996 Starrcade Won a Tournament
Dean Malenko Eddie Gurrerro 03/16/1997    
Jeff Jarrett Dean Malenko 06/09/1997    
Steve "Mongo" McMichael Jeff Jarrett 08/21/1997    
Curt Hennig Steve McMichael 09/15/1997 Nitro  
Diamond Dallas Page Curt Hennig 12/28/1997 Starrcade  
Raven Diamond Dallas Page 04/19/1998 Spring Stampede  
Bill Goldberg Raven 04/20/1998 Nitro Goldberg vacates the title on 07/06/1998 after winning the WCW World Title
Bret "Hitman" Hart Diamond Dallas Page 07/20/1998 Nitro Hart and Page were considered the top 2 contenders for the title and wrestled for it
Lex Luger(5) Bret Hart 08/10/1998 Nitro  
Bret "Hitman" Hart(2) Lex Luger 08/13/1998 Thunder  
Diamond Dallas Page(2) Bret Hart 10/26/1998 Nitro  
Bret "Hitman" Hart(3) Diamond Dallas Page 11/30/1998 Nitro  
Rowdy Roddy Piper(3) Bret Hart 02/08/1999 Nitro  
Scott Hall Rowdy Roddy Piper 02/21/1999 Superbrawl 9 Stripped of title on 03/18/1999 by WCW President, Ric Flair
Scott Steiner Booker T 04/11/1999 Spring Stampede Won a tournament
David Flair   07/05/1999 Nitro Flair stripped the title from Steiner for not defending it withing 30 days and gives it to his son, David
Chris Benoit David Flair 08/09/1999 Nitro  
Sid Vicious Chris Benoit 09/12/1999 Fall Brawl  
Bill Goldberg(2) Sid Vicious 10/24/1999 Halloween Havoc  
Bret "Hitman" Hart(4) Bill Goldberg 10/25/1999 Nitro  
Scott Hall(2) See Notes 11/08/1999 Nitro Won in a 4-man tornado ladder match between Bret Hart, Sid Vicious, and Bill Goldberg
Chris Benoit(2) See Notes 12/19/1999 Starrcade Was suppose to face Hall for title at Starrcade, but Hall was injured and was stripped of the belt and it was awarded to Benoit
Jeff Jarrett(2) Chris Benoit 12/20/1999 Nitro Commisioner, Terry Funk strips Jarrett of the belt on 1/16/2000, but new commissioner, Kevin Nash awards Jarrett the belt back on 1/17/2000. Belt declared vacant on 04/10/2000 by new WCW Booking team.
Scott Steiner(2) Sting 04/16/2000 Nitro Wins a tournament, stripped of title on July 9, 2000 at the Bash at the Beach PPV event where he uses a banned submission move on Mike Awesome
Lance Storm Mike Awesome 07/18/2000 Nitro Wins a tournament
Terry Funk(2) Lance Storm 09/22/2000    
Lance Storm(2) Terry Funk 09/23/2000    
Hugh Morrus Lance Storm 10/29/2000 Halloween Havoc Won in a handicap match against Lance Storm and Jim Duggan where he pinned Duggan, he also won the title under the alias of "General Rection"
Lance Storm(3) Hugh Morrus 11/10/2000 Nitro  
Hugh Morrus(2) Lance Storm 11/26/2000 Mayhem  
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas Hugh Morrus 01/14/2001 Sin  
"Dogface Gremlin" Rick Steiner Shane Douglas 02/05/2001 Nitro  
Booker T Rick Steiner 03/18/2001 Greed  
Chris Kanyon Booker T 07/24/2001 Smackdown Booker T awarded Kanyon the belt
Yoshiri Tajiri Chris Kanyon 09/10/2001 RAW  
Rhyno Yoshiri Tajiri 09/23/2001 Unforgiven  
Kurt Angle Rhyno 10/22/2001 RAW  
Edge Kurt Angle 11/12/2001 RAW Unifies with WWF IC Title after winning it on 11/18/2001
Eddie Guerrero(2) Chris Benoit 07/27/2003 Vengeance This was a tournament finals match Eddie won the resurrected title
"Big Show" Paul Wight Eddie Gurrero 10/19/2003 No Mercy  
John Cena Big Show 03/14/2004 Wrestlemania 20 Stripped of title on 7/6/2004 for attacking Smackdown General Manager, Kurt Angle
Booker T(2) See notes 07/27/2004 Smackdown Won in an 8-man elimination match with Charlie Haas, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, Billy Gunn, Luther Reigns, John Cena, & Rob Van Dam
John Cena (2) Booker T 10/03/2004 No Mercy  
Carlito 'Caribbean' Cool John Cena 10/05/2004 Smackdown  
John Cena(3) Carlito Cool 11/16/2004 Smackdown  
Orlando Jordan John Cena 03/01/2005 Smackdown  
"Crippler" Chris Benoit (3) Orlando Jordan 08/21/2005 Summerslam  
Booker T(3) Chris Benoit 10/18/2005 Smackdown Belt is declared vacant on 11/21/2005 after a controversial finish with a match against Chris Benoit
Booker T(4) Chris Benoit 01/10/2006 Smackdown Wins a best of seven series against Benoit with Randy Orton substituting for Booker to finish the series
"Crippler" Chris Benoit (4) Booker T 02/19/2006 No Way Out  
Justin Bradshaw Layfield Chris Benoit 04/02/2006 Wrestlemania 22  
Bobby Lashley Justin Bradshaw Layfield 05/26/2006 Smackdown  
Fit Finlay Bobby Lashley 07/11/2006 Smackdown  
Ken Kennedy Fit Finlay 08/29/2006 Smackdown Wins in a triple threat against Finlay & Lashley
"Crippler" Chris Benoit(5) Ken Kennedy 10/10/2006 Smackdown  
"MVP" Montel Vontavious Porter Chris Benoit 05/20/2007 Judgment Day  
Matt Hardy MVP 04/27/2008 Backlash  
Shelton Benjamin Matt Hardy 07/20/2008 Great American Bash  
"MVP" Montel Vontavious Porter(2) Shelton Benjamin 03/17/2009 Smackdown  
Kofi Kingston MVP 06/01/2009 RAW  
"The Miz" Mike Mizzanin Kofi Kingston 10/06/2009 RAW  
Bret "Hitman" Hart(5) The Miz 05/17/2010 RAW Vacates title on 05/24/2010 when Bret becomes GM of RAW
R-Truth See Notes 05/24/2010 RAW New GM Bret Hart makes R-Truth and Miz wrestle for the newly vacated title
"The Miz" Mike Mizzanin(2) R-Truth 06/14/2010 RAW Wins in a Fatal 4 Way match against R-Truth, Zack Ryder and John Morrison
Daniel Bryan The Miz 09/19/2010 Night of Champions  
Sheamus Daniel Bryan 03/14/2011 RAW  
Kofi Kingston(2) Sheamus 05/01/2011 Extreme Rules  
Dolph Ziggler Kofi Kingston 06/19/2011 Capitol Punishment