Mark Youngblood Dick Slater 03/07/1984    
Tully Blanchard Mark Youngblood 05/1984    
Dusty Rhodes Tully Blacnhard 03/16/1985    
Arn Anderson Wahoo McDaniel 01/04/1986    
Dusty Rhodes(2) Arn Anderson 09/09/1986    
Tully Blanchard(2) Dusty Rhodes 11/27/1986 Starrcade  
Nikita Koloff Tully Blanchard 08/17/1987  
Mike Rotunda Nikita Koloff 01/26/1988    
Rick Steiner Mike Rotunda 12/26/1988    
Mike Rotunda(2) Rick Steiner 02/20/1989    
Sting Mike Rotunda 03/31/1989    
The Great Muta Sting 09/03/1989    
Arn Anderson(2) The Great Muta 01/01/1990    
Tom Zenk Arn Anderson 12/04/1990    
Arn Anderson(3) Tom Zenk 01/07/1991    
Bobby Beaton Arn Anderson 05/19/1991    
Steve Austin Bobby Eaton 06/03/1991    
Barry Windham Steve Austin 04/27/1992    
Steve Austin(2) Barry Windham 05/23/1992    
Ricky Steamboat Steve Austin 09/02/1992    
Scott Steiner Ricky Steamboat 09/29/1992    
Paul Orndorff Erik Watts 03/02/1993    
Ricky Steamboat(2) Paul Orndorff 08/18/1993    
Lord Steven Regal Ricky Steamboat 09/19/1993    
Larry Zybysko Lord Steven Regal 05/02/1994    
Lord Steven Regal(2) Larry Zybysko 06/23/1994    
Johnny B. Badd Lord Steven Regal 09/18/1994    
Arn Anderson(4) Johnny B. Badd 01/08/1995    
Renegade Arn Anderson 06/18/1995    
Diamond Dallas Page Renegade 09/17/1995    
Johnny B. Badd(2) Diamond Dallas Page 10/29/1995    
Lex Luger Johnny B. Badd 02/17/1996    
Johnny B. Badd(3) Lex Luger 02/18/1996    
Lex Luger(2) Johnny B. Badd 03/06/1996    
Lord Steven Regal(3) Lex Luger 08/20/1996    
Prince Iaukea Lord Steven Regal 02/17/1997 Nitro  
Ultimo Dragon Prince Iaukea 04/07/1997    
Lord Steven Regal(4) Ultimo Dragon 05/18/1997    
Ultimo Dragon(2) Lord Steven Regal 07/22/1997    
Alex Wright Ultimo Dragon 08/21/1997    
Disco Infeno Alex Wright 09/22/1997    
Perry Saturn Disco Inferno 11/03/1997 Nitro  
Disco Inferno(2) Perry Saturn 12/08/1997 Nitro  
Booker T Disco Inferno 12/29/1997 Nitro  
Rick Martel Booker T 02/16/1998 Nitro  
Booker T(2) Rick Martel 02/22/1998 Superbrawl 8  
Chris Benoit Booker T 04/30/1998    
Booker T(3) Chris Benoit 05/01/1998    
Chris Benoit(2) Booker T 05/02/1998    
Booker T(4) Chris Benoit 05/03/1998    
Fit Finlay Booker T 05/04/1998 Nitro  
Booker T(5) Fit Finlay 06/14/1998 Great American Bash Booker T is injured and his brother, Stevie Ray starts defending the title on Booker's behalf.
Chris Jericho Stevie Ray 08/10/1998 Nitro  
Konnan Chris Jericho 11/30/1998 Nitro  
Scott Steiner(2) Konnan 12/28/1998 Nitro  
Booker T(6) Scott Steiner 03/13/1999 Superbrawl 9  
Rick Steiner(2) Booker T 05/09/1999 Slamboree  
Chris Benoit(3) Rick Steiner 09/12/1999 Nitro  
Rick Steiner(3) Chris Benoit 10/24/1999 Halloween Havoc Stripped of belt on 11/21/1999 due to injury
Scott Hall WCW Executive Board 11/21/1999 Mayhem Is awarded belt by WCW Executive Board, trashes belt the next day on Nitro
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan   02/16/2000 Satrday Night Says he found the belt in a trash can and proclaims himself the new WCW TV Champ.Title declared vacant on 04/10/2000 by new WCW booking team.