Brian Pillman Ricky Morton 10/27/1991   Won a Tournament
Jushin Thunder Liger Brian Pillman 12/25/1991    
Brian Pillman(2) Jushin Thunder Liger 02/29/1992    
Scotty Flamingo Brian Pillman 06/20/1992    
Brad Armstrong Scotty Flamingo 07/05/1992   Title vacated on 09/02/1992 due to injury. The scheduled Tournament laster that month was postponed and never happened, title was inactive from 09/1992 to 03/1996
Shinjiro Ohtani Wild Pegasus 03/20/1996   Won a Tournament
Dean Malenko Shinjiro Ohtani 05/02/1996    
Rey Mysterio Jr. Dean Malenko 07/08/1996   Title vacant in 10/1997 due to injury
Dean Malenko(2)   10/27/1996 Halloween Havoc Won a Tournament
Ultimo Dragon Dean Malenko 12/29/1996 Starrcade  
Dean Malenko(3) Ultimo Dragon 01/21/1997 Clash of the Champions  
Syxx Dean Malenko 02/23/1997 Superbrawl 7  
Chris Jericho Syxx 06/28/1997    
Alex Wright Chris Jericho 07/28/1997    
Chris Jericho(2) Alex Wright 08/28/1997 Nitro  
Eddy Gurrerro Chris Jericho 09/14/1997    
Rey Mysterio Jr.(2) Eddy Gurrerro 10/26/1997 Halloween Havoc  
Eddy Gurrerro(2) Rey Mysterio Jr 11/10/1997 Nitro  
Ultimo Dragon(2) Eddy Gurrerro 12/29/1997 Nitro  
Juventud Gurrerra Ultimo Dragon 01/08/1998 Thunder  
Rey Mysterio Jr.(3) Juventud Gurrerra 01/15/1998 Thunder  
Chris Jericho(3) Rey Mysterio Jr 01/24/1998 Souled Out  
Dean Malenko(4) Chris Jericho 05/24/1998 Slamboree  
Chris Jericho(4)   06/14/1998 Nitro Awarded after Jericho pointed out Malenko wasn't suppose to be his opponent when he lost the belt
Juventud Gurrerra(2) Chris Jericho 08/08/1998 Road Wild  
Billy Kidman Juventud Gurrerra 09/14/1998 Nitro  
Juventud Gurrerra(3) Billy Kidman 11/16/1998 Nitro  
Billy Kidman(2) Juventud Gurrerra 11/22/1998 World War 3  
Rey Mysterio Jr.(4) Billy Kidman 03/15/1999 Nitro  
Phycosis See Notes 04/19/1999 Nitro Won title in a 4 man tornado match between Rey Mysterio Jr., Blitzkreig, and Juventud Gurrerra
Rey Mysterio Jr.(5) Phycosis 04/26/1999 Nitro  
Lenny Lane Rey Mysterio Jr. 08/19/1999 Thunder  
Phycosis(2)   10/09/1999 Nitro WCW banned Lenny Lane from WCW TV due to his controversial gimmick and awarded the Title to Phycosis
Disco Inferno Phycosis 10/11/1999 Nitro  
Evan Karagious Disco Inferno 11/21/1999 Mayhem  
Madusa Evan Karagious 12/19/1999 Starrcade  
Oklahoma(Ed Ferrerra) Madusa 01/16/2000 Souled Out Oklahoma forfeits the title on 1/18/2000 proclaiming himself the greatest Cruiserweight Champ Ever!
The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea Lash LeRoux 02/20/2000 SuperBrawl 10 Won a tournament.
Billy Kidman(3) Prince Iaukea 03/30/2000    
The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea(2) Billy Kidman 03/31/2000   Title declared vacant on 04/10/2000 by new WCW booking team.
Chris Candido See Notes 04/16/2000 Spring Stampede Won a 6 man suicide match between, Crowbar, Shannon More, The Artist, Las LeRoux, and Juventud Gurrerra
Daphne & Crowbar Chris Candido 05/15/2000 Nitro Won in a mixed tag team match between Daphne & Crowbar against Chris Candido & Tammy Lynn Sytch
Chavo Gurrerro Jr. Daphne 06/06/2000 Thunder Won under the persona of Lietanant Loco
Lance Storm Chavo Gurrerro Jr. 07/31/2000 Nitro Won under the persona of Lietanant Loco
"Prime Time" Elix Skipper Lance Storm 08/14/2000 Nitro Storm gives the title to Skipper
"Above Average" Mike Sanders Elix Skipper 10/02/2000 Nitro Won in a handicap match where it was Skipper against Snaders and Kevin Nash
Chavo Gurrerro Jr.(2) Mike Sanders 12/05/2000 Thunder  
Shane Helms Chavo Gurrerro Jr. 03/18/2001 Greed  
Billy Kidman(4) Shane Helms 07/03/2001 Smackdown  
X-Pac(2) Billy Kidman 07/30/2001 RAW X-Pac use to be Syxx, "unifies" the Cruiserweight and WWF Light HW Title by defeating Kidman
Billy Kidman(5) X-Pac 10/09/2001 Smackdown  
Yoshiri Tajiri Billy Kidman 10/22/2001 RAW Recognized as "WWF Cruiserweight Title" from 11/2001 on
Billy Kidman(6) Yoshiri Tajiri 04/02/2002 Smackdown  
Yoshiri Tajiri(2) Billy Kidman 04/21/2002 Backlash In 05/2002, when WWF changes name to WWE, it causes this belt to be recognized as" WWE Cruiserweight Title"
Hurricane Helms(2) Yoshiri Tajiri 05/14/2002 Smackdown Hurricane Helms use to be Shane Helms
Jamie Knoble Hurricane Helms 06/23/2002 King of the RIng