Just a quick note, all these replays were played in Brood War over And in all of these replays I play by the handle "GFgruel." I also tend to have some of friends play with me, and you might notice a few of them in the replays. And these are their handles:


Feel free to add me to your buddy list also, by simply keying in the following command on
/f add GFgruel

........And now onto the replays, I'll organize the replays by what type of game is being played, or if it's being played on a certain map, along with a brief description of each replay.

IMPORTANT: For most Operating Systems, make sure to save these replays into the following directory or they will not load:
C:/Program Files/Starcraft/maps/replays/

Shared Bases
Yeah, I love this Shared Bases map, and it is one of my favorites to play on. If you haven't played on it yet, it's designed as a 6 player map with 3 vs 3 team play. It's top vs. bottom on map with allies starting next to each other on the very top or bottom of the map. And this map has the concept of each team starting with complete control of the top or bottom of the map, with only one main land choke to cross over. It's very fun to play and if you watch these replays you'll see what I'm talking about.

Replay Name: gamewithrichwewon.rep
Description: Me and my friend Rich (kn1gh7Scorn) are teaming up with MegaLord2 against shinobiskillz, !xeen!, and morbius as seen during the replay. We start off with a strong advantage, but they end up holding us off with our rush tactics after we break into their top half of the map. So then we pull out the magic which helps us out in the end in a very interesting way. Just click on the replay file name above to start the download.

Replay Name: 3v3sharedsquash.rep
Description: Here's a prime example on how we want all games like this to go in our favor. My partners in here are sunny522 & darkstone-rw- and we are going against Imguna_killyou, kathy13, & Neo_Transeau. In here is a fast and simple game where after gigantic land battle skirmish in the middle choke is won by my team, we prance our way to victory. Just click on the replay file name above to start the download.

Big Game Hunters
Everyone should know what this map is like because it is one of the most popular ones played on It's designed for expanding to other mineral patces so you don't run out, but there are mostly "money" and "0 clutter" maps around that make it so you'll never run out of minerals. This map can be played with up to 8 players, but the most common forms of play are 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 team play. Though other combinations are also seen like 4 vs 4, Free For All's, and multiple team play where three or four teams of 2 go at it simultaneously.

Replay Name: 3v3bghwithjosh.rep
Description: In this round of 3 vs 3 team play on the Big Game Hunters map, it is me, my friend Josh (jinnai_swarm) and DimeBagz-THC- on a team against rukkist, jacthese, and yengxiong. It's just a regular game, but yengxiong "supposedly" allied with us thinking he was on our team, but we knew he was just trying to lead us on by trying to let the other team know what we were doing. It's a very even game until the first elimination and srongly recommended to download. Click the replay file name above to start the download.

Replay Name: 3playerffawithjoshbackstab.rep
Description: This was supposedly a "free for all" game in a melee settings game with my friend Josh (jinnai_swarm). And we were on a team against this -='f'=- fellow and we didn't want to let him know we were on a team the whole time, so we just told him it was all for all. And to fool him into thinking so, you'll see Josh (who's terran) just barely connect with a couple of nukes on me. But in the end we got rid of him in a great battle where he nearly defeated us with some smart zerg tactics. And he still didn't catch on that we were on a team the whole time. Just click on the replay file name above to start the download.

Replay Name: 2v2v2v2.rep
Description: Yes this is one of those zany multiple team play match ups. My partner in here is grim-666. I'm too lazy to name all the other teams and players in this match up, but you'll figure it out at the beginning. Disconnects and rushes end a couple of players in the early going, but me and my ally make it until the end in a weird fashion. Click on the replay file name above to start the download.

Replay Name: 2v2v2v2disconnect.rep
Description: Here's another 2 vs 2 vs 2vs 2 match up, with my partner here being silent_killer. We were both doing great, and a couple of teams ended up getting eliminated until I unfortunately got disconnected. :( Still some great action and tactics are seen that you cannot miss. Just click the replay file name above to start the download.

Fastest $$ Map Ever
This is just a basic no expansion map. Designed for up to eight players, and each player has their own big chunk of land, and huge chock leading to a huge middle. Simple as that.

Replay Name: 4v4mejoshcharleyedo.rep
Description: This is a game where just all my Starcraft buddies decided to get together for one monster of a game. We did a 4 vs. 4 setting, but me and jinnai_swarm were on a team with two comps, and leaving us to fend off the team of three friends and a computer player: edopode, CreepingCharly, and Ifoundgoldbug. So you'd think with 2 actual humans vs. 3 humans the odds were stacked against us? Well, just click the replay file name to start the download and watch our amazing victory.

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