WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling
System: Super Nintendo
Publisher & Developer: FCI
Released: 1993
Genre: Pro Wrestling
Capabilities: none

Review Written: August 1999

********REVIEW CONTEST REVIEW***********

Graphics: 7: The ring looks decent with a unique diamond view. The wrestlers are animated good and they look like their real life counterparts. The wrestler selection screen is done well with the wrestlers all posing simultaneously.

Sound: 6: Sound is pretty average. There is a background music that does get annoying after a while, but you really don't pay much attention to it because of all the action in the ring.

Gameplay: 6: There is not a variety of modes with there only being singles, tag team, and world title championship. There are 3 difficulty levels: TV Title, US Title, World Title(I.E. easy, medium, hard). There is 12 wrestlers to choose from: Dustin Rhodes, Johnny B. Badd, Ron Simmons, Rick Rude, Barry Windham, Big Van Vader, Ric Flair, Sting, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Brian Pillman, and Ricky Steamboat. Game play in the ring is kinda weird, because you don't perform moves off a grapple, but instead you just press a button by the wrestler and he'll do a move. It's kinda hard against the computer because they'll just pull off a move before you even know it. You can do wrestlers finishers, and every time you do one, an animated portrait you see on the selection screen pops up during game play.

Replay Value: 6: There is a 2-player mode where you can duke it out in singles and tag team mode, or team up in tag mode to take on the computer. Once you beat the game's championship in 1-player mode, there's really no need to play it again unless you want to beat it on a different difficulty level.

Overall: 6: Don't buy the game for the 1-player mode, because it gets boring really fast. If you have a friend you may want to consider getting the game for its 2-player mode. You might want to get this game also because it was the only WCW game on 16-bit format. Why? WCW wasn't as popular at the time. The game is pretty decent overall so it's up to you to buy the game.

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