System: Super Nintendo
Publisher & Developer: Data East Inc.
Released: 1993
Genre: Action/RPG
Capabilities: Battery Backed Memory

Ahhh, Shadowrun, one of my all time favorites. The above pics are of the main menu, and a shot during game play. Picture Credit: The Video Game Museum(

Review Written: August 1999

************REVIEW CONTEST REVIEW***********

Graphics: 9: The game had a face for every character in the game. All the characters looked very good during game play too. You got 3/4 view of the game(You know, like the one in Super Mario RPG) and all areas of the game look great.

Sound: 9: The game had really kicking background music. All the sound effects were done nicely from the gunshots to the death groans.

Game play: 10: You start off at the morgue where morticians thought you're dead from gang warfare, but you weren't. You go through the game and the main thing is to get rid of this villain guy called Drake. You run through a lot of different sub-quests along the way like killing a vampire and trying to make enough money in the arena to get a bomb out of your head before it blows up, you also can use special cyberware, to go inside a computer and grab special data. You can hire other shadow runners to join your quest, but they'll only stay with you for a little while. There is one Shadow runner that'll stay with you forever, but she's more of a magic user instead of a fighter, and if she dies you can go back and hire her again from where you found her. Instead of experience points, like in other RPGs, this game has Karma after you kill special bosses or gangsters. You use the karma to upgrade your strength, leadership, negotiating, firearm and computer skills. You got money, called nuyen in this game, from everybody you kill and you can use it to by armor, and better guns.

Replay Value: 10: The game has two save slots so you can pick up and play where you left off anytime you want. And once you finish the game you can play it again and find out all the little secrets in the game too.

Overall: 10: This is my favorite RPG of all the RPG's on the market. The storyline is new, unlike in most of the other RPGs where the time is in the past. If you're an RPG fan(and the Super Nintendo is system that is King of RPG's(FF 3, Ogre Battle, Super Mario RPG, Etc.)) you have to get this game!

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