System: Playstation 2
Publisher: Sega
Developer: UGA
Released: January 10, 2002
Genre: Shooter
Capabilities: Memory Card, Vibration Function

Review Written: January 20, 2002

The Game

Rez is a very unique game in which the best way I can describe by labeling it a “cracked out shooter.” Sega and UGA team up to deliver a one of a kind title to the PS2, but will it manage to capture us by surprise, or fade away like most other recent PS2 titles? Let’s get onto the review and find out.

The Story

Rez is set inside a vast network of computer information, where the main computer intelligence realizes it is too perfect for its own good and decides to shut itself down. So it is up to you to hack into the network and save it from terminating itself.


The graphics are very unique in Rez. When I first saw this game in action, it reminded me of a lot of the wire frame Virtual Boy games like Red Alarm and 3D Tetris. That’s how the core of the graphics engine is to me, but since this is the PS2, just fill up all the boxes with a vast variety of colors and get this game moving at an amazing pace, and you feel like you are inside of a computer. Now, lots of people might get impressions of how simple these graphics are at first, but they have to understand that the developers at UGA were trying to pull off an environment that looks like you were inside of a computer. And in my opinion, I think they did a perfect job, and even excelled at points; just imagine movies about computers that show how they “hack” into a computer like Swordfish, and Hackers. That is pretty much how that game looks and runs, but a lot faster. This game runs so fast that you’ll find yourself taking breaks just so you don’t get a headache. I also must say that I am very impressed about how there is virtually no flickering or choppiness at all during this insanely fast game play.


Sound is another work of wonders that the programmers should deserve an award for in this title. Usually I separate the sound effects and background music when describing them in my reviews, but in this scenario it is a bit different. The main background music is some kind of trance/dance type of music which has a futuristic feel to it, and the tone of music fits the flow of action in the game. A very interesting feature in the game is the ability to mix the sound effects with the background music. Whenever you shoot to blast an enemy, it makes a noise, do multiple enemies and you start to get a little rhythm mixing in with the background music, which combines into one great beat. I find this particular formula for music very appealing and easy to listen to.

Game play

Rez is a shooter at the core, and it controls a lot like the first Panzer Dragoon for the Saturn. You have your main grid which controls the directions of your shots fired so you can easily knock out your enemies, and by holding down X you can lock on to multiple foes at once so you can take them out with one blast, There are four basic levels in the game, each which consist of ten layers. Each layer takes about a minute to go through, and you have to fully analyze each layer in order to advance to the latter areas. After you get past the ten layers you have to face a boss which is pretty easy to beat if you know its weakness. This unique style of game play seemed confusing to me at first, but as soon as I knew it, I was addicted and finding myself playing the areas over and over so I can fully analyze all the areas and move onto the next one.

Replay Value

The only mode available to you is the games main story mode, but once you get everything cleared at 100%, you will find some more hidden goodies and other specialty single player modes for you to tinker around with. Too bad the game couldn’t of came up with some kind of two player mode to enhance the life span, but you’ll probably be finding yourself coming back to this game over and over to experience the trip you get playing it.

In Brief

+: Amazing graphics and sound, addicting game play, mixing sound effects with the music is fun to do

-: Not a whole lot of extra modes, You’ll find yourself taking breaks from the fast game play

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 9.9
Sound: 9.7
Game play: 8.6
Replay Value: 5.7

Overall: 8.4

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 8


Rez is one hell of a ride that you will enjoy while you play through the whole game. It features graphics and sound that very few other games have dared to step into on the console market, and the combination proves successful. The game would’ve been near perfect if it could’ve had a few more modes. If you’re a big fan of shooters, make sure to pick this one up, if not, make sure to at least rent this game so you don’t get left out on an experience you don’t want to miss. Let’s all hope Sega dishes out a sequel soon.

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