Onimusha Warlords
System: Playstation 2
Publisher & Developer: Capcom
Released: 2001
Genre: Adventure
Capabilities: Memory Card & Vibration Feedback Compatible

Review Written: June 6, 2001

The Game

This is only Capcom’s second game they made for the Playstation 2. The last one was Street Fighter EX plus Alpha 3. This game is a single player adventure which uses the engine from it’s hit, Resident Evil, series of games. And just a bit of forewarning which is, reviews for these single player games are my pet peeve, so if you find this review to have less quality than my other one’s, now you know why.

The Story

Japan is in that one stage of history where there’s frequent wars to get control of the island, oh yes, the feudal age. Any ways, in the midst of these wars the princess, Yukihime, is kidnapped, and one brave hero, Samanosuke, decides to go out and rescue her. Pretty unique story here, and from now on I’m just referring the two characters mentioned above will be referred to as the hero and princess, since I hate spelling those Japanese names.


Wow, the opening FMV in here is great, which showcases many warriors in the heat of battle on a field. The engine used in here is from the Resident Evil series, where you get 3-D stills for backgrounds, and as you move you progress through other backgrounds and so on. At first, these types of backgrounds annoyed me, but after I while they started to grow on me, and I adapted to them. They look great any ways, looks like a beautiful 3-D rendered piece or art that came right out of someone’s house. The animation for all the characters and special effects is great too. Capcom made sure you’ll see all sword slashes, body movements, and bloody gore in this game. Everything moves at a steady frame rate with no slowdown, and the game mixes in sub screens during your quest, ala Zelda, which show your items, maps, etc. The only problem I got is that the constantly changing stills in the background, may accidentally hide your average villain in the game, and before you know it, you’ll be slashed from behind.


Not much for music here during game play. If they could’ve brought the awesome band, Everclear, to throw in some Santa Monica for some background music, everything would be Wonderful now. And what if Capcom got the controversial band, Limp Bizcut, to do some tunes? I’m sure if they did, everything would’ve been Rollin’ along smoothly now. As far as sound effects go, it’s the good standard stuff you get from Capcom. Everything they do here gets the job done fine.

Game play

Ok, now this is the part I hate about the Capcom 3-D adventure games. And it’s there stinking controls. You know, where you “adjust” your character with the left and right part of the control pad, and move them forward or backward in that direction with the up or down part of the control pad? Yes, folks, several years after the first Resident Evil, Capcom still hasn’t learned of Analog Control. Capcom loyalists say “Oh, it’s Tradition...” and as the Rock would say, “It doesn’t matter if it’s tradition!” Capcom could’ve easily stuck both their crappy movement configuration with the control pad, and 3-D analog movement in there simultaneously. But no, Capcom just has to be the jerks that they are and not do that.

As for the actual game playing goes. It’s pretty simple, once you get past the horrid movement controls. You defeat demons in the game, and absorb their souls with a special gauntlet. There are different kind of souls. Special colors of ones increase your health, vitality, etc. You use the souls at special enchanted mirrors (save points) to level up your sword and other items. Along as you go you interact with other characters among the storyline, and make new alliances. You also solve lots of other puzzles like Riddle Boxes for an example. All of these puzzles and other side quests are vital to complete in order to beat the game, but I find them boring and tedious, and a lot of those dang puzzles contain useless items you can do without in your journey.

Replay Value

Well, all the side quests and other puzzles in the game do add a bit of replay to the game. There’s also many other hidden items throughout the game for you to find. But once you beat the game a couple of times, you’re pretty much through with this game, like most other single player games.

In Brief

+: Spectacular Graphics, lots of mazes and useless puzzles for your disposal

-: “Traditional Controls” are still the only option here, No Everclear (not the drink, mind you)

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 9.0
Sound: 4.3
Game play: 3.2
Replay Value: 1.3

Overall: 4.4

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 4


Gosh, I hate this game. Make sure to tell me when Capcom finally decides to include 3-D Analog Controls in there adventure games. Otherwise, unless you’re one of those adventure addicts or Capcom loyalists, I recommend to stay away from this game.

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