System: Playstation
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Gremlin
Released: 1995
Genre: Action
Capabilities: Memory Card Compatible

Review Originally Written: 1999
Review Revised: March 20, 2002

The Game

Anyone remember the old Smash TV games? Yes, the great overhead style game where you shoot up as many bad guys as you can. Now a game just like it is now on the Playstation called Loaded. This is a first generation PSX game, but will that get in the way of this game capitalizing on Smash TV’s success? Let’s get onto the review to find out.


Just think of Super Smash TV for the SNES, but with a bit more polish to the visuals, and that’s you got here. You have an overhead view for most of game play, and all characters and items on screen have a simple look to them. All the animations and explosions have a little more flash to them, and that’s the only detail that’s been improved from enhancing this game from 16-bit to 32-bit. You have to remember though, this is a first generation Playstation game, so don’t expect to be wowed.


Don’t expect the sound to be any better either, even though the game is on CD format, that doesn’t mean too much for this game. All you get for background music is a set of tunes that sound like they came right out of a broken toilet. The only thing that’s decent in the audio department is the sound effects, where all the gun fire, bombs, and so on sound the way you want them to.

Game play

The controls are fairly simple. Since this game came out before there was analog control for the PSX, you use the control pad to walk around. The game doesn’t make use of even half of the buttons on the controller, only using the main ones to fire your weapons, and secondary weapons. The game play is a lot alike Smash TV, where you go around various mazes, shooting up as many bad guys as possible. Along your way there are power ups to be found to improve your weapons and score, for one of the six characters in the game.

Replay Value

The game is two player, so you and a friend can team up in this game. The game doesn’t take that long to beat it; about several hours. So once you beat it, you probably won’t find yourself trying to play this game all too much in the future.

In Brief

+: Classic Smash TV type action, Can get addicting

-: Simple graphics and sound, not much replay value

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 5.5
Sound: 4.0
Game play: 6.4
Replay Value: 2.7

Overall: 4.6

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 5


This game is fun to play for a while, especially when you play with a friend. But after a few days, you’ll grow tired of it. Just give Loaded a rent if you can still find it, or buy it if you happen to run across it in the bargain bin.

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