Snowboard Kids
System: Nintendo 64
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Racdym
Released: 1998
Genre: Snowboarding
Capabilities: Controller & Rumble Pak Compatible

The Game

Just combine Mario Kart 64 & 1080 Snowboarding and you'll know what I mean, and in case you don't, you use a variety of kiddy characters, and race on snowboards on various tracks, plus there's other various weapons you can use during game play to attack other players.


Well, all the characters look nice, although a lot on the kiddy side, with most having spiked hair and oversized goggles. The tracks you race on look great too, all the environments look surprisingly realistic, with snow lifts, and mountains, and really bright and easy to make out. And unlike other snowboarding games, there isn’t that much fog. Just about everything is easy to make out and nothing distracts you from playing the game. The menus are easy to navigate with very few menus to go through before hopping into a race. There is virtually no slowdown at all in the game, even with four windows, all with intense action, going at once. There really isn’t anything negative to point out about the visuals, except that they are a little bit on the simple side, and can be easily pulled off on the Playstation.


You got a kiddie voice at the intro that says the name of the game, and that same kiddie voice is used to call out all your selections throughout the game such as the character you pick, and the boards you select, as with most snowboarding games, the sound effects are well done, but the weapon sound effects are bland and plain with simple scratching noises, but that really doesn't matter. The background music is all right, but not the greatest, and that kiddie voice gets awfully annoying right away, but I guess it does a great job at giving a kiddie theme to the game.

Game play

You race on a variety of courses, each one using different themes like one course is set with Christmas type decorations like Santa Clause and elves, and another being a candy land type theme park. During the race you can use weapons to stun your opponents, ala Mario Kart. You can choose from 4 different characters, you can also unlock a hidden ninja after you beat the game, and can choose from 3 different boards, each with different attributes in control, speed, and handling. Any ways you race downhill and try to finish all the races in first place. Most snowboarding games are usually simulation based, but unlike most this game goes more toward the arcade style and you can use weapons to stun your other opponents and knock them off course. For most snowboarding games you just race to the end of the track and it's over, right? Well, not in this case, where there are several laps per track, and when you get to the end of the track, you go on a ski lift to take you back to start your next lap.

For some of the game's bad parts when you start to learn the game it's real hard to steer your board, no matter what the attribute is, so it's just a tad frustrating in the beginning of the game, plus the look of the characters won't appeal to older gamers with their very kiddie feel. And I don’t think this bothered me, but where you gotta wait about 7 to 10 seconds to get on the ski lift to get you to the beginning of the next lap might frustrate some gamers.

Replay Value

There's a multi player mode where up to 4 players can play at once, this is real fun especially when you're playing with your friends! The one-player mode isn't that much fun and is easy to beat, and I found myself done with it within a couple of hours, so if you're looking for some long single player championship/story mode, you won't be interested in the depth of it. .

In Brief

+: Game play is fun, great multi player action, nice use of weapons

-: Handling can be a bit on the tricky side, Characters and sound give off a very kiddie appeal to the game

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 8.0
Sound: 7.4
Game play: 8.2
Replay Value: 6.2

Overall: 7.4

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 7


A fun game that most Mario Kart fans will like, aside from a bit of handling problems, this game is really fun to play, but for those who are all “anti-kiddy” then you will more than likely stay away from this game. Better rent it first.