The New Tetris
System: Nintendo 64
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: H20
Released: 1999
Genre: Puzzle
Capabilities: Controller Pak Compatible

Review Written: August 1999

********REVIEW CONTEST REVIEW***********

Graphics: 10: This is just regular Tetris with simple graphics. The blocks look like they do on any other Tetris game. There is a nice opening cinematic sequence for the New Tetris. In addition there are really neat backgrounds in one player mode. I really like the concept of the seven wonders of the world being built of tetrads.

Sound: 10: The game provides several background music tracks (these seem to be a tradition in Tetris games) plus seven more you unlock by completing the seven wonders of the world.

Game play: 10: there are only very few things new in The New Tetris. You can make Mono or Multi squares by either constructing a 4x4 square of four of the same tetrads or four different tetrads, and if you complete lines with these tetrads you add bonus lines to your score. There is also some different type of modes in The New Tetris. There is Marathon(just like A-type in the old Tetris games) where you see how long you can last before you break the top of the drop box. Then there's Ultra mode where you see how fast you can clear 150 lines(Mulit and Mono-squares really improve your time here). And finally there's Sprint mode where you see how many lines you can clear in three minutes. All these modes can be played by one to four players which is really fun. There is also a new shadow piece that shows where your tetrad is going to land while you still have it at the top of the drop box, I found this option really helpful, but my sister didn't like it all and wanted to turn this option off, but you can't. The game also saves how many lines you completed in total and after you complete so many lines you complete a wonder that’s built completely out of Tetrads.

Replay Value: 10: I still play 2-player Tetris on Game Boy and with 4-player Tetris I'll be playing this game all the time with my friends. The game also adds some challenge by collecting those thousands of lines to complete the seven wonders.

Overall: 10: The game is regular Tetris, with a couple of additions, at it's best. Definitely add this game to your Tetris collection. Puzzle games seem to never fail on the N64(i.e. Wetrix, Tetrisphere, Bust-a-Move 2, Bust-a-Move '99). I wish there could've been more stuff added to it though and I feel like calling this game "Tetris '99" instead of "The New Tetris."

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