Aerofighters Assault
System: Nintendo 64
Publisher: Video System
Developer: Paradigm Entertainment
Released: 1998
Genre: Extreme Sports (Snowboarding)
Capabilities: Controller Pak & Rumble Pak Compatible

Review Written: August 1999

********REVIEW CONTEST REVIEW***********

Graphics: 9: The graphics are great for this game. All the planes are detailed nicely, and so are all the other aircraft in the game. Just everything in the game blows you away. This game happened to be developed by Paradigm Entertainment, the same people who made Pilotwings 64 and F-1 World Grand Prix.

Sound: 8: All the sounds are in hear from the sound effects of your plane firing missiles and bullets to the explosion from blowing up the boss. Some voice dialogue would've been nice like in Star Fox 64, but none was added.

Game play: 8: The 1-player mode was great where you had an objective to take out all the aircraft and the boss. In the first level the boss was one big battleship, and you had aircraft buddies like in Star Fox 64. You'd advance to tougher levels which were harder to beat. I got stuck in the 3rd stage where you and a whole lot of planes are lying up in the sky with a huge boss aircraft. This game is even more challenging than Star Fox 64 itself.

Replay Value: 7: 1-player mode was a lot of fun, and if you didn't feel like going through it all you could've entered some cheats to skip to any stage you want. There was also a multi-player mode which was very fun, but it could've only been played by up to 2 players.

Overall: 8: The game is really fun overall. 1-Player mode is a blast and so is 2-player mode. A 4-player mode would've been really fun, but I guess the programmers at Paradigm didn't make the deadline for it. This game would've done really well in the market if it wasn't for the game being advertised poorly. Make sure to at least rent this game if you come across it. It is definitely worth a look!

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