Micro Machines 1 & 2: Twin Turbo
System: Game Boy Color
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Codemasters
Released: 1999
Genre: Racing
Capabilities: Only playable on Game Boy Color

The Game

Remember the old Micro Machines games back on the NES? Well, their back, on one cartridge for the Game Boy Color. Both games are just about virtually identical with the exception of different tracks and racers. Will they deliver the same amount of fun as it’s old 8-Bit counterparts did? Let’s get onto the review and find out.


Micro Machines: Looks just about the same as the NES original, except for the menu layouts I believed which have been slightly re-tuned for easier navigation on the tiny Game Boy screen. As you expect the cars are pretty small and don’t have the greatest detail, but are easy to tell apart, and look fine to me, but the tracks are the best part of the game, they look fantastic, up to 16-bit standards I have to say, where you can be racing on anything from a breakfast tabletop littered with cereal, a bathtub, or even a pool table. My only complaint is because the size of the GB screen, you really can’t see that far ahead of you during the race causing a lot of missed turns.

Micro Machines 2: Graphics are virtually identical to the first one except for some new racer portraits, and some new cars and tracks, but most of the machines from the first one are here too and look pretty much the same as the other game, and the same flaw is in it as in the original where you can’t see that far ahead of you, but visual wise, the game looks amazing!


Micro Machines: Just about every different machine has it’s own little sound effect, and you can tell what they’re trying to imitate, but it sounds really cheesy because of the GB sound capabilities. You only got one background tune and that’s during the games menus, and not during game play, where you only hear the sound effects, so sound’s the weakest department of this game.

Micro Machines 2: Just like in Micro Machines 1 where it’s only the sound effects during the game and music only playing during the navigation menus. Some added music could’ve been added in the translations to make the game play experience better.

Game play

Micro Machines: In the original each machine has it’s weakness, like some had great speed and acceleration, but crappy handling, while for others it was vice versa, this was kind of innovative for racing games this early on and I’m glad it’s still in tack in this version. You can pick from one of several racers who represent just about every type of stereotype there is(from Grease Monkey to Computer Geek). For game modes there’s single player head to head where you race against a computer and every time you get farther in front of him you get a point, but if your opponent gets a point, you lose one, whoever gets 8 points first wins. Then there’s tournament mode where you race against 3 other Machines and you advance onto the next race if you finish 1st or second. You gotta race as about 10 different Micro Machines from Speedboats to Tanks, each vehicle has it’s own course on 3 separate difficulties, so there’s around 30 tracks in total.

Micro Machines 2: Controls are practically the same as the original where each machine has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. There some old characters to choose from plus some new ones. For game modes, there’s Challenge where you go against 3 different opponents, finish 1st or 2nd to advance, finish in the latter positions and you lose a ‘chance’ after you lose 3 chances the game’s over, same goes for your computer opponents where the goal is to beat every player in the game. Head-to-Head is back from the original and it’s goal is the same where whoever gets 8 points is the winner. A new mode is Super League where 4 racers compete in a ‘division’ and are awarded points by there point totals. There are also 3 other divisions going on, and people advance to higher divisions after the point totals after 3 races, kind of like a weird elimination tournament. Then there’s this new 2 on 1 mode where two people can race at the same time using just one Game Boy! It gets pretty cramped sharing a Game Boy and I wonder why the developers, Codemasters, didn’t include a Game Link option.

Replay Value

Micro Machines: Tournament was pretty fun to play, but a password or battery save system would’ve been greatly appreciated because that thing actually takes hours to beat. But fans of the original will be clocking in many hours either way.

Micro Machines 2: The new Super Challenge and 2 on 1 modes makes the game a blast to play, but like I said before, the 2 on 1 gets you in a really cramped when both people are trying what’s going to happen on that tiny Game Boy Screen(unless got a super zoom accessory) and I really wish there was a Game Link option instead.

In Brief

+: The tracks look superb for a Game Boy game, lots of Micro Machines to race from, 2 games in 1 is never a bad deal

-: The game felt like it really needed a save system, a game link mode could’ve also been a nice addition that wasn’t here

The Final Ratings Rundown

Micro Machines

Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 4.8
Game play: 6.4
Replay Value: 5.7

Overall: 6.1

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

Graphics: 7.6
Sound: 5.1
Game play: 6.7
Replay Value: 6.4

Overall: 6.4

Combined Overall Average: 6.2

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 6

Final Analysis

Fans of the old Micro Machines games will definitely wanna pick this one up, it plays just like the original, plus 2 classics in just 1 pak is a great way to go. The game is a tad above mediocrity and more features could’ve been easily added like a save system or game link modes, but if you need a racing game for the Game Boy Color than I recommend taking a look at Top Gear Pocket 1 & 2.