WWF Attitude
System: Game Boy Color
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Crawfish Interactive
Released: 1999
Genre: Wresting
Capabilities: Only playable on Game Boy Color

The first GB Color WWF offering from Acclaim, the characters look great,
but notice the lack of detail on them, unlike in WWF Wrestlemania 2000 for GBC where the wrestlers
are detailed to the extreme. Picture Credit(IGN.com)

The Game

Acclaim’s first wrestling game for the Game Boy Color, which is developed by Crawfish Interactive. The game is suppose to be a Game Boy Color only game, so we’re hoping for some great stuff here. Will we get what we deserve? Let’s get onto the review and find out.


The wrestlers look pretty plain, like stick figures. They're colorful and all, and easy to tell apart, but the Game Boy Color can do much better than this. The wrestlers could be detailed more, like in Wrestlemania 2000 for Game Boy Color, but they look like small little stick figures, like in Steel Cage Challenge for NES and RAW for Game Boy, but with slightly better animation. At least you get a nice portrait of each wrestler when you go into the biographies section of the game. The ring and arena looks decent and at least it's in color, but nothing great.


Come on Acclaim, this is a Game Boy Color exclusive and I'm sure with the extra memory you can get official wrestlers theme music, like in previous Game Boy games like Superstars 1 & 2, King of the Ring, and RAW. I am so mad that there is no WWF entrance themes in here, even if they’d have to be done in midi format. The sound effects are bland and aren't the greatest either with just little beeps for your slams and kicks.

Game play

Nice easy-to learn move system, but nothing great. You really can't go beyond the basics. You can only do light punches and kicks out of grapples and for major moves you an only do a suplex, a body slam, a body slam pin combination, and a hurl out of the ring. At least each wrestler has there own finisher though which is performed by pressing Select + A at the same time when your opponent is low on health. And Acclaim did pack the most wrestlers in Attitude than any other GB wrestler to date with 20 wrestlers to choose from. You got all the big names in here like all of DX(except Chyna), Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, and Kane, you also got all the midcarders like Gangrel, Edge, Big Boss Man, Godfather, and Val Venis, and heck you even got some other characters you can't believe they added in the game like Sable, and Taka Michinoku. There are a nice variety of game play modes, there's both Career and Challenge mode, but both are near exactly the same and are nowhere near what they are in the N64 versions of Warzone and Attitude. There's also Singles, Tag Team, a neat training mode to perfect your moves, and King of the Ring.

Replay Value

Well, all the game play modes will keep you playing for a while. There's a password save feature to save your progress in career and challenge, but come on, there should've been a game link mode to duke it out with a friend, I believe you will get board of this game within a month at the most. Also beating the computer is a cinch, so you’ll beat this game in no time on your own.

In Brief

+: Nice variety of game modes, biggest roster for any WWF Game Boy game to date, finishing moves are in the game

-: No entrance themes, no link cable support, easy computer, crappy sound effects, cheesy in game graphics

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 5.5
Sound: 2.3
Game play: 5.9
Replay Value: 1.8

Overall: 3.8

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 4


This is an average wrestling game, and would've been a great game for regular old Game Boy, but it's not up to standards for a Game Boy Color only game. A Game link mode and wrestlers theme music would've been greatly appreciated. If you have a choice get Wrestlemania 2000 for GB Color instead, it's not the greatest game, but it's sure a heck of a lot better than this one.