Demolition Racer: No Exit
System: Dreamcast
Publisher: Infogrames
Devloper: Pitbull Syndicate
Released: October 2000
Genre: Racing/Action
Capabilities: VMU, Light Gun

Review Written: August 15, 2001

The Game

The title speaks for itself when you get first ideas about this game. Demolition Racer is a game where you race in Demolition Races and try to knock out as many as your other opponents, or compete in bowl type leagues just like in real life Demolition Derby. This game is pretty munch just another version of the Destruction Derby games that I love so much, but by a different publisher.


Imagine the graphics of the PSX or N64 versions of Destruction Derby, but with a 128-bit update, where everything is polished off and there are no more jagged graphics, and that is what you got here. The car models look nice, and even though there isn’t much here for innovation in design, what else would you expect from a Demolition Derby game? There is a nice paint editor you can access by customizing your own paint job, and even add on a nice little selection of logos to your vehicle. I really like the arenas and tracks you race on. They look really detailed and it seems like you’re driving on the real thing. The menus are the easiest thing to use and you should have no problem hopping right into the game. And I noticed not much pop up or slowdown in the game either. And I have to admit I like the wide variety of views available, like the overhead view is great to use in demolition mode. The only downside to the visuals is that they’re a bit on the plain side.


The game has all your standard sound effects here. You got all your regulars crashing and bumping noises, and you get a cool voice that pops up whenever you destroyed another car. And you got this annoying voice that does the countdown to all the races. Which is probably the only bad part about the audio in general. The game does feature music from four cool rock bands, the most notorious of them being Fear Factory. And I must admit, some of these tracks are really fun to listen to.

Game play

The controls for this game are the easiest to learn. All you use is just the dang L and R triggers and the control stick. The L is brake and reverse. And the R is accelerate. And it is just as easy as that. The steering is really dead on with the control stick, so you should have no problems with the handling at all.

The game has a nice selection of modes. First you got your exhibition for regular racing and derby modes. Then you got a two-player mode where you can either race or do the derby against each other or team up, or just go head-to-head with just the two of you. The last mode is No Exit, where you pick to race in one of two leagues, the Arena League (demolition derby) or Country League (racing), and as you race and win more exhibitions, you unlock more courses and cars to use.

Replay Value

The game is up to two players, but for some reason it feels like it should be a four-player game. Two players is still lots of fun, but if there was four, it would be the ultimate party game. Also you’d be cracking your hands at the single player a lot so you can unlock everything. So if you are either you’re by yourself, or with a friend, you’ll still be playing this game for a while.

In Brief

+: Great Demoliton game, Awesome Soundtrack, lots of fun to play with a friend

-: Visuals are a little simple, wished it could’ve been up to four players

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 8.2
Sound: 9.3
Game play: 9.1
Replay Value: 8.6

Overall: 8.8

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 9


Oh, I just love these Demolition games. They are very few and far between since they no longer make any of the Destruction Derby games. But it took me forever to find this game for sale, and that’s surprising considering Infogrames released it. But if you happen to run across this rare gem make sure to pick it up.

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