Confidential Mission
System: Dreamcast
Publisher: Sega
Released: August 2001
Genre: Shooter/Gun
Capabilities: Light Gun, VMU, Jump Pack, VGA Box

Review Written: September 22, 2001

The Game

This is another Sega gun game for the Dreamcast. Just imagine it as Virtua Cop or House of the Dead with a super spy agent twist. The gun game genre is lacking for the Dreamcast, and this is one of just only four US gun games. The other three are House of the Dead 2, Virtua Cop 2, and Death Crimson OX. Oh, yeah, there is one more game, Demolition Racer, which is compatible with the light gun, but it’s only one mini game that works with it. Will this be as fun as the ones I just mentioned? Let’s get onto the review and find out.


The visuals in this game are pretty much the same from previous Sega gun games like House of the Dead and the Virtua Cop series. Everything looks fine and dandy and detailed well, but is exaggerated quite a bit so it gives you that arcade feel. Like you can make out everything on the costume of the bad guy, but there are other factors as well that are obvious that you’re playing an arcade game. Since the game moves along at a set pace like other gun games you don’t have to worry about pop up or anything like that. If there’s anything lacking in the visuals department, it is originality. I mean, the first boss is just some fat, little, midget. And the main hero is a total rip off of James Bond. Menu navigation and nearly everything else is a breeze and you shouldn’t have a problem with anything. Another little thing that bothered me was that I’m sure these visuals could’ve been touched up a bit, because they’re starting to look a bit dated.


The sound fits the game nicely. You have that kind of spy agent theme playing in the background like it came from the next James Bond movie. All the other sound effects in the game are proper and sound like they should like the gun shots, hits, misses, and death groans. Now House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast was famous for the horrible, no-feeling voice acting. And you would think they would know there lesson with this game 2 years later, but guess again, the voice acting is as cheesier as ever now. The main agent sounds like a horrible James Bond. When your sidekick says, “Let’s get out of here” it just wants you to go to sleep. And don’t get me started on the bosses voices. But you know what, maybe this crappy voice acting is starting to be a tradition in these Sega gun games. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to get use to them and actually enjoying them. But nevertheless, I’m still going to dock points because of it.

Game play

It’s a gun game. You should use the light gun. I recommend the Sega endorsed Mad Catz Madblaster, because the Interact Starfire model has horrible callibration. And those Auto Fire and Reload switches help out a lot as well. You can play the game using a controller and use the analog stick to adjust the target meter, but it’s just not the same, and no where near as fun. They call them gun games for a reason, folks.

The game has a few modes to it. There’s the main arcade mode where you fire your way through the game’s main levels just like you do in the arcade. And reminiscent of House of the Dead 2, depending on if you save certain hostages, and shoot certain objects, your path through the game will change. For example, in one level, you shoot a hitch across a courtyard onto a ledge, and you have to aim your shot. If you miss, you have to go the long way across the stairs. This opens up new routs to explore and more things to uncover. One new element that adds to the thing I just mentioned is random action button events where you have to tap the B button a certain amount of times to achieve certain goals, like, picking a lock, for example. Other modes in the game are the training mode where you practice improving your aim. And you also have your options where you can tinker around with credits and gun calibration.

Replay Value

The game has multiple routes to take, so you have to beat the game a good few times so you uncovered all the routes. And don’t forget about all the hidden objects as well. The game doesn’t take all to long to beat. Just a couple of hours like other gun games. The game can be played with up to two players, so you and a buddy can play.

In Brief

+: Classic gun game action, lots of routes, only $20

-: Dated visuals, horrible voice acting, not as many modes as House of the Dead 2

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 7.8
Sound: 6.5
Game play: 8.1
Replay Value: 5.7

Overall: 7.0

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 7


Well, it’s not the best of the gun game bunch on the Dreamcast, but it still is fun to play like the other ones. What it seriously lacks in originality, it makes up for it with solid game play. If you’d have to get just one gun game on the Dreamcast, it may as well be House of the Dead 2. But for only $20, you may as well add this one to your collection too.

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