General Chaos
System: Genesis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: ???
Released: 1993
Genre: Action/Strategy
Capabilities: Team Multi Player Compatbile so 4 players can play

The Game

In this classic game for the Sega Genesis by Electronic Arts, you control an army of 5 soldiers, and your object is to take out the other set of soldiers in team combat play. Will this new concept of play get you hooked? Let’s get onto the review and find out.(Sorry, I can’t think of a better opener than that)


Well, this is a 16-bit Genesis game released in 1993, so I’ll compare the graphics to other games to it at the time. You got about 8-12 soldiers running around on screen at once over a very nicely looking terrain, detailed down to every notch, with not much slowdown at all. Their really isn’t much variation between all the soldiers at all, some are chubby, some are pretty skinny, of course their uniforms and helmets are camouflaged color and look like they came out of the army. The various terrains are just a one screen battlefield, complete with barb wire and fencing. So a really nice job on the graphics department.


Well, sounds probably the weakest part of the game, their isn’t much music at all, and it’s mostly just sound effects during the game play, thankfully all the sound effects are pulled off clean and crisp, and everything sounds like it should like the gunfire and explosions. But their should’ve been room for more music in this game.

Game play

Alright, here’s how the game works, it’s 5-on-5 warfare between two teams. You choose your set of 5 men before every battle, there are various types of soldiers like a flame thrower, a gunmen, and a bazooka launcher guy. And I believe you get limits on how many of each kind of man you could use. Any ways a battle proceeds, and if one of your men loses all his life, he’ll lay out on the field for a certain amount of time, during that time, you can move your soldier by him and by pressing the C button, you call out for a medic to come and “revive” him and he’ll be brought back into battle. Any ways, there is also power ups on the field also to pick up for newer weapons to use.

For play modes, there’s a campaign mode where you and up to 3 of your buddies(with a multi player adaptor of course) can go against the computer in a set of battles with each proceeding one getting harder in difficulty and more of a challenge, for example, the computers main base only has one hard to get pass entrance. Then there is regular play where up to 4 players can team up or go against each other in combat play, and finally the last mode is boot camp, which is a training mode, so you’ll get use to the game mechanics and adapt to the way of playing the game learning everything about all the units, calling out medics, etc.

Replay Value

Believe it or not, this really simple game, is really addictive, the simple war concept of the game is so fun blasting your opponents away, throw in some human opponents and you got yourself even more fun coming. And for people who aren’t familiar with these type of games, you can always get them to practice in the training mode, an option which a lot of games didn’t have at time of this release in 1993.

In Brief

+: Simple concept, Addictive Game play, Great Training mode

-: Could’ve used some more music in the game, character models are fairly simple

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 7.8
Sound: 4.9
Game play: 9.1
Replay Value: 8.4

Overall: 7.5

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 8

Final Analysis

This has gotta be one of the most underrated games for the Genesis, I’m pretty sure just about any one can pick up and play this game and get hooked just like that. I was hooked on this game forever, so if you happen to run across this game in a bargain bin, or used game shop, it would probably be worth the $2-5 paying for this game, because you’ll easily be in for upon countless hours of fun.