I have over 200 reviews on GameFAQs. Now I store them right here on my homepage at Tripod!

Anyways, all my reviews are divided up in system categories, click on the link below to see my reviews!

A list of my own favorite reviews The Superb 'Featured Reviews'Click here to see all my reviews, redesigned for this page!your comments and my repliesMy GameFAQs Contributor Page. It's Huge! I work for this gaming site, you guys need to check it out, its the best!

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Just a quick note, this Guestbook is the one used for my DX/nWo Wrestling page. So you'll see a couple of wrestling questions on there.

I also host a wrestling page called DX/NWO wrestling, please click on the link to see it. If you wanna feel free to link to this site just copy and paste the following HTML onto your site and if you wanna link to my wrestling page copy the html under the html to link to the review page:

<a href="http://kulasd.tripod.com/reviews/"><img src="http://kulasd.tripod.com/pics/reviewsbanner.jpg"></a>

<a href="http://kulasd.tripod.com/main.html"><img src="http://kulasd.tripod.com/banner.jpg"></a>

And it should look like this:

Below is a link to a website of my friend and fellow reviewer, Roadkill, by clicking on his banner below, you go to his easy to navigate, nicely laid out, review database. This site gets my recommendation! So make sure to check it out!

the roadkill's ultimate gaming resource page, notin!!!!

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