fear my wrath!!!!!Dale-Berg says check out these sites!daleeeeee-berg!

(I got some wrestling sites in here that are my fave to visit, but not in my top 10 sites to visit, but Click here to see my Top 10 Wrestling Pages) - note - I haven't updated that page in a good few years so most of the sites on that list are inactive FYI

Drunken Gamers Radio - This is where you can find and download one of my favorite videogame podcasts!

VGevo - VGevo is a forums/news videogame hub that also hosts the forums for my videogame podcast (linked below), along with several other fine podcasts! Besides forums, they have several news feeds, a live chatbox consistently filled with users, and flash arcade games to play in your free time.

GameFAQs - I submit reviews and strategy guides for this page, and it is one of the most comprehensive video game databases out their. My handle on their is Gruel.

DDT Digest - The site doesn't have the greatest layout, but they got results from nearly every WCW tv and house shows since October 1996. They also got comprehensive Win/Loss records for the past 10 or so years. Right now(May 2001) since WCW isn't on TV, they're just killing time by doing columns and interviews until they start covering the WWF's form of WCW. Update 9/20/2004 - Good 'ol DDT Digest stayed updated with articles recaping WCW's history and other miscellaneous updates, but they haven't really added anything since late 2002/early 2003. The archives are still up, and I even have a fan email of mine published in their last Nitro report if you're interested. I thought they would start covering TNA since it now has a show on FSN for a few months now, but that doesn't look like it'll be the case, so who know what future remains for DDT Digest.

Wrestlecrap - Think of any crappy gimmick or character you've seen grace wrestling the past 10 to 20 years. The Goon, The Shockmaster, TL Hopper, are all here, plus many more of wrestling's worst gimmicks at Wrestlecrap.com. Well, they use to all be here until late 2001, when the site shrunk to a way lesser form due to high bandwith costs. But the webmaster still does weekly updates with a column, and two special classic or new Wrestlecrap entrees.

Tiptonium - A unique gaming webpage that mostly focuses on the rare Neo Geo formats from SNK. It also has reviews and features for all the other top consoles out now. What I especially like about this is it's own unique selection of home brewed wallpapers and screensavers. Definitly worth your time.

DVD Shrine - I have joined the many in the trend of making huge DVD collections, and finding a site that has a large database of reliable reviews are few and far between. That is why I love the DVD Shrine, which has loads of informative, well written reviews. It also has the latest news on DVD releases and the such. A simple layout with fast page loading times doesn't hurt this site either. Update 9/20/2004 - I don't know what happened to this once awesome site, but it has been taken down sometime last year. If you're still looking for a good place for DVD reviews, I usually make trips to IGN DVD .

DVD Easter Eggs - The joys of DVD are the many special features added to movies like the Deleted Scenes, Documentaries, and Commentaries. But then there are those easy and hard to find hidden features (or more commonly known as "eggs") that have more of the good stuff we are looking for. Most DVD sites just have eggs listed for the more main stream movies, but this site has the most amount of eggs I have seen anywhere on the 'net. Make sure to give it a look-see if you're a big DVD geek like me. Update 9/20/2004 - Right now forums are only up for the page while the site is currently under rennovation, but it has been like that for several months now, so who knows if the site will ever recapture its glory days of old.

All Game Guide - This site has all the info on gaming that you need. From the Odessy to the CD-i and to the Present, this site has reviews, guides, instruction manuals, and screen shots of just about nearly every game ever made.

Xavier Doom's Slayground - A lot like Wrestlecrap (it came out before it), but with lots of cool extra features. The "Letters from Prison" section is definitely worth a looksee. Update 9/20/2004 - The site stopped being updated around late 2002, and shortly thereafter it mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. RIP Xavier

Pro-Wrestling Title Histories - As part of the Puroresu Dojo, This site is was the source for most of my title histories up until 1998, when I started to keep track on my own. Lots of information here with lots of Title Histories from Japan, Mexico, WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA and many more Independents.

Wrestling Supercards & Tournaments - Just like the Dojo Title Histories in the above link, but dedicated to PPV results database, but you don't get the full list of play-by-play results, just who beat who and how. Pretty comprehensive with results all the way from the US to Mexico to Japan across all the major and minor promotions.

The Smarks - Formerly Rantsylvania, this site is home of Wrestleline writer, Scott Keith, and him and his crew give out columns and PPV rants, plus Keith has nearly 80% of all WCW, WWF, and ECW PPV's covered with in-depth play-by-play. If you've missed out on a couple of years of wrestling, this is THE place to go to catch up. Update 9/20/2004 - This page right now looks pretty messed up design-wise, Scott Keith left 411 a couple months ago, and is now working for Inside Pulse Another page I highly suggest checking out, its almost the equivalent of 411 where it covers games, wrestling, comics, movies, you name it, but it has a better design, and better content. If you are also a big Keith fan like myself, than make sure to check out his LiveJournal which is constantly updated with his latest rants, and his other current thoughts abut the world.

Steak and Cheese - Go here and you'll find some of the funniest, weirdest, and most gross pics and movies to make their way on the 'net.

The Real Adventures of Mario and Link - These are unauthorized, adult oriented comics of the Mario Bros. And man are they funny as hell! Update 9/20/2004 - This page has been gone for a good few years now, I have no idea why it was taken down, but if I had to guess, I'd say a Nintendo rep musta saw it and got pissed.

Now that I got all the inactive links here updated on their status, let me introduce a couple of other new pages here that I have been rather fond of over the past couple of years..........

The Best Page in the Universe - Like this page even needs an intro, but I will give you one anyways. This site is one person's perspective of the world, which is almost always in a negative tone, and the webmaster usually refuses to be wrong. All this results in some humorous, entertaining, and sometimes controversial pieces of work that are well worth your time checking out.

Newground Video Game Satire - I have been a fan of Newgrounds Flash parodies for quite a while now. But my favorite part of their page is their satires of videogames. The Mario Bros. series is the best one IMO out of all of them, as its almost like a combination of the Mario Bros characters with a Lord of the Rings atmosphere. Just take a look at them already!

Big Dogz - This is the webpage for a weekday thematrical morning newscast for my local town. I love these guys, there webpage is right on par too with lots of hidden.....goodies. :)

The Cubs Fan - A former DDT Digest staff writer, this guy has his own page that has the latest results of wrestling broadcasts, and of course, Cubs games.

Fenslerfilm - Remember the last minute of every old GI Joe cartoon that had the Public Safety Announcements about playing with fire, wearing life jackets, etc.? This guy takes them, and re-edits over them with his own voice-over! There are 25 videos there, some of them range from mind-boggling weird, to flat-out hilarious. Definitely worth your time. Porkchop sandwiches! Might want to catch up on these quick cause on one of his update messages on his main page in 9/2004, he has posted a pic of a letter he got to take down all the videos saying it is copywright infringement. So check them out while they're still there!

Internet Time Machine - This thing is a life savior, you can type in any url, as it has several versions of each website archive each year from 1996 on. So if any of the other links listed here are inactive you can type them up right here on this main page and still see them in all their glory.


Rich's Site - This is my friend, Richard's site. It's just a little about page of him. Hasn't been updated most likely never will, but it's pretty cool. Update:In 9/2003, Rich finally updated this page for the first time 10/1998 and gave it a pretty cool overhaul a little over a month before he went away to boot camp in the Navy! Check it out! Update 9/20/2004 - Rich is still in the Navy and he still randomly updates this page once or twice a year.

Wresling Columns 2K1 - My friend Steve runs this site, and a whole bunch of people have their own columns and PPV rants their, including myself(hopefully I'll get those rants up sometime soon). Update 9/20/2004 - This site was also taken down sometime in 2002, Steve continues to generate random site every year or so and then takes them down after only being online for a few months. His latest example was movie review site I contributed on a for a little while late last year before it folded up just as soon as it started up.

Unlim-Online - This is Rich's site again which he is a major member of a partnership with some other people who host a couple of other sites, and his main gaming project, Empire Online If you got a good enough page and want him to host it, just contact him at this site. Rich is also great at 3-D art stuff, and he has loads of it for intro pages for this and his Empire sites. Update 9/20/2004 - Rich's little MMORPG project folded up around early 2002 unfortunately.

Notin - This is my friend, Chris's page. He's a big Final Fantasy fan, and he has soundtracks for the game, and lots of other FF related stuff among programs like MP3 encoders, pop-up stoppers, etc. Update 9/20/2004 - Hey, the site is actually still up, but Chris hasn't updated it in several months. Rich took our little page we had here down for reasons I listed below, but Chris still keeps it this page up as a server, and he is gracious enough to let me store plenty of pics and other files there for a nice back-up.

Stupid Place - This is my friend, err actually I haven't even seen him in over a year now, but any ways, this is Donald Heap's site. He tought me the fundamentals of html and was a great guy. This site is designed with a "Stupid Gimmick" and has stuff like Jokes, Adlibs, Songs, and a French Translator. He runs a billion other places too, If I can think of them I'll post 'em eventually.Update 9/20/2004 - Just like a lot of other sites I have linked, this one folded up and Don took it down about a year or two ago.

Male Bosia's Pit - This is my friend, Travis Hensrude's site. He's an old friend and moved away for a couple of years. And he just graduated this year(2001), and moved back to town with me. He use to run this page a couple of year's of ago, which he probably forgot about now. But it's fun to look at. Update 9/20/2004 - For some reason or another this page was taken down a year or two ago, I don't think Travis himself took it down because when I last talked to him about a year ago and told him it was down he said he forgot completely about this little page until I brought it to his attention.

Peleboy's Place - This is my friend, Dan Lucy's site. He's another old friend that I've been out of touch with for a little while. This site is mostly dedicated to poetry of his own and Sylvia Plath. Update 9/20/2004 - The page has been taken down a good year or two ago, I haven't talked to Dan on the 'net in a good few years so I don't know what he's up to.

Art Driven - This is my friend, Josh Wright's site. He was in a computer class with me my Senior year. He was a big Starcraft fan and we played a few games together online. He also was a big art freak, and he stores his artwork online, he also made some cool maps of Starcraft and has them available to download here, and he has some nice background floating html. Update 9/20/2004 - Y'know, Josh here was in my Webpage class in high school and he did have a killer design as I previously stated, but now it is just a mess of links to other projects he is doing, but there is still some cool stuff to check out.

A Lost Dream - This is Lance's webpage, and he does a lot of art work also and has it on his page. There is also other things on here like pics, writings, and a journal log. Update 9/20/2004 - I don't know what happened, but Lance must have had all his material taken sometime the past year.


Sega Warlords - I was a staff member for this pro-sega site for about two years from Late 2000 until Mid 2002. It was initially a Dreamcast only site, but then covered stuff on older Sega consoles too. After Sega announced they were going 3rd party, we decided to cover Sega products on the new consoles. Everyone got lazy and stopped contributing in April 2002. But what's left is cool. There's over 100 reviews there (about 80% of them for Dreamcast), and a good library of cheats, wallpapers, and other media. Update 9/20/2004 - The archives were taken down somewhere between a half year to a year ago, it was too bad this site went the way of the dodo, but it still has a few active forum members left over at their message board you can find by clicking here.

Game 2 extreme - I've been a staff member here since May of 2002. It covers everything for the latest crop of consoles, plus PC & GBA. It has a tremendous community and some of the best forum I've seen on the net. You'll also notice my pal, roadkill, contributes here as well. I made a page that keeps tabs on the reviews by all the contributors there that you check out by clicking here. Update 9/20/2004 - Around late November 2003, about 3/4's of the staff quit simultaneously due to some disputes with the G2X administrator. I felt very guilty leaving this job after a year and a half on board and how they got me a free pass into E3 2003, but it was time to move on. I have almost 100 reviews of mine here, along with about 250 others from other great staff members. As of today, the archives are still up so take a look at a lot of the great pieces of work to be found there.

Invisible Dream - A more major gaming website that has been mentioned for there ratings of games in ads of hit titles like Morrowind in magazienes like Game Informer. I did about a dozen reviews here since I joined in October 2002 before the site merged in January 2003 with the one listed underneath this one, GameHelper.

GameHelper - This is the most mainstream website I worked for. I became a part of this website when Invisible Dream merged with GameHelper in January 2003. This site is a lot more organized, and has a gigantic staff that is easy to work with. There are plenty of reviews, previews, and other special features that shouldn't be missed by anyone. Update 9/20/2004 - I stopped working with GameHelper at the end of 2003, due to the site's head honcho having a lousy communication system via changing email servers almost on a monthly basis and some unusual editing guidelines.

NextGen Gaming - Me and my buddy Rich are trying to get a brand new gaming site started from the ground up. Make sure to check this one out! Update 9/20/2004 - Rich took down this page about a year or so ago ago in a fit of rage against our server's administrator on whether or not he could store roms on our page :(

VGpub - I and a lot of other former G2X staff have been working here since February 2004, they have a great theme for their design, and a fantastic community. I highly recommend for any big gamer to check them out.! Update 7/21/2008 - I had a great run at VGpub, but unfortunately staff content dwindled universally throughout 2007, and around 4/2008 a database switch caused the site to become a coded mess beyond repair.

On Tap Podcast - This is the videogame audio program/podcast my friend Chris and I ran for VGpub, it was the only new content that VGpub was updated with its last half year before the unfortunate database switch that spelled the demise for VGpub. After losing access to VGpub, Chris and I decided to keep on doing the podcast on our own and started this new website where you can find episode archives and previously unreleased "lost" episodes and outtakes! OTHER PAGES OF MINE

Active Pages

DX/nWo Wrestling - Ahh, the main webpage I run, and have been successfully running since December 1997. You're seeing this page because you got the link off my wrestling page to it. This page has the most in-depth history of the DX and nWo ever, which I did and updated constantly(but it needs a lot of spelling corrections, I know, just give me time) until both factions long overdue demises. It also has faction Bios, Pics, and other stuff. It also has constantly updated PPV results and title histories. And every now and then I'll toss in extra pics and columns for your pleasure.

Gruel's GameFAQs Review Page - This is where I store all of my reviews for GameFAQs. It has most of my reviews from there in my own html format, plus some bonus ones that never seen the light of day on GameFAQs, like the infamous "Retirement Review" of NFL2K1, and the "Interview" with Tony Hawk which was typically my Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 review. As of now(May 2001) about 60% of my reviews are up there, with all my newest ones from the past year there, but I'm slowly adding all my old ones there.

Gruel's Starcraft Resources - I'm a very big fan of the online game, Starcraft. This web page isn't as massive as you see other pages, and all that's here is replay files of my favorite games, and reviews of the PC and N64 version of Starcraft.

Dale's Pic Page - Every now and then I'll take a pic of myself, and I'll pop it up as a thumbnail with a caption on this page. It's hiddenly linked on my main dx/nWo wrestling page, but I'll put the link here too, for the few of you who actually go to this link page.

In-Active Pages

Nintendo 64 Mania - This was an old N64 fan page I use to run. Believe it or not, I use to update all these codes by myself for all n64 games for a couple of years; but after realizing that the site got zero traffic, and trying to update this and the DX/nWo page at the same time, I stopped it in 02/1999. I usually pop up once a year to say hi on that page, and that's it. All that's here was some old game news stuff, lots of codes, a few strategy guides, a few game shark codes, a really old article with my top 20 games of all time, and a couple of other minor things.

Dale's WWF Page - My old WWF fan page I ran for a little while. Not a whole lotta stuff to mention here, except I got a whole bunch of RAW reports I wrote which I stored here from September 1997 until August 1999. Plus I use to archive the PPV results here until a couple of years ago. Yes, that is where my tv reports are linked to off my page. Oh, and every now and then I'd pop by and update the current title holders on the main page there.

Dale's Fortunecity Page! - I use to store pics for this page here when Tripod use to only allow 2 megs of memory for its users. Theres a little page here that says this page is only used for pics, and has links to my other pages.

Oh and here's some banners for some of the above sites.

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