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Darth Vader




Darth Vader

Strengths: Well, he has a deep voice to scare little kids and has the almighty powerful Light Saber.

Weaknesses: He's way too slow and may depend on that Light Saber Too Much, plus he'll probably have a whole bunch of dumb tough guy talk to distract Vader which will prove worthless

Key Wins: Earning A Lot Of MOney At The Box Office For The 3 SW Movies from 1979-1983 and the Special Editions In 1997.

Key Losses: He suffered a terable Loss to Luke Skywalker In Star Wars: Return of The Jedi.

Strategy: He''l most likely try the tough guy talk and I hope he doesn't say "Vader I am your Father".He'll probably try using the Lightsaber a lot.


Strengths: Has a hefty weight advantage and a lot of poweer.

Weaknesses: The extra weight will make him too slow and he'll probably rely on his power too much.

Key Wins: He won the WCW title twice from Ron Simmons and also has defeated other great WWF superstars like Bret Hart on a December 1996 Edition of RAW and the Undertaker at the '97 Royal Rumble.

Key Losses: He lost the WCW World Title to Ron Simmons an Sting and also lost in WWF World Title matches against Shawn Michaels at Summerslam '96 and the Undertaker at the July '97 In Your House.HE also lost against Kane and after the match Kane nailed him with a wrench and he bled really bad.

Strategy: Vader will probably use his power most of the time in the matchup and will go for the win with trying a Vader Bomb or Vader Sault.

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Darth Vader

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