G2X E3 Schedule

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As of  May 9, 2003, 11:20am Central Time


Tuesday, May 13, 2003 (Pre-Show Conferences & Events)


11:30am: Nintendo of America Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom. Nintendo Co. Ltd., the worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment and the creator of industry icons such as MarioTM, Donkey Kong(r) and Pokemon(r), will host a Media Briefing. The Media Briefing is by invitation only. Business cards are required at the door.

2:00pm: Nokia Park Plaza Hotel. The N-Gage mobile game deck from Nokia is a revolutionary new wireless multiplayer mobile platform optimized for both local and remote 3D gaming. Nokia will be making major announcements concerning N-Gage at the N-Gage Press Conference. Transportation to the press conference will be provided from various locations around town, including the Nintendo press conference - look for the red N-Gage media buses. Media can obtain an invitation by calling ( 972)-894-4573.

4:00pm: eFocus The eFocus press event is only a week away -- Tuesday, May 13 from 4:00 - 8:00 PM at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. If you're planning to attend the Nokia press conference beforehand, there will be buses to take you from that event to eFocus. If not, a map to the event is available at http://www.pepcom.com/press/thankyou.html.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003


8:00am: IDSA IDSA (owner of E3Expo) Media Briefing & Breakfast - LACC Room 411/Theater. Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) President Douglas Lowenstein hosts the E3Expo 2003 Media Briefing & Breakfast. This exclusive event offers media the opportunity to view findings from the IDSA's annual Computer and Video Game Consumer Survey and get an in-depth update on the state of the rapidly growing interactive entertainment industry. Seating for the briefing and breakfast is first-come, first-serve. RSVP to E3Expo Media Relations at e3expo@cohnwolfe.com.

10:45am: LucasArts John has this one covered

11:00am: THQ petree hall, booth# 4001

11:00am: Coaxsys booth #6851 in Kentia Hall

1:00pm: Strategy First South Hall, booth #1624 seven titles on display 1hour and 45 minute showing

1:30pm: Timegate Studios Wednesday Kentia Hall, booth# 6945

4:00pm: HKPC Kentia Hall, booth# 6451

4:30pm: 1C Booth # 6035, Kentia Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center For 1C, when you arrive at the booth, please ask for PR Representative
Kristina Junger. Dale got it covered

8:30pm: Nvidia Wednesday, May 14, 2003 8:30 pm, The Highlands, 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, 4th Level, Hollywood, California 90028. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR PASS at our booth 1636 in the South Hall during E3 show hours on May 14th to avoid the lines at the door


Thursday, May 15, 2003

9am: Dreamcatcher south hall, booth# 600

10am: Eidos  south hall, booth# 824

11:30am: I-Games Booth # 2466, West Hall. For IGAMES, when you arrive at the booth, please ask for PR Representatives
Leila Pflager or Jorie Waterman. Dale got this one covered :)

12noon: Sammy west hall, booth# 2200

2:30pm: InterServ Kentia Hall, booth# 6215

2:30pm: Batfish Studios booth# 2340

3:00pm: Metro3D Concourse Hall (F) Level One, 153C, For Metro3D, when you arrive at the booth, you can ask for Erin Shiba. Dale has this one too :)

3:00pm: Legacy Booth #1200, South Hall

3:15pm: Sony west hall, booth# 2416

5:00pm: Ultimate Arena Thresh Interview   booth #2352 in the West Hall

Friday, May 16, 2003

10:00am: Kemco West Hall, booth# 2808

10:00am: Microsoft John has this covered

11:30am: Dreamgear Kentia Hall, booth# 6351

1:00pm: Xicat Concourse Hall, booth# 150A  

1:00pm: TDK South Hall, booth#1400

1:30pm: Arkadium    Arkadium does nothave a booth so Kenny will meet you in the media area (booth 968) right next
to Nokia in the South Hall.

2:00pm: Microsoft   John has this one covered too

2:30pm: Face to Face Animations  Kentia Hal booth#6947

4:00pm: AIA John has this one covered



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