Brawl For All Tournament Standings
The current brackets of the tournament are as follows:

First Round:(matches were aired on RAW and Shotgun)
Marvelous Marc Mero vs. "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
- Winner: "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman

Bradshaw vs. Mark Canterbury(Henry Godwinn)
- Winner: Bradshaw

Savio Vega vs. Brakkus
- Winner: Savio Vega

Road Warrior Hawk vs. Darren "Puke" Drozdov
- Winner: Draw

"Bombastic" Bob Holly vs. "Bodacious" Bart Gunn - Winner: Bodacious Bart Gunn

Dan "The Beast" Severn vs. "The Godfather" Kama Mustafa
- Winner: Dan "The Beast" Severn

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams vs. Quebecer Pierre
- Winner: "Dr.Death" Steve Williams

Scorpio vs. 8-Ball
- Winner: Scorpio

Second Round:

"Marvelous" Marc Mero(Blackman got injured) vs. Bradshaw
- Winner: Bradshaw(match went into 4 rounds because of a draw)

Savio Vega vs. "Puke" Darren Drosdov
- Winner: Darren Drozdoz

Bodacious Bart Gunn vs. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
- Winner: Bart Gunn(He Got 1st KO in Brawl For All)

Kama(Severn withdrawd himself from trnmnt.) vs. Scorpio
- Winner: Kama


Bart Gunn vs. "The Godfather" Kama
- Winner: Bart Gunn with a Knockout(his and the only second knockout in the tournament)

Bradshaw vs. "Puke" Darren Drozdov
- Winner: Bradshaw


Bradshaw vs. Bart Gunn
- Winner: Bart Gunn with a knockout in 30 seconds!!!

There were a couple of changes to the brackets than originally scheduled. Sean Stasiak, son of the late Stan "The Man" Stasiak, was scheduled to take on The Godfather, but Dan Severn took his spot. Ken Shamrock was booked to fight 8-Ball at the live Raw Is War, but that match never took place. At the Raw Is War tapings on Tuesday, Shamrock was replaced by Scorpio in his match against 8-Ball. Shamrock was originally replacing newcomer Mick Tierney.