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Fear the wrath of Gillllll-berg! (WWF Light HW Champ for over a year!)Here's WCW Booker Ed Fererra, playing the role of Jim Ross rip off, Oklahoma.(WCW Cruiserweight Champ)Ughhh, Movie Actor, David Arquette (WCW World Champ)

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I'm tired of hearing everyone whine and bitch about how these random joke champs ruin the credibility of the titles. But once you think about it, just about every title in the big 2 had one joke champion for nearly every title in their promotion at one time or another. So for all you purists out their who always whine about the latest joke champion being crowned. Take a good look at this list I compiled. I think I got all the major joke champions down, but there are too damn many of them to memorize them all. Go look through the
title histories on my page to check for ones I missed.

WWE Titles

NWA/WCW Titles

Vince McMahon
What? You don't remember Vince defeating Triple H for the strap? Good, I don't want to either.

WWF/WWE European Title
Shane McMahon
Cardinal Rule, Every main McMahon family member (sans Linda) must hold a belt. Shane won it in a weird tag match . He only defended the belt on a few occasions in his four month reign until he just gave the belt away to a flustering Mideon (Dennis Knight).

NWA/WWF/WWE Women's Title
Stephanie McMahon
Yes, another McMahon as a champ. Even though she fitted the division as being a female, she wasn't the usual fighting champ we always had. She held the title for nearly five months, and showcased the title only as a prop. Sho only defended it a handful of times during her reign before losing it to Lita.

Harvena/Harvey Wippleman
Yeah, a man winning the Women's belt. Go figure. Good 'ol Uncle Harvey accomplished this by dressing up as a woman under the witty name "Harvena" and pinned The Kat/Miss Kitty for the title in under a minute. He unveiled himself as Harvey Wippleman right after the match. His less than stellar reign as Women's Champ was only a day long before losing it to Jacquelyn. I guess the only logical explanation for this is that The Kat didn't want to do the job to Jacquelyn, and we needed a transitional champ. God knows why Harvey was picked for the job. (I was being sarcastic by the way!)

WWF Light Heavyweight Title
Duane Gill/Gillberg
Duane Gill played the role of an unkown jobber from the early 90's who made a return at the 1998 Survivor Series as the mystery opponent for Mankind in a world title tournament. Everyone thought that was the end for him, until he beat Christian for the Light HW belt a couple of days later. We all thought he'd lose the title soon enough, but he got upset after upset. Then in January 1999, he debuted the Gillberg gimmick (as seen on the top of the page). Which was a rip off of the famous Goldberg wrestler in WCW. He was wrestling many other bigger wrestlers in non title matches. He wasn't even defending his belt on WWF TV for the most part, but was actually defending it a lot in the Indy circuit when the WWF ignored the Light HW division for much of 1999. He then made a surprise appearence on an 02/2000 episode of Heat, where he jobbed the title to Essa Rios. We haven't seen Mr. Gillberg since (he was suppose to make an appearence at the Gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestlemania X7, but couldn't make it to the show).

WWF/WWE Hardcore Title
Crash Holly
This is the guy we can thank for ruining the Hardcore Division as a whole. You see, the previous year and a half the Hardcore title was around, it actually was getting some decent reigns and good matches from various guys like Road Dogg, Hardcore Holly, Al Snow, and Mankind. But when Crash Holly won the belt in 02/2000, he started a 24/7 rule where he'll defend the belt anytime, anywhere. Thus many 15 second title reigns has occured, and men like Crash himself, Raven, Steven Richards, and others have had over 10 Hardcore title reigns already. Occasionally we got serious champs with lengthy reigns like Steve Blackman, Rob Van Dam, and The Undertaker. But the belt was always returning to the 24/7 standards set by Crash. Since then, we've had plenty of non wrestlers and people you've probably never heard of hold the Hardcore title (which you can check out by clicking on the above link). But since I'm too lazy to give descriptions to all of them, I'll just list their names right here:
Terri Runnels, Bobcat (one of the Godfather's hos), Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, The Mean Street Posse (Rodney, Joey Abs, & Pete Gas), and many more!

WCW World Title
Vince Russo
Russo booked McMahon to win the WWF title, so he figured he could beat Booker T in a Triple Cage match to do the same

David Arquette
Yes, that movie actor from the Scream Trilogy and Ready to Rumble. He's the one pictured above doing the Diamond Cutter sign.My only idea why they decided to give him the belt was because of him doing that Ready to Rumble movie, featuring all the WCW stars. Gah. His reign was the worst month the 5 remanining WCW fans had to endure.

David Flair
Sure, David Flair is training in the WWE camps right now to become a better wrestler, and his last year in WCW showcased some of his better matches. But back in 1999 when he was the US Champ, he was just only a half a year into his WCW career, and most of his matches sucked ass. The announcers picked up on it too. Pointing out his lacking move set, and constant botching of moves. He finally lost the belt to Chris Benoit after holding it for close to two months.

Scott Hall

Surprised? Even though Hall was your regular wrestler, what he did to the TV title was a travesty. Shortly after he won the belt, he trashed the title, just destroying a major title belt that has been around for over ten years. It was shortly brought back by Jim Duggan for a couple of months in early 2000. But it was focused as the main belt for the old WCW Saturday Night show, which was mostly centered around new WCW talent, with popular stars popping up here and there to draw ratings. The belt was forgotten again when Russo & Bishoff took control over WCW in 04/2000. It hasn't been seen since.

WCW/WWF/WWE Cruiserweight Title
Madusa was actually an accomplished Women's grappler. But how she won the title was just plain stupid. Evan Karagious was the then Cruiserweight champ, and him and Madusa were "dating." She beat him for the title, but who she lost it to was just as worse.....

This was WCW Booker Ed Fererra, he recently jumped ship from the WWF to WCW (along with buddy, Vince Russo). He played the onscreen role of Oklahoma. Which was a complete rip off of WWF announcer (and VP of Management Control or something) Jim Ross. Complete with BBQ sauce, as seen in the pic at the top of the page. He ended up in a feud with Madusa, and defeated her for the cruiserweight belt (even though Fererra weighs around 300 pounds). His reign only lasted two days, where Fererra decided he was too good to lose, and vacated the belt by proclaiming himself as the greatest Cruiserweight Champ Ever. As if.

The other woman who held the Cruiserweight strap. And she won it by the most common way for joke champs to win belts, and that is by titles being on the line in tag matches. Daphne, unlike Madusa, wasn't close to being accomplished as a wrestler. Her gimmick was she wore a random colored wig each week, and she'd always scream. To no surprise, her reign as champ was only a couple weeks long, and I'm shocked she held it for that long.

WCW Hardcore Title
Eric Bishoff
Recent reigns from main WCW writers like Vince Russo & Ed Fererra inspired Bishoff himself to book him beating legend Terry Funk for the WCW Hardcore belt, and then vacating it the next day. He was the only joke champ for the WCW Hardcore belt. And WCW actually had a much better hardcore division than the WWF. Too bad when Meng had the belt, he jumped ship to the WWF. WCW just forgot about the Hardcore belt all together. WWF should follow suit and do the same.


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