The Best of 2000

Welcome to Dale Kulas' "Best of 2000" feature on his webpage. Since nothing is really happening with the DX and NWO I decided to do one of these. So here's some of my favorites of all time, along with the pics of Steve Saunders. So enjoy.

Top 3 Matches of All Time
1. Tables, Ladders, Chairs Match Tag Title Match: Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Champs, Edge & Christian(WWF, Summerslam 2000)
This match had some of the best spots I've ever seen. Seeing Matt Hardy miss a Swanton Bomb through a table, seeing Buh-Buh Ray Dudley fall off a ladder, outside the ring, through 4 tables, and lots of other great spots, this match stole the whole show of Summerslam which turned out to be the WWF's PPV of 2000.

2. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit(IWA, 1995)
This was one great match, I happened to come across a Canadian channel one Saturday morning witch was showing a program called IWA: Hardcore Wrestling, it was a little known Canadian organization who's main stars was former WWF/WCW wrestler Rick Martel, and another wrestler known as The Natural(who went on to become The Jackyl in the WWF and Cyrus in ECW) and it also had Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in there and they wrestled one hell of a match. The match ended when Benoit pinned Jericho after, get this, a Tombstone Piledriver off the Top Turnbuckle. Great match.

3. Owen Hart Tribute Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Chris Benoit(WCW, Oct. 1999 Nito)
Seldom are tv matches this long. This match lasted over 20 minutes and had two of the best technical wrestlers deliver one of the best matches in a long time. The match was in the same arena in Kansas City where Owen Hart died at the May '99 WWF Over the Edge PPV, Nitro was in this arena for this date and Bret Hart came back to his first WCW TV Match(he did a house show match against Hulk Hogan a month earlier) and dedicated the match in memory of Owen. It didn't disappoint and wrestling fans were treated to one of the greatest Nitro matches of all time.

Honorable mentions:
1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi (WWF, March 1996 RAW)
World Title Match, Mart Jannetty vs. Champ, Shawn Michaels(WWF, July 1996 RAW)
TV Title Match, Fit Finley vs. Champ, Chris Jericho(WCW, Sep. 1998 Saturday Night)
Tag Titles Ladder Match: Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Champs, Dudley Boyz(WWF, Wrestlemania 16)
Iron Man World Title Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Champ, Bret Hart(WWF, Wrestlemania 12)
TV Title, 4 Way Elimination Match: Chris Jericho vs. Shane Douglas vs. Scorpio vs. Pitbull #2(ECW, Hardcore TV, 1996)
TV Title Match, Rob Van Damn vs. Champ, Bam Bam Bigelow(ECW, April 4, 1998)

Top 3 Wrestlers of all time

1. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair(NWA/WCW 1982-91, 93-Present, WWF 91-93)
A true legend. The greatest legend of this sport. He can always carry a match, no matter how old he is, he can always do a great interview, no matter who he does it with. All his matches are classic and he'll go done as the greatest of all time.

2. "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley(WCW 94-95, WWF 95-Present)
This guy has been my favorite since I first saw him compete in the WWF in the Hog Pen match against Henry Godwinn at the December 1995 In Your House PPV), and as I saw him elevate from the Blue Blood, to the Degenerate, and finally, to "The Game" this superstar has won me over all the time, has lots of ability, and can always carry a good match, and delivers some of the best interviews ever.

3. The Big Boss Man(WWF 87-93, 98-Present, WCW 93-98)
Some of you are probably surprised by this, but this guy I've always admired. He's probably one of the best heels ever, in every one of his matches, weather its a main event or curtain jurker, he always gives it 100% and always gets the right fan reaction. He's carried many other stars with him in tag teams in the WWF like Prince Albert, and Bull Buchanan, and he always cares about the fans, he also does the most charity work of the WWF superstars. He has great ability, and has lost so much weight, that he's way better now, than he was years ago. He's finisher, The Boss Man Slam, has always been my favorite.

Other Favorites of Mine:
Shawn Michaels(WWF 1989-Present)
Marty Jannetty(WWF 1989-96, WCW 1997-98)
Chris Jericho(ECW 1995-96, WCW 1996-99, WWF 1999-Present)
Shane Douglas(ECW 1992-95 & 1996-99, WWF 1995-96, WCW 1999-Present)
Scott Hall/Razor Ramon(WCW 1990-92 & 1996-2000, WWF 1992-96, ECW 2001-Present)
Steve Blackman(WWF 1997-Present)
Bret Hart(WWF 1985-97, WCW 1997-2000)
Vader(WCW 1992-95, WWF 1995-98)

Top 3 angles/feuds of all time:

1. Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant(WWF, 1983-84)
C'mon, Andre turning on the Hulkster? Nobody saw it coming back in 1983 and it set up their first match at Wrestlemania 3, which set an all new attendence record. This feud set the standard for all face/heel feuds to come.

2. The nWo(WCW, 1996-2000)
The NWO's first year was the greatest, and has had several forms the past years which included just about everyone from the WCW roster on there. It got everyone into liking wrestling again, it made wrestling "cool" wherever you went just about everyone had nWo shirts. After the first year of the nWo, everything started to suck about it, and fans went to the WWF instead.

3. Austin vs. McMahon(WWF, 1998-Present)
This long feud has been going on for ages, and it got the WWF the ratings it needed to get the shift from WCW to the WWF. The stuff that came out of this angle was just phenonmenal, we saw the McMahons getting soaked in beer, just about murdered, embarrased in the middle of an award ceremony, and even attacked at a hospital. This has gotta be one of the best feuds of all time.

Other excellent angles:

Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart(1992, 1993, 1996, 1997)
Mankind & The Undertaker(1996-98)
Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels(1992-93)
Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes(1983-84)
Kane & The Undertaker(1998-99, 2000)

Top 3 PPVs ever

1. WWF Summerslam 2000
The T.L.C. match(look for description in my top 3 matches of all time) stole the show. Just about all the other matches on this card were great too, like a spot going wrong in the main event triple threat match which saw Kurt Angle get a concussion, and still come back to finish the match. Shane McMahon took a fall of over 70 feet from the top of PPV set at the hands of Steve Blackman. And the Undertaker was the first one ever to unmask Kane.

2. WWF Wrestlemania 10(1994)
This match had two great main points. The first being Owen Hart beating his brother Bret cleanly. The other being the spectacular, first ever, Ladder Match, between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. This PPV also saw Lex Luger getting screwed in a world title match against the late Yokozuna, and later Yoko losing the belt to Bret Hart. It was also Randy Savage's last Wrestlemania where he defeated Crush.

3. WCW Bash at the Beach 1996
This PPV saw the formation of the nWo. It saw Hulk Hogan shock the world by turning heel, and the world of wrestling changed forever. Also add some other great matches on this card, like a Harlem Heat tag title match, and you got yourself one heck of a card.

Other good PPVs: WCW Starrcade '96, WCW Starrcade '97, WWF Wrestlemania 16/2000, WCW Mayhem 2000, WWF Wrestlemania 12

Well, there you go, my favorite stuff of all time. Hope you like all my choices.


Dale Kulas

Steve McFadden/Steve Saunder

3 matches of all time
1. Six pack challenge at Unforgiven 99
2. Austin vs McMahon, st valentines day massacre 99
3. test/shan summerslam 99

3 Wrestlers of all time
1. Triple H
2. Owen Hart
3. Bret Hart

3 angles of all time
1. Austin vs McMahon
2. Test/Steph relationship
3. Triple H vs. Vince McMahon

3 ppvs ever
1. summerslam 99
2. st valentines day massacre 99
3. wrestlemania 14