Souled Out Pay-Per-View Results

NWO Souled Out(January 1997)

Chris Jericho vs. Mashiro Chono
Great technical match.Chono won by pinfall when he gave a kick to the head of Jericho.

Big Bubba vs. Hugh Mooris --Mexican Death Match--
Morrus delivered a lot of radical moves like a moonsault,,bodyslamm on concrete. He tried a dive of a top rope outside the ring,but missed and Bubba got the win by CVountout.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Wallstreet
Jarrett got the win with a sleeper.Niick Patrix later revesed the decision stating Jarretts Sleeper was a illegal chokehold

Marc Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs
Bagwell gave Riggs a powerbomb, the n got th win with his Buff Blockbuster signature move.

Scott Norton vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Page got the Diamond Cutter.He saw the NWO coming after he nailed it.So Page ran into the stands and Norton got the win by Countout.

-Tag Title Match- Steiners vs. Outsiders(Tag Champs)
Patrix was knocked out.Anderson came in and did the pin count after the Steiners nailed there finisher the Frankensteiner.Two days later the decision was reversed and Outsidders got there belts back.

-US Title Ladder Match- Syxx vs Eddy Gurrerro(US Champ)
Eddy nailed syxx with the belt,Climbed the ladder and got the belt.For the win.

-World Title Match- Giant vs. Hulk Hogan(World Champ)
Hogan gave Giant a bodyslam. After that The Giant challenged the whole NWO to come out.When the giant was going to give Syxx a chokeslam. Hogan nailed the Giant with a guitar and got a pin.

WCW/NWO Souled Out 2(January 1998)

Juventud Gurrerra,Super Calo, and Chavo Gurerro vs. Phycosis,La Parka, and El Dante
IN this triple tag team mexican match Juventud's team won when Chavo nailed a splash of the top rope pinning La Parka.

Chris Benoit vs. Raven
Chris Benoit when by Disqulification when the flock interfeared in the matchup

-Cruiserweight Title Match- Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.(Cruis. Champ)
Chris Jericho wins the title when he made Mysterio submit to the Lion Tamer. After the match Jericho thanked the fans.

-TV Title Match- Rick Martel vs. Booker T(TV Champ)
Ravens Flock interferes in the match and distracted Martel.Booker T got the win with the Harlem Hangover.

Larry Zybysko vs. Scott Hall
Zybysko really sucked in this match. Hall came down ringside with Louie Spicolli him and Hall double-teamed on Larry. Dusty Rhodes came down beat up Louie,then KO'd Zybysko giving him the win by DQ.

The Steiners and Ray Traylor vs. Marc Bagwell,Scott Norton,Konnan
Scott Steiner started off and never made a tag.Scott gave a belly-to-belly suplex to Konnan got the win.

Kevin Nash vs. Giant
Giant was about to give a chokeslam to Nash then got distracted by Hogan who splashed Hot Coffee in his face.Then Nash gave Giant a Jacknife and got the pin.Two Days later the Move was banned from WCW.

Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair
A match which many WCW commentators considered a classic,I thought it wasn't that good when I saw it.The only good part was Flairs Figure 4 Leglock around the Ringpost.I fell asleep during this match.Oh,yeah Bret won the match with the sharpshooter.

Lex Luger vs. Randy Savage
Another dull match with two wrrestlers with no ability.Luger won the match with the Torture Rack. Another WCW/NWO Brawl started after the match.

WCW/NWO Souled Out 3, January 17, 1999 in Charleston, West Virginia

"Mean" Mike Enos vs. "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit
This opening contest featured two WCW veterans who're very underrated. Enos started out whaling on Benoit with a titlt-a-whirl backbreaker. The match then goes back on fourth for a while with a few of Enos's blood vessels popping. Benoit gives Enos two straight german suplexes, a diving headbutt off the top turnbuckle, then slaps on the crossface crippler to make ENos tap out at 9:47

Norman Smiley vs. Chavo Gurrerro Jr.
Norman brings an urn to the ring with Chavo's toy horse, Pepe, ashes in it after he shredded it 6 days ago on Nitro. Both men gave a lot of high flying moves over the ropes and off the turnbuckles. Smiley gave over 10 different submission holds to Chavo. Norman nailied Chavo with the urn then put on his finisher, The Norman Conquest, which is the chicken wing to make Chavo ta pout at 15:28

Fit Finlay vs. Van Hammer
Apparently, Van Hammer still thinks he's Dude Love still doing his 70's tree loving peace gimmick. This match went nowhere with nothing really great happening until Finlay nailed the Tombstone Piledriver for the pin at 7:37

Wrath vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
This was a great battle that went in and out of the ring for a long time. Near the end of the match. Wrath gave Bigelow a Flying Shoulder Tackle off the Top Turnbuckle and a dropick, Bigelow then gives Wrath a DDT, then the two gives each other a clothesline at the same time. Wrath gets up first and gives a splash to Bigelow at the corner then misses a second splash which makes Bigelow gives his finisher, "Greetings from Halsberg Park" which is sorta lie the Michanoku Driver for the pin at 9:06

Konnan vs. Lex Luger
This match was fairly even and went back and fourth. Konnan slapped on his finisher, The Tequela Sunrise, but before Lex could tap out, Miss Elizabeth sprayed black spray paint on Konnans face which made Lex give him the Torture Rack to make Konnan tap out at 9:31

-dress match- Perry Saturn vs. "Lionheart" Chris Jericho(with Raplhus)
According to the stipulation the loser of the match would have to wear a dress for 90 days. This match was really close with both men countering each other's finishing maneuvers. Apparently Jericho payed off referee, Scott Dickinson because when Saturn rolled up Jericho for a small package Dickinson flipped Jericho on top and gave a fast count for the win at 11:14

-4 Corner match for the Cruiserweight Title- Juventud Gurrerra vs. Phycosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Billy Kidman(champ)
Of course this match was high flying all the way. Just about every wrestler did top rope planchas and ives off the top turnbuckles. Eventually it was Kidman who gave his Shooting Star Press off the Top Turnbuckle for the pin at 13:30

Barry Windham & Curt Hennig vs. Ric Flair & David Flair
Ric Flair's son was making his wrestling debuting in this match. HE started it off and gave a couple moves to Windham in the first 2 minutes of the match. The rest of the match was Flair getting his but whooped with Windham giving him a superplex off the top Turnbuckle and Hennig giving him the Figure 4. Hennig was gonna give David the Fisherman Suplex until Arn Anderson nailed him with a wrench and David covered Hennig for the 3 at 13:20. Right after the pind the NWO came and handcuffed Ric to the ropes and beat the crap out of David Flair.

-Ladder Match- Scott Hall vs. Bill Godberg
This is the second ladder match televised on WCW since the first Souled Out 2 years ago. Usually a ladder match has the belt hanging up in the air, but in this case it had a tazerstick and the first person to use it would win. Goldberg favored his left knee making out he injured it earlier that day. A cool moment was when Hall nailed an elbow off the ladder which made Goldberg bleed. Hall and Goldberg just about grabbed the tazer stick on several occasions. Goldberg was about to grab it until Disco Inferno came out and shoved him off the ladder and helped Hall climb it. Hall grabbed the stick, but missed it on Goldberg who dropkicked it out of his hands. Goldberg grabbed it and used it on Disco and Hall begged for him not to use it. Goldberg tossed the stick in the air, and as Hall reached for it Goldberg gave Hall the spear then the Jackhammer and used the stick on Hall for the win at 16:51. Right after that Bam Bam Bigelow came out and attacked Goldberg, Hall recovered and used the Tazer stick on Goldberg and Bigelow.

WCW Souled Out 4, January 16, 2000 at Cincinattit, Ohio

-Match 1 of 3 of Triple threat Theater- Billy Kidman vs. Dean Malenko in a "Catch as Catch Can" Match Rules of the match is whoever is pinned, submits, or falls to the arena floor first loses, Malenko fell to the floor and lost in a short match

-Triple Threat Match- David Flair vs. Crowbar vs. Vampiro
It was mostly Flair & Crowbar double teaming on Vamprio for most of the match, but near the end of the match, Falir gets Vamp in the Figure 4, and Crowbar nails a splash off the TB on Vampiro and goes for the pin, but Flair shoves Crowbar off, and Flair and Corowbar argue and fight each, ewhile Vampiro sneaks up from behind and nails his finisher, the Nail in a Coffin(DVD) on David Flair for the pin.

The Harris Boys vs. Big Vito & Johnny the Bull
Back and fourth tag team action, Disco Inferno accompanied Vito & Bull to the matfch and only got involved in the end where he shove Bull off the TB to land on one of the Harris Boys with a splash for the win

-Cruiserweight Title Match---Oklahoma(aka Ed Ferrerra) vs. Madusa(champ)
Before the match Oklahoma entertains the crowd by making fun of them. The match is rather short, Madusa gets a couple of dropkicks, misses one, and Oklahoma makes it into a DDT. Oklahoma gets tossed out of the ring where Nitro Girl, Spice and Asya attack Oklahoma, then toss him back in the ring, and out of nowhere Oklahoma rolls Madusa up for the 3 and WCW's booker becomes the new Cruiserweight.

---4-Man Tornado Hardcore Title Match- "Screamin'" Norman Smiley vs. Meng vs. Fit Finley vs. Brian Knobbs(champ)
Lots of chair smashin hear folks. Knobbs bent a chair over Meng, and he just stood there during the match! Meng also just stands there after a Smiley nailed him with a trash can! Meng is about to pin Knobbs, but Finley pulls him off, and Smiley and Knobbs run the ropes, and Knobbs nails Smiley with a police shield, and and gets the pin to retain his belt.

---Match 2 of 3 in Triple Threat Theater---Billy Kidman vs. Perry Saturn
This is a bunkhouse brawl. They decide to brawl in there wrestling gear instead of street clothes. Both did lots of high-flyin moves like Kidman doing a flying legdrop and an elbow off the top TB by Saturn. Kidman takes a nasty fall when he was thrown outside the ring onto a table. Kidman responded to backbody dropping Saturn to the arena floor. Saturn then tries for a powerbomb, but Kidman reverses it into a Bulldog pinning combination for the 1-2-3!

Stevie Ray vs. Booker T
The match progresses pretty slow between the 2 brothers from Harlem who were the 10-time WCW tag team champs. Booker T connects with his Axe kick and out Ahmed Johnson to help beat on Booker T, to draw the DQ, out comes Midnight, but she doesn't help, Stevie Ray calls Ahmed, "Big T" and bills himself and Big T, the "New Harlem Heat."

---Shoot Fighting Rules match--- Tank Abbot vs. Jerry Flynn
Abbot's brings down Flynn and starts punching him like mad, Flynn tries an armbreaker submission, but Abbot makes it into a powerslam on Flynn. Flynn kicks Abbot in the corner, then Abbot sidekicks Flynn in the back of the head and Flynn is out, and the match is over with Abbot the winner.

---Last Man Standing Match--- Marcus "Buff" Bagwell vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Both men try to beat the crap out of each in order to get the win. Many 10-Counts are failed by each other(rules are similar to the Mankind/Rock match at Feb '99 PPV). Bagwell hits the Buff Blockbuster, but DDP gets up at 9. Kimberly comes out, and DDP nails Buff with an object, and leaves the arena with Kimberly, drawing a no contest to the match.

---Match 3 of 3 of Triple Threat Theater--- Billy Kidman vs. The Wall
This will be a cage match. Shane Douglas introduces The Wall. Wall is at the advantage until Kidman nails a powerbomb off the top rope. Back and forth action, Kidman pulled off a hurricanrana, then jumps off the rope for another move, but the Wall makes it into a chokeslam for the pin

---Winner gets control of WCW--- Commissioner, Terry Funk vs. Kevin Nash
Funk takes lots of bumps early on like a chir shot and a powerbomb through the table. Nash says he gots some heart and says if Funk crawls back into the ring he'll forfeit the match to Funk, when Funk gets to the ring, Nash says, "I'm just a lying son of a bitch!" Nash beats up Funk with more chair shots, FUnk gets a DDT on Nash, more chair shots from Nash on Funk. Funk tries to DDT Nash on a chair, but Nash reverses it into a powerbomb on a chair for the pin

---Match for Vacant World Title--- Sid Vicious vs. Chris Benoit
Arn Anderson is the special ref. All the wrestlers who wrestled tonight(except nash) come out to watch the match from the entranceway. Benoit works on Sid's knee early in the match. Sid powers out of a Figure 4 by Benoit. Benoit gets a 2 after an elbow drop, Benoit puts Sid into a neat lookin Indian Deathlock submission, he breaks the move, then pulls off a German Suplex and Diving Headbutt off the Top TB, but Sid kicks out at 2. Sid then chokeslams Benoit, but Arn stops the 3 count at 2 when he says Bnoits leg has "broken the plan of the rope" by being under it, a tad bit later, Benoit gets the Crossface Crippler on Sid, his foot has "broken the plane" as well, but Anderson doesn't see it, Sid taps and Benoit is declared new World Champ.(But the decision is reversed the next day and the title is still vacant due to Sid's foot "breaking the plane.")