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1: Opening Words from Editor
2: Announcements
3: This Months Official Site Pick
4: This Months 2 Unofficial Site Picks
5: Trivia
6: Dale's Monthly Column

Opening Words from the Editor

Hello and Welcome to the 6th Issue. I added the new announcements section in the newsletter so you won't see the same stuff in every issue in this section of the newsletter. Well, nobody voted on last months webpage awards, hopefully next year will be better.


I am looking for wrestling column writers if you're interested please send an e-mail to dkulas@hotmail.com.If I have enought replies I might make the newsletter bi-weekly. Hey thanks for subscribing and please check out my webpage at http://dxnwowrestling.homepad.com and vote on the monthly poll and check out the other sections too. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to wrestlewebpage-subscribe@egroups.com To unsubscribe send a blank e-mail to wrestlewebpage-unsubscribe@egroups.com

Official Site Pick of the Month

This months Official Site Pick of the Month is:

"Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's Webpage

This site is a little small, but still is pretty cool. Some features it has is a biography of Ted Dibiase, also it has all his title reigns he had ranging from small territories to his WWF Tag Title Reigns. Plus you can also find out infromation on how to order his book, "Every Man has his Price."

Unofficial Site Picks of the Month

Site 1:

Tables, Chairs, & Barbwire http://http://www.wecanfixit.com/brian.htm This site has is really cool. It use to feature stuff on WCW, but recently it took off all its stuff relating to WCW because WCW isn't Hardcore according to him. This page has reports for all the major & minor tv shows for the WWF plus has reports for ECW as well. This page has a lot of multimedia including MP3's. This site is really cool and make sure to check it out.

Site 2:

WWF & WCW Action


This page features TV Reports for all of the WCW and WWF TV shows. Plus I think this page has the most wallpapers you can select from too with both screen resolutions. This page also has a lot of pics, movies, and wrestlers entrance themes too. Make sure to check it out.


This Months Question is:
How did Duane Johnson come up his wrestling name, Rocky Maivia?
Send answers to: dkulas@hotmail.com
or just click reply on this e-mail with trivia answer in the subject

Last Months Question Was:
Who was the first WWF World, Intercontanental, European, Womens, Hardcore, Tag Team, and Light Heavyweight(the won awarded in December 1997) Champions?
The Answer is:
First WWF World Champ: Buddy Rogers....First WWF Tag Champs: Karl Goutch & Rene Goulet....First WWF Intercontanental Champ: Pat Patterson....First WWF European Champ: The British Bulldog....First WWF Light Heavyweight Champ: Taka Michanoku....First WWF Hardcore Champ: Mankind....First WWF Womens Champ: The Fabulous Moolah

Dale's Monthly Column

I'm gonna cover what I think is the worst angle in recent months from both feds. WCW's bad angle is the whole Bishoff/Flair thing. It's so stupid. Ric Flair is trying to bring tradition into WCW? I mean it has already been tradition for it's whole run. Eric Bishoff can't come up with anything new unless you count Bishoff working as a concession stand tennant and as a janitor. And now we got to see Flair run WCW for 90 days. Let's see it's been about 40 now so only about 1 month and 20 days. The only good thing that Ric Flair has done was restore the tag team division. This is why WCW is losing the ratings. And to think it all happened because Flair didn't show up on a Live Thunder back in February 1998.

Now the WWF's bad angle is the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. When the Undertaker made Dennis Knight, Midian it looked something off of a cheap horror movie and then the Acolytes trying to hang Gangrel was stupid. And what is worst of all they're taking the WWF's new talent and making them cheap lackey's who run in like the way the NWO use to be. I mean I think the Brood had a lot of potential, but now I think they're going nowhere. This might help out Dennis Knight because he was going nowhere with his angle. And I would've wanted to see Mabel as a singles competitor instead of a MOD thug.

Now onto the next thing. Here's a list of wrestlers I haven't seen much of or seen lately.

Steven Regal: I haven't seen him since December 1998. He was a really great wrestler. I heard that he was released from WWF, but I also heard he caught pnemonia, and I also heard that he's injured.
Kaeintai: Where the Hell did 80% of the WWF's light heavyweight division run off to? Last time I saw them was in December where Taka Michanoku lost to Duane Gill on Heat.
DOA: I barely ever see them on TV anymore. They use to be a great tag team that I thought had a lot of potential.
Headbangers: What happened to these guys. Its been about a month since I saw them when they lost their fake tag belts to the Oddities.
Insane Clown Posse: I thought these guys were really cool. I think they still have a couple of months left on their contract. I last seen them when Austin gave them Stunners a month or 2 ago on RAW.
Los Boriquas: I didn't see these guys at all for a while. They always seem to job. They would be really great competitors if they're pushed. I heard they usually appear on WWF's spanish show on Univision called, Los Superstros.

Well, that's all I have to say. See Ya next month. Wrestling Webpage Newsletter Copywright 1998-1999 created by Dale Kulas