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1: Opening Words from Editror
2: This Months Official Site Pick
3: This Months 2 Unofficial Site Picks
4: Trivia
5: Vote for the 1998 Wrestling Site Awards
6: Dale's Monthly Column

Opening Words from Editor

Hello and Welcome to the 5th Issue. I'm back after a one month delay after my computer crashed December 5 and I didn't get it back from the shop until December 22. Please vote for best wrestling site of the year awards they're unlike any other newsletter awards where they ask for best wrestlers, matches of the year, etc. These awards have to do about the webmasters best work. Now since their are MANY wrestling sites I have chosen the nominees on which I thought were really great sites.Winners will be in next months issue so make sure to send in your votes within a month. I didn't finish typing the rest of the url to the title histories page two months ago so I put it in this issue. I am looking for column writers if you're interested please send an e-mail to dkulas@hotmail.com.If I have enought replies I might make the newsletter bi-weekly. Hey thanks for subscribing and please check out my webpage http://dxnwowrestling.homepad.com and vote on the monthly poll and check out the other sections too.I'm starting to get a few new subscribers. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to wrestlewebpage-subscribe@egroups.com

Official Site Pick Of The Month

This months Official Site Pick of the Month is:

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Webpage

Stone Cold finally got his own website. This site has a very in depth bio of him plus a lot of pics and other stuff. The only other Stonecold site that comes as good as this is steveaustin.com which is another good site. Anyways if you're a diehard Austin fan you gotta check out this site.

Unofficial Site Picks of the Month

Site 1:

Pro-Wrestling Title Histories

Sorry for goofing up on the url on this one last issue.This page has up to date updates of all the organizations titles inluding WWF,WCW,NWA,ECW,USWA,IWGP,AJPW, and about a whole lotta other older organizations including all those extinct ones in Texas. If you're a wrestling history fan you gotta check out this site.

Site 2:

South Park Wrestling

This Page has South Park pictures of just about every wrestler from WWF,DX,NWO Hollywood,NWO Wolfpac, and ECW. For Wrestling Fans who need a laugh go here.


This Months Question is:
Who was the first WWF World, Intercontanental, European, Womens, Hardcore, Tag Team, and Light Heavyweight(thw won awarded in December 1997) Champions?

Last Months Question Was:
When Scott Steiner joined the NWO in February 1998 he started to go by nicknames right now he goes by Big Pappa Pump, but he went by two others for about a month or so can you name his other 2 nicknames? The racial nickname that Scott had was "White Thunder" and the one he use to have based on his favorite wrestler was "Superstar" after former WWF World Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham.

Vote in the best wrestling sites awards of 1998

OK, I think this is a first started by me. Vote on the verry first, ever wrestling sites and internet wrestling newsletters of 1998! Anyways below is the categories and nominees. Winners will be posted in next months issue going out somewhere from February 8 to February 10 so get your votes in by February 7. Make sure you send in this ballot to all your friends and tell them to e-mail their picks to dkulas@hotmail.com (Pssst.. Chris please ask Colin if he can put this ballot in his newsletter for 1 to 3 days, I'll be in your debt forever)Now on to the nominees....

Best Unofficial Wrestling Site of 1998(only sites with domain names were elidgeable)
The Nominees:
Wrestling-Online( http://www.wrestling-online.com )
Scoops Central ( http://www.scoopscentral.com )
Internet Wrestling Zone ( http://www.prowrestling.com )
Micasa 98
Wrestlezone ( http://www.wrestlezone.com )

Best Offical Wrestling Organization Site of 1998
The Nominees:
WWF ( http://www.wwf.com )
WCW ( http://www.wcw.com )
ECW ( http://www.ecwwrestling.com )
NWO ( http://www.nwowrestling.com )

Best Official Wrestler Site of 1998
The Nominees:
Chris Jericho's ( http://www.chrisjericho.com )
Steve Austin's ( http://www.stonecold.com )
Bret Hart's ( http://www.brethart.com )
Chris Benoit's (http://www.canadiancrippler.com )
Legion of Doom's ( http://www.lod2000.com )

Best Internet Newsletter of 1998
The Nominees:
Wrestling-Online Newsletter
The Bagpipe Report
Wrestling Webpage Newsletter :)
The Cutting Edge Newsletter

Best Internet Real Audio Wrestling Show of 1998
The Nominess:
Norton Notes
The Law
WWF Byte This
WWF Code Red

Biggest Internet Wrestling Screwup of 1998
Ricky Steamboat screwing Norton out of an interview for Norton Notes Real Audio Show
WCW Suspending Wrestling-Online.com and several other websites for doing live play-by-play coverage of WCW PPV Events
WCW.COM's first Pay-Per-Listen: Boston Brawl ended in a system overload and most users who subscribed to it didn't get it
Someone pulling a gun on Wrestling-Online Newsletter's Editor, Colin Vasello
The Craze of "Click here to vote on Wrestling's Top 50 Sites" with over 40 top 50 sites web pages
Dedicated unofficial DX sites never opening up( http://d-x.com & http://chyna.com )

Best Thing to happen to Wrestling on the Internet in 1998
More Real Audio Shows like The Law and Code Red
Wrestling-Online Newsletter and Bagpipe Report doing live Play-by-Play on IRC
Austin gets an official Page
WCW finally gets a shorter domain name ( from wcwwrestling.com to wcw.com )
South Park Wrestling animations popping up everywhere

Well thats all for the categories make sure to vote on as many as you can and e-mail your picks to dkulas@hotmail.com

Dale's Monthly Column

Why does WCW do this sh*t? Is it because of what DX did this past summer? This past week on Nitro they said in the middle of their show that Makind was suppose to win the World Title on a taped RAW. And since they just spoiled the ending they wanted you to stay tune to Nitro which was suppose to have an awesome main event. Well that main event only lasted about 5 seconds and the WWF main event was one of the best matches you saw for a long time that lasted over 8 minutes. Is this how desperate WCW is for ratings? This is as worse as the Outlaws shoving Cactus Jack & Terry Funk off the ring entrance in a dumpster. And also throughout the show they said "our show is the only show that is live every week unlike our competition." WCW, hear this:
Just cuz a show isn't live doesn't mean its any good. So what if you told us Mankind won the match. We want to see the match to see how Mankind won, cuz WWF can make a match end in many different ways. That RAW show seemed as live as ever. Because of this I think RAW might consider going over to weekly live shows cuz if they don't on the next taped RAW, during the first hour of Nitro, Shivnae will say: "Ok on our competition Ken Shamrock lose in a match to Billy Gun, but it was DQ so no title change, also Shawn does a cheap interview from a hospital, and you get to see the return of the Underaker going against Kane. son now since we told you what just happened on our competition why don't you watch the rest of Nitro." If their is even any WWF insiders or people who have relations to them please tell them my thoughts. Well I'm done hear. C ya next month.

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