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1: Opening Words from Editor
2: This Months Official Site Pick
3: This Months 2 Unofficial Site Picks
4: Trivia
5: Dale's Monthly Column

/--\pening Words from Editor
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Hello and Welcome to the Fourth Issue of Wrestling Webpage Newsletter.As you can see I changed the title by dropping my name off of it so, I just thought it sounds better. Isn't it great that Jesse "The Body" Ventura is the new Minnesota Governor maybe he'll become the first President who was a wrestler. I accidentally misprinted Jerry Lawlers Webpage URL last issue, but luckilly I corrected the mistake the next day. Of all the past trivia questions only one was answered, so some on and take a crack on this one, I made it real easy.I am looking for column writers if you're interested please send an e-mail to dkulas@hotmail.com.If I have enought replies I might make the newsletter by-weekly. Hey thanks for subscribing and please check out my webpage http://dxnwowrestling.homepad.com and vote on the monthly poll and check out the other sections too.I'm starting to get a few new subscribers. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to wrestlewebpage-subscribe@egroups.com

/--\fficial Site Pick Of The Month
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This months Official Site Pick of the Month is:

Legion of Doom's Official Webpage

LEgion of Dooms new Website is great! They have complete bios of both LOD members.Plus it includes upcoming events,shows that LOD will be in. And the best part is Hawk leaves new message for his fans once a week. If you've been a longtime LOD fan you gotta check out this site.

| |nofficial Site Picks of the Month
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Site 1:

Pro-Wrestling Title Histories

This page has up to date updates of all the organizations titles inluding WWF,WCW,NWA,ECW,USWA,IWGP,AJPW, and about a whole lotta other older organizations including all those extinct ones in Texas. If you're a wrestling history fan you gotta check out this site.

Site 2:


This site has it all.A messag board,a complete wrestling almanac of title histories, previous identities, reak names, etc.It also has a great multimedia section featuring a whole bunch of music and pictures and movies plus a whole lotta other stuff too.

| | rivia
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This Months Question is:
When Scott Steiner joined the NWO in February 1998 he started to go by nicknames right now he goes by Big Pappa Pump, but he went by two others for about a month or so can you name his other 2 nicknames(Hint: he had one nickname taken away because it was considered racial and the other was the nickname of a former WWF World Champion who was also Scott's idol)

Last Months Question Was:
Remember Al Snow saying he was Shinobi? Well he was only on television twice to wrestle.Once on Superstars and once on RAW in February 1996. Who was his opponents?
The answers was: Shawn Michaels on Superstars and Ahmed Johnson on RAW. No one Got it right.

|-----\ ale's Monthly Column
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Whats up with the light heavyweight division in the WWF? Taka mIchanoku is a great athlete, but because of the lack of WWF lightweights he held onto the title for 10 months beating Brian Christopher in the finals, then he defeated La Pantera at In Your House: No Way Out, then Aguila at Wrestlemania 14 then went on to beat those dumb Kaeintai members over and over until he joined the faction then he lost the belt to Edge's brother Christian Cage in Christian's first match in the WWF! I mean there is a a lot of great light heavyweights in the WWF, but you mostly either see them on Shotgun or rarely on Heat.There is Brian Christopher, but he is mostly concentrating in the tag ranks with another great Light Heavyweigh, Scott Taylor.Then there is all those Kaeintai and Los Boriquas guys who or great highflyers.Plus theres the Hardy Boyz who do a lot of great high-flying but they too concentrate mostly on Tag Ranks.Also there is Papi Chulo(formerly Aguila).Whatever happened to all those mexicans they had in Royal Rumble '97 like Pierroth,Octagon,Pentagon,Latin Lover,Hector Garza(well now hes LWO) and all those other guys? They got replaced by Mexican Minis!!!!Now look at WCW they have a great cruiserweught department featuring the best cruiserweight ever, Chris Jericho(and I also guess Rey Mystrio Jr.)plus they have other great Luchadors like Juventud Gurrerra, Super Calo,Damien,Phychosis,and La Parka.They also have a lot of great Latino cruiserweights like Eddy Gurrerro,El Dande,Konnan,Hector Garza and Chavo Gurrerro Jr.Plus there are also the Jap. Cruiserweights like multiple time TV and Cruis. Champ the Ultimo Dragon plus Tokyo Magnum and Yugi Nagata.And lets not forget about the great Noorth Americans cruiserweights like now conditioned hairguy Billy Kidman plus Dean Malenko, Lenny Lane, former Rocker: Marty Jannetty, and the all-time best cruiserweight ever: Chris Jericho.Anyways WCW has a lot of great Cruiserweight who get a lot of title shots unlike the WWF who barely ever puts the light Heavyweight title on the lines. Well Christian is starting too like a week or two ago he put it on the line succesfully against Brian Christopher.Now another thing I saw that flopped in WCW was there Womens devision I mean when they made their own Womens title their was only one champ then the title went Vacant after an injury and then forgotten.And what about their Womens Cruiserweight Devision? Is Sugar Nato still the champ? Of course they still might have Womens matches once a month on WCW Pro, but the WCW Womens devision is dead. I predict the same thing will happen in the WWFs Womens devision.The only people they have are Jacquelyn, Sable, Luna Vachon, and that new lady wrestler Starla Saxton.(I think Debra is just a valet of Jarrett's)Anyways I let off enough steam see ya next month.

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