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1: Opening Words from Editror
2: This Months Official Site Pick
3: This Months 2 Unofficial Site Picks
4: Trivia
5: Dale's Monthly Column

opening Words from Editor

Hello and Welcome to the Second Issue of Dale's Wrestling Webpage Newsletter. Hey thanks for subscribing and please check out my webpage http://members.tripod.com/~kulasd/main.html and vote on the monthly poll and check out the other sections too.Make sure too tell other people to subscribe too just tell them to send an e-mail to the adress at the bottom of thisnewsletter.

Official Site Pick Of The Month

This months Official Site Pick of the Monthis:
Chris Benoit's Official Webpage

Chris Benoit's Site is awesome! He has records of most of his matches and of all the titles he had.He also has a lot of pics of himself,A Very comprehensive bio of himself.

Unofficial Site Picks of the Month
Site 1:The Stungun

The title of this webpage at the top of your web browser says: The best kept Webpage secret since February '97.This page has a whole bunch of neato stuff.It has a whole bunch of pics of The Rock and DX.Plus it also has a whole bunch of columns andgood workrate RAW reports.


This Months Question is:
What are the five wrestlers to win the triple crown award. (Won the WWF Tag,IC, and World Belts)
Bonus: Which one was the only one to win the Grand Slam Award (Won all the titles above plus the European title)
Winners Will be in next months issue.
Last Months Question Was:
In the WWF the tag team "The Headbangers" wrestled under a different gimmick only for 2 matches on the first 2 episodes of Shotgun Satuday Night in January 1997. What was the name of the tag team?
The Answer was: The Flying Nuns and here are the winners:atbar@earthlink.net

Dale's Monthly Column

This months topic is about wrestling video games. In the newest issue of Game Buyer(#4) they have a 4 Page preview of WCW/NWO Revenge and a 4-Page Review of WWF Warzone. Also there are two interesting things in the Revenge preview: there is a 1 and a half page interview with Bill Goldberg, andthere is Game Buyers Top 10 Wrestling Games of all time: 10: Title Match Pro Wrestling(Atari 2600)Atari 9: WCW vs. the World(Playstation)THQ8: WCW Wrestling(Nintendo)FCI 7: WCW Nitro(Playstaion)THQ6: Powermove Pro Wrestling(Super Nintendo)??? 5: Tecmo World Wrestling(Nintendo)Tecmo 4: WWF Warzone(Playstion, Nintendo 64)Acclaim 3: Super Fire Pro Wrestling(Super Nintendo)??? 2: Saturday Night Slam Masters(Arcade,Super Nintendo)Capcom 1: Matmania(Arcade)Taito Now I Can't believe an Atari Game even made the list!Wrestlinggames are very popular and most of them top the rental charts whenthey come out (i.e.: Nitro,Warzone)Here are my top 5 Wrestling games of alltime.You guys can sendme your top 5 too at dkulas@hotmail.com and I'll put them in next months issue.5: WCW Wrestling(Nintendo)FCI 12 All-Time Great Wrestlers(Flair,Steamboat,Sting,Luger)The onlymodes were single and tag team and you had to punch your opponents afew times so you can setup him up for move by pressin A or B and a direction.Pluseach wrestler had a finishing move with the screen blinking redindicating its gonna happen.And it was also the first game to have submissions. 4: WWF RAW(Super Nintendo,Geneseis)Acclaim 12 Wrestlers with the best grphics at the time and awesome playmodes like Royal Rumble,Survivor Series,and Bedlam(like Warzone's Warmode) This game had a lot of variety and cool megamoves.The onlydownfall of the game was that You had to mash buttons to win grapples whichleft a lot of thumbs sore.3: WCW vs. NWO: World Tour(N64)THQ With 36 wrestlers this game rocked!!The easiest grapple systemto learn. Plus you can get 6 more hiiden wrestlers in League Challengemode for increased replay value.The only downfall is the faces aretexturedvery badly. 2: WWF Warzone(N64,PSX)Acclaim This game rocks.The most realistic graphics ever!! Real voiceover commentary from Jim Ross and Vince McMhan. About 20 Wrestlers,Plus a create a wrestler mode and Cage,Weapons,andRoyal Rumble Matches.1: WWF Wrestlefest(Arcade)Taito This game was out in 1991 and it had voiceover commentarytoo!You only had two modes: Royal Rumble and Tag Team tournament.12Wrestlers.Both modes played great.Make sure to send me your top 5 wrestling games and I'll printyour lists.To catch up on the newest Wrestling games go to: http://members.tripod.com/~kulasd/games.html and make sure tocheck out my page at:http://members.tripod.com/~kulasd/main.html Well thats all for this issue and I'll see you next month.

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