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DX Pay Per View Results

Butterbean vs. Marc Mero -Toughman 4-round boxing match-
In this special match boxing match both boxers landed some good throws.Mero tried getiing cheap shots at the end of each round.Butterbean won by KO'ing Mero in round 4.After the match Mero hit Butterbean with a stool.

Disciples of Apocalypse vs. Los Boricuas -4 on 4 tag match-
The Boriquas distracted the ref a lot. And there of alot of double teaming.Boriquas came up winning when Jose pinned Chainx.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Sgt. Slaughter -Boot Camp Match-
This was really a pinfall anywhere no-holds barred match.DX came and double teamed Slaughter throughout the match and Helmsley won by pinfall at the end.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Undertaker
Right when the match got underway Kane came in chokeslammed Jarrett giving him the win by DQ.Then Kane slapped the Undertaker.

Brian Christopher vs. Taka Michanoku -LH title Trnmnt.Final round-
The winner in this round where the winner became the first WWF LH Champion. Tak prevailed with the win by pinfall when he gave Christapher his finishin manuever the "Michanoku Driver".

Steve Austin(IC CHAMP) vs. Rocky Maivia -IC title match-
In the beginning the whole NOD double teamed Austin.HOwever D-LO Brown got a Stunner on Austins Pick-up.Maivia tried walking out of the match,but Austin brought him back in gave him a Stunner and won by pinfall.

Road Dog & Billy Gunn(Tag Champs) vs. Legion of Doom -Tag Title Match-
While LOD were stting up Gunn for there finisher the Henry Godwinn came in and hit Hawk with a slop bucket. Animal then hit Gunn with the slop bucket, the ref saw this and gave the win to RG and BG by DQ.

Shawn Michaels(world Champ) vs. Ken Shamrock -world title match-
This match was great. Shmarock gave Michaels a piledriver,but HBK kcked out.Later in the match. Shawn gave Shamrock a powerbomb and elbow off the top turnbuckle,but Shamrock barely kicjed out. At the end of the match Shamrock gave Michaels his ankle lock. DX came in and pounded Shamrock giving him the win by DQ> HBK keeps title.