Complete Bio of X-Pac

Current Wrestler Name: X-Pac
Real name: Sean Waltman
Previous Identites: the Kid,1-2-3 Kid,Syxx,Syxx-Pac
Titles Held as od June 13, 1998:WWF Tag Title(2) with Bob Holly and Marty Jannett.WCW Cruiserweight Title.

I don't know which independents Waltman started in all I know is he started off in the WWF in early 1993 as a jobber and was known as "The Kid".He got his first win over Razor Ramon(Hall)on May 13, 1993 on RAW after that win he was known as the 1-2-3 Kid.

X-Pac scored his first WWF gold on January 10, 1994 when he and Marty Jannetty won the tag titles from the Quebecers, however they lost them back to the Quebecers a week later on the 17th.During he summer of 1994 in July Waltman got a World Title shot against Bret Hart he was pinned with his foot on the ropes Bret pointed it out and the match restarted,and waltman lost after he submitted to the Sharpshooter.

For the rest of the year the 1-2-3 Kid was feuded with Jeff Jarrett.When Shaen and Diesel vacated the tag titles after the '94 Survivor Series a tournament was held to see who the new champs would be.The finals were held at the '95 Royal Rumble where The 1-2-3 Kid and bob Holly won the titles by beating Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow in the finals.The next day on RAW they lost the tag titles to the Smoking Gunns.

On a November 1995 episode episode of RAW the Kid reffed a non-title match between Phycho Sid(then managed by Dibiase) and Razor Ramon.He bettrayed Ramon by giving Sid a win with a fast countand joined the Million Dollar Corporation.At thr 1996 Royal Rumble The 1-2-3 Kid nailed Razor off the top rope with a spinning heal kick and caused Razor to lose the match and his IC title.The next month at the February 1996 In Your House he lost to Razor Ramon after 2 Razor's Edge's according to stipulation of the match the loser had to wear a diaper and fed a bottle,well it was Waltman's most embarrasing moment.Waltman stayed with the WWF until June 1996 when he asked for his release so he can join Hall & Nash in WCW.

Waltman made his WCW debut the day after the Fall Brawl Pay-per-view in september and joined the NWO as its 6th member.In wcw his name was Syxx.Anyways syxx didn't play any major role in the NWO until he stole the US belt from Eddy Gurrerro in January 1997 but lost in a title match to Gurrerro in WCW's first Ladder Match at Souled Out.So what did he do next?He decided to steal the Cruiserweight belt from Dean Malenko and won it from him at Superbrawl 7.He lost the title in August to Chris Jericho after he got injured by getting nailed in the neck with a half filled gallon jug of Gatorade.The last time we saw Syxx in WCW was at Halloween Havoc '97 when he suppoerted Scot Hall in his match against Luger.

Syxx did Rehab to heal his neck and out of nowhere in Mid-march he got a Fed-Ex package from WCW stating he was fired. A week later he resigned with the WWF and made his debut the day after Wrestlemania 14 on March 28, 1998 and he made two memorable quotes: "Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would be standing here right now if they weren't being held hostage by WCW" and "Eric Bishoff, you went so far up Hogan Ass you know what he had for breakfast."In his return match on the June 15,1998 RAW, X-Pac fought Helmsley in a King of the Ring 1st Round Match suprisingly they didn't lay down for each other and X-Pac lost by countout after Owen Hart attacked him outside the ring. He faced Owen hart at King of the Ring and beat him after Chyna gave him a DDT.For more stuff on X-Pac check out DX History in the near future.