Vincent Bio

Real Name: ???
Previous Identites, Nicknames: Virgil
Finishing Moves Used: Cobra Clutch, Armbar
Titles held as of November 25, 1998: None
Joined NWO: October 1996

On an October Nitro all of the NWO was at the announcers table and then Manager of the NWO, Ted Dibiase, introduced his new bodyguard and newest member of the NWO, Vincent.In case you don't remember him he use to be Ted Dibiase's bodyguard in the WWF known as "Virgil."

This guy has been an NWO flunkie since his debut. he never got involved in a single feud so far in since he came to WCW in the NWO.You can see him getting beat up every Monday on Nitro or/and every Thursday on Thunder by the NWO Wolfpac or Goldberg in another one of those usual NWO Hollywood/NWO Wolfpac/WCW Brawls. But when Vincent wrestles on WCW Saturday Night he's always beating jobbers.Anyways I doubt that Vincent will ever get a push into any see if Vincent even might get a push into a feud or something check the NWO History of my page.