Scott Hall Bio

Real Name: Scott Hall
Previous Identites: Nicknames: Diamond Studd, "Bad Guy" Razor Ramon, "Lone Wolf"
Finishing Moves Used: Razor's Edge, Outsider's Edge
Titles held,Tournament Specials won as of November 25, 1998: 4-Time WCW Tag Title Champ with The Kevin Nash(3),amd The Giant(1), 4 Time WWF Intercontanental Champion, Won the World War 3 Battle Royal in 1997
Joined NWO: May 1996

Scott Hall came to WCW on May 27, 1996.He confronted Sting and trashed talked him and said he'll have a surprise for him next week which was Kevin Nash.the two were called the Outsiders and were supposedly "taking over" WCW.At the 1996 Great American Bash in June they powerbombed Bishoff through a table.As the NWO grew they got stronger.And at Halloween Havoc 1996 in October they won the tag titles from Harlem Heat.They held onto the titles for a year until losing them to the Steiners.the Outsiders won the titles back 3 months later, but dropped it about a half a month later then won it a week later and held onto it until May 1998 at WCW Slamboree PPV where they lost the titles to Sting & The Giant because Scott Hall turned on Nash and costed them the titles and left NWO WOlfpac and joined NWO Hollywood. A couple of weeks after that Scott Hall disappeared and came back actin drunk week after week, and faed Kevin Nash at Halloween Havoc '97, Nash gave Hall 2 Jacknife Powerbombs then left the ring.On a November Nitro Scott Hall attacked fellow NWO Hollywood member, and president of WCW Eric Bishoff and 6 days later at the World War 3 PPV the whole NWO Hollywood attacked him and kicked him out of the group, while attacking him Nash came in and made the save and Hall wanted to be friends with nash again, but Nash just left the ring.For further updates on Scott Hall go to the NWO History section on my page.