Marcus Bagwell Bio

Real Name: Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Previous Identites, Nicknames: Buff Bagwell
Finishing Moves Used: Buff Blockbuster
Titles held as of November 25, 1998: 4-Time WCW Tag Title Champ with The Patriot(2),Scotty Riggs, and Rick Steiner
Joined NWO: October 1996

One Nitro day in October 1996 NWO is doing their usual interview in the ring then the tag team known as the American Males which consisted of Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs came out.They came out to the ring and you thought they both were new members of the NWO.then after the two hugged each other Bagwell went behind Riggs back and gave him a neckbreaker and thus was the day Bagwell was inducted in the NWO.

A Couple of months after in the NWO, Marcus Bagwell went by "Buff" Bagwell and feuded with his former partner Scotty Riggs and ended up beating him at the NWO Souled Out Pay Per View in January 1997.

After that feud Bagwell just sat around as a an NWO flunkie like half the group already was. Then Bagwell was teamed with fellow NWO member Scott Norton in the summer of 1997 and the team was dubbed "Vicous and Delicous." Anyways this team went nowhere except beating jobbers and jobbing to the Steiners in most of the last few months of 1997.Anyways after a tag match with new partner Scott Steiner on a April 1997 edition of Thunder Bagwell got a serious neck injury and was put on the reserved list.

We didn't see Bagwell again until the July 6, 1998 Nitro where he appeared in a wheel chair.He talked about all the support he had about his fans and had a lot of thinking of quitting the nwo.A Couple of weeks later on Nitro Rick Steiner confronted Bagwell and told him to quit the nwo. Then NWO ally Scott Steiner came out.Then Bagwell attacked Rick and was clearly still in the NWO. At Bash at the Beach '98 in July when Rick faced Scott Steiner Rick knocked a supporting Bagwell from the ring apron and it loked like Bagwell got injured again except at the ambulance it was just another NWO Ambush for Rick Steiner.A couple of months month later it looked like Bagwell and Scott Steiner were having troubles and Bagwell supposedly "left" the NWO. Anyways Bagwell and Rick Steiner went on too face The Giant and Scott Steiner(subbing for Scott Hall) for the tag titles during the match Bagwell turned on Rick again and wailed on Rick, but for some weird reason Rick ended up winning the match and the titles anyways and Bagwell forfeited himself from the team and rejoined NWO.Rick tried to find tag partners from Kennt Khaous to Marc's mom, Judy Bagwell who was upset at Marc's behavior in the NWO. Rick Steiner then said he'll put the tag straps on the line with Judy Bagwell at the World War 3 PPV in November, but 6 days before the match Scott Steinr attacked Judy Bagwell and she wasn't able to compete. So it ended up being a handicap for the tag titles with Rick going against Scott Steiner and Marc Bagwell with a special NWO ref, anyways they really wailed on Rick Steiner until Bill Goldberg came out and helped. To see if Marcus "Buff" Bagwell did anything new since they bio was released on the web check out the NWO History section of my page.